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Watching eachother souls

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If you think that this project, come in their relationship then we can do one thing..... He smirked What's that Mr Black? I inquired in a serious tone He comes behind me, leaned down and whisper, How about you lead this assignment and report me directly about it... So nishi doesn't need to handle it, however, she can assist you if you want... His hot breath hitting my neck, running a pleasurable shiver down my spine... I stilled at our closeness and internally fighting those elephant type butterflies in my stomach that want to escape a moan from my lips as his chest slightly touching my back giving a tingle sensation all over my body... He didn't even touch me but he has so much effect on me. Meet Drishti, a 27-year-old interior designer... She is not as sweet as honey bt u can say she is fearless but a kind girl... She is good for a good person n for bad you can only predict it... Nobody knows about her dark side even her sister... While Damien Black owner of most of the clubs n hotels of New York .... Known for his cold and arrogant behaviour... But he is fighting with himself and Waiting for a person who can take his loneliness away from him... Will Drishti be that person for him?... Will Damien be able to see her dark side and accept them ?? ...Can they reveal each other secrets And able to watch in each other souls??

Romance / Mystery
Nandani Agarwal
Age Rating:

Meeting My Sister's Boyfriend

Drishti's Pov

Ahh. I hate going to crowded places especially clubs & parties. But still, I m here in one of the trendy clubs of New York "THE MOON".

Club interior describes its name Moon as star lights Are hanging in the whole club at various levels and in the centre there is a large disco light in three fourth moon shape hanging from the tall ceiling with all floor light directly pointed at it with different angles. Illuminating the whole club with white light which relieving anxiety and stress levels in people. The Dj booth is lifted off the ground against the right side, a long bar on each wall with at least 2 or 3 Bartenders. Near the entrance, stairs are going for the VIP lounge from where you can see the full view down.

People are dancing and grinding, some are making out with what seemed like strangers and you can hear the laughter of drunk people but with all of that everyone having fun in their ways.

I am here with my friend or you can say sister (Nishi) waiting for her boyfriend & his brother. Ohhh... How silly I am not to introduce myself.

I am Drishti San, 27 years old an orphan.
I got curves everywhere and me not disappointed and unhappy with it because I love the way I am. I hate going to crowded places and meeting people you got it from above. My profession is an interior designer, I know it's difficult to grasp that, a designer has to meet with many people but in my case, these things are done by Nishi. As I love my comfort zone.

While Nishi is a very friendly and cheerful person. Anyone who meets her instantly loved her. She is going to be 22 in 6 months and innocent like a child which she got from her dad and sexy & beautiful like her mother. Issshhh doesn't say it loud, she doesn't agree with it because of her innocent looks. That's why I am protective of her.

We both run a small company together which is working very well. As we balanced each other flaws quietly.

It's my first meeting with his boyfriend (Ryan) as she says that two important people of her life should meet & get along. I have talked to him few times on call & seen his pics by that I got the impression that he is a good person, caring & quite talkative. Oh and did I mentioned also a very handsome man.

He already got me impressed but I hadn't told this to malishka (nishi pet name) as I want to test him more. So she doesn't get hurt in future & I have to make sure it.
I know it sounds cliche but what can I do, I m overprotective of my loved ones especially for her.

{You all think I called her malishka, hey the only boyfriend don't get to call that word. Anyone can use it for their loved ones. Right?}

They are in some sort of meeting at this time in this club VIP room. Rich people & their richness what we can do.

Malishka nudge me to get my attention from my daydreaming ( what can I do. I do a lot of daydreaming.. It's one of my habits.) telling me Ryan is coming.
I see him coming from our left & god he is more handsome in reality than in his pictures and his aura gives me positive & calm vibes.

They both hugged each other and I can see how their smile bright up after seeing each other... His eyes showing adoration for malishka and I somehow get relief from it.
After their short eye contact, he turns towards me & introduces himself with a nervous smile. God this boy smile a lot and it's good he is nervous about meeting me. I can observe him more today. So I can get to a conclusion for him.

He informed us that his brother will join us shortly, till then we order our drinks and start talking about random stuff.

This is my first chapter hope you all like it... Plz, Comment to me on how is it.

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