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I'm In Love With Your Sister

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When tragedy strikes, there seems to be no where to go and everything seems like a dead end. Angel Barclay experiences the worst day of her life when she finds out that her sister works as a prostitute, her mother falls ill so suddenly and dies, and Angel herself gets into an accident that almost ends her life. But all is not lost when a close friend of Angel's mother, Mr McDonell, decides to take Angel and her sister, Carly to live with his family in a luxurious home. Things seem to go wrong when the sisters arrive and a war emerges between Angel and Mr McDonell's son, Leo. Leo, who was the main cause of Angel's accident, experiences a twist of fate when his wedding gets cancelled due to the accident and soon he and Carly become lovers. When the two decide to get married, most of the family members don't agree to it. When a crisis falls upon the McDonell family that leads to blackmail and deceit, Angel and Leo must make a sacrifice that might just ruin both their lives.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

There couldn’t possibly be a better day for such a wonderful morning. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and everything appeared to be normal. Everyone was hard at work preparing for the wedding in the lovely backyard that overlooked the garden. The tables had been placed, the chairs had been arranged, and the long white carpet had been laid as an aisle leading to the magnificently decorated bridal altar.

Everything appeared to be in order. The flower stands were elegantly decorated with blue and purple flowers and ribbons that matched the colours of the flowers. Blue and purple flower petals scattered the area, creating a lovely impression.

Waiters and waitresses set a large table with the nicest cuisine anyone could conceive, as well as the most expensive wines straight from France. After all, the country is well known for producing some of the best wines in the world. Why not have it on a special occasion like this?

Someone had to be present while the finishing touches were being applied to ensure that everything was in place. And who better to monitor than the groom’s mother herself? Making certain that everything was in its proper position, expecting everything to be perfect for her precious son’s wedding.

Mrs. McDonell had been up and down since early morning, and she was exhausted. But she enjoyed doing what she knew best, and in fact, it was her son’s wedding after all. All she wanted was the best for him.

As she stood by the patio of their magnificent house, giving out her orders to the waiters and waitresses, she felt something bump into her leg from behind. As she turned to look behind her, she put her hands on her hips.

“Seriously, isn’t there anything better for you to do than come here and trouble me now?” Mrs. McDonell asked.

“Oh, no, honey, I just came here to sit and have breakfast on the patio, that’s all,” came the response.

“Really, all you’ve ever done is whack my brains out ever since I came into this family.”

“Hey now, you’re the one who loved my son and wanted to marry him, didn’t you? I never forced you.”

“Come on, Amanda, I’m not in the mood for your jokes, okay? Just go to your room, and I will have someone bring up your breakfast.”

“Why are you trying to get rid of me? I want to stay here too.”

“I can’t have you here while I’m at work. Besides, what do you know about wedding decorations?”

“May I remind you, my dear daughter-in-law, that I was the one who organized your wedding and my daughter’s as well?”

“It was horrible, that’s for sure,” said Mrs. McDonell under her breath.

“What? I heard that,” said Mrs. McDonell’s mother-in-law.

“Why don’t you go to your room while I try to finish up these preparations for my son’s wedding, huh?”

“Hey, Leo is as important to me as he is to you. He is my grandson. And besides, I have never liked the girl he is getting married to.”

“That’s your problem. You never agree to anything.”

“Aunt, grandma, are you two arguing again?” a deep voice came from inside the house.

A tall, good-looking young man appeared before them with dark brown hair that stood up in spikes and green eyes that shone like emeralds. His great physique couldn’t be hidden under the smart black suit he was wearing.

“Your aunt can’t stop harassing me, Eric,” said Amanda; “she can’t have pity on an old woman like me who is in a wheelchair.”

“Eric, don’t listen to her; she is acting like a child,” said Mrs. McDonell.

“Come on, grandma, let me take you inside so that the two of us can have breakfast together,” said Eric.

“That will be great,” said Amanda; “all this arguing is making me really hungry.”

Eric took hold of the wheelchair and dragged it back inside the house. Mrs. McDonell continued with what she was doing, feeling relieved that her mother-in-law had finally left.

“You know, grandma, you shouldn’t be arguing with Aunt so much,” said Eric as they passed the wedding decorators along the hall, heading towards the kitchen.

“She started it, not me,” said Amanda.

Eric chuckled. “You never cease to amaze me sometimes.”

“Hey, I haven’t seen my lovely groom this morning. Is he still awake?”

“Don’t worry, grandma, he is up and getting dressed. He is just nervous. You know that kind of feeling.”

“Tell him to come and have breakfast with us. I want to have a good chat with him.”

“I hope you aren’t convincing him to ditch Kim at the wedding altar, are you?”

Amanda gave him a funny look. “No, of course not. I told him once, and I have told him a thousand times, that I have never liked that girl. But he is as stubborn as his mother. What can I do anyway? What’s done is done.”

“Alright, I’m glad that you’ve finally accepted it. I’ll bring him down for you.”

“You’ll find me in the kitchen then.”

Eric left his grandmother and darted past her, heading for the stairs. Amanda just looked on as her grandson went up the stairs, deep in thought.

“Oh Lord, if this wedding were to take place, then let your will be done,” she prayed.


Anger and frustration were all that were eating him up at the moment. This was stupid and ridiculous. Why was he feeling this now? Why didn’t this feeling come sooner rather than later? Was he about to make the biggest mistake of his life, or were his emotions getting the best of him? It must be the hormones or something. If not, then what?

A knock on the door snapped Leo back to reality. He went to open the door, and there in front of him stood his cousin, Eric. To Leo, Eric was like his best friend; that’s why he was chosen to be the best man, and he could tell him anything. Even what he was feeling right now.

“Hey, grandma wants you down for breakfast,” said Eric.

“I don’t feel like eating, Eric,” said Leo, “and if she wants to talk me over about leaving Kim, now is not the right time.”

“Don’t worry, man; she promised me she wouldn’t say anything.”

Leo let out a sigh of frustration and rubbed his forehead. Eric raised an eyebrow and knew something was wrong.

“Hey, Leo, are you okay?” Eric asked.

“Come in, Eric, I don’t want anyone hearing our conversation,” said Leo.

Eric did as he was told, and Leo closed the door. Eric stood in the middle of the room, facing his cousin.

“You don’t look okay; are you nervous?” Eric asked.

“No, Eric. It’s something much worse than that,” answered Leo.

“What is it? Please don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts, Leo.”

Leo hesitated before looking his cousin straight in the eye and nodding.

“Damn it, Leo! Are you serious right now? We have gone through this a hundred times before this day, asking if you were really sure you wanted to marry Kim, and now you just change your mind?”

“Look, I was pretty sure before. I don’t know what really happened.”

“Grandma is going to sing in jubilation if this gets out. You’ve got to figure out why all this is happening, Leo, and solve it fast.”

Leo sat on his bed and wondered why the change had happened all of a sudden. He was pretty sure he loved Kim, and he always had. But the love just disappeared all in one night.

Disappeared in one night?

Leo stood up quickly as he finally remembered.

“The bachelor party.”

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