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When Tasha meets a sexy fireman at a bar one night. Well you know one thing leads to another. It was her first one night stand. Guess what they forgot to use protection. A month later she finds out she pregnant with his baby. Little did she know that her sexy fireman is engaged to another woman. What will he do? The woman who's carrying his unborn child? Or The woman he's going to marry? Two choices. One decision. © Copyright 2014 { ALL RIGHTS RESERVED }

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1


I was going out with my friends to a new night club that’s opening up tonight, I don’t even know what’s it’s called but one thing l known for sure is my friends are going to be all drinking while I’ll be sober because I’m the one who’s going to drive their drunken ass home as always.

As I was about to leave my apartment, I turned to my right to look in the long mirror, looking at my black strapless dress, and damn I look sexy. I had long wavy brown hair that goes up to my waist. My friends say my green eye brings out the best in me. I’m 5′1 so wearing four in heels but even they make me look so tall. I’m twenty-two turning twenty-three next month.

Bring my black purse, house keys, and my car keys with me I leave my house.

I get into my white BMW in the parking lot and leave my building to pick up one of my four best friends. It took me about ten minutes to get to my friend Rachel’s place.

Here I am waiting for her, in front of her place. She’s always late when it comes to our girl’s night out. I took out my phone and texted her.

Tasha: Hurry up bitch lol.

And pressed send me and my friends call each other bitches. I hear my phone go off.

Rachel: Hang on bitch. I’ll be right out.

I’ll be right out my ass I thought to myself. I open the front door and out she came. She walks towards my BMW, opens the passenger door, and a smile on her face.

“Hey, Tas... You look sexy as usual.” Climbs in and shuts the door.

“Thanks. You too Rach” I then start driving to my other friend’s place.

Rachel is wearing a royal blue strapless dress with black heels. She has dirty blond hair and light brown eyes. She’s about 5′6 and twenty-three years old.

“Are Leona &Tammy waiting at Rikki’s place?” Asked Rachel

“From what she texted me earlier, she said the girls will be at her place getting ready.”

“I can’t believe my sister is getting married in ten months.”

The three of us grew up together and we would call each other sisters. Her sister Summer is three years older than us. We were neighbors growing up she even sent me and my family a wedding invitation to her July 25 wedding next year.

“Yeah me too. I haven’t even met him or even know his name. So give me a rough idea of how he looks likes and what’s his name is?” Wow, I sounded like I want him.

“Well let’s see he gorgeous, hot a god-like body, and sexy. He’s about 6′3 with dark brown hair and blue eyes that are to die for. His name is Corey Lanter and He’s one hell of a hot fireman.”

“He sounds dreamy Rachel.” Now I want to see who’s this Corey Lanter with my own two eyes.

“Yeah I know he’s so dammed sexy Tasha. Summer got a gorgeous one.”

Leona and Tammy are married to their high school sweethearts. While Rikki and Rachel have boyfriends. That’s leaving me single and alone. Hopefully, there’s a guy that’s right for me.

Listening and singing to the radio while we get to my friend Rikki’s place to gather them. I’m excited to see this new nightclub. Shake my ass off.

15 minutes later

We finally reached Rikki’s place and I parked my BMW in her driveway.

“Rach texted her that we’re here.”

“Sure” She took out her phone and texted her. A minute later her phone goes off.

“She said that they’re on their way down now,” Rach said.

We waited for my friends to open that door and walk their asses to my vehicle so we can leave.

“Finally,” Rachel said.

Here come my other girlfriends.

Leona is wearing a red dress with straps; she has black hair with blue eyes. She about 5′5 and is twenty-three years old. Tammy is wearing a purple strapless dress. She has dark brown hair with brown eyes. She’s about 5′6 and is twenty-three years old. Rikki is wearing a green strapless dress. She has Light blond hair with blue eyes. She about 5′7 and is twenty-three years old.

Four of my best friends are taller and older than me even though were born in the same year.

The back doors open.

“Hey, girls,” Rachel said.

“Hi,” Rikki said as she slides in the middle.

“Hi Tas and Rach,” Tammy said as she sits on the right side of Rikki.

“Hey,” Leona said as she sits on the left side of Rikki.

I waited to hear the clicking sounds of their seatbelts and reversed my vehicle out of the driveway.

“So where is this new nightclub, Rikki?” I said to her.

“Oh the new nightclub is at 820 12th Street south by the Harbour Tasha,” Rikki said. Oh, I never have been in that area before even though I was born and raised here.

“What’s the nightclub called?” Rachel asked her.

“It’s called The Tunnel,” Rikki said. Who the hell names a nightclub Tunnel. Really! It must be a tunnel-like night club then.

Since it was on the other side of the city. Rikki was giving me directions to the Tunnel night club.

“You’re supposed to take a right at that intersection Tasha.” I drove straight through.

“Well, you said that at the last second before I drove straight through.” Let me drive woman.

“Okay sorry about that. Take a right on 8Th Avenue and take a right at the intersection.”

I found 8th Avenue and take a right turn. Driving down a quiet neighborhood. I could finally see the intersection that Rikki was talking about. Coming to a complete stop putting my right signal on. Turn right and driving the right way now.

We drove by the night club and there’s already a line-up. A long lineup. We finally found a parking space after five minutes of looking.

“Okay ladies we know the rules,” I said to them and they all nodded their heads.

Our five rules were:

Number One: Never go home with a stranger.

Number Two: Always tell each other where we are going.

Number Three: Never go to the bathroom alone.

Number Four: Never accept a drink from a stranger.

Number Five: Don’t over drink your self

We got out of my vehicle, shouting the doors and making sure it’s locked. The girls and I walked to the end of the line.

“I’m wondering how long we have to wait to get in,” Leona said.

“I’m not sure but the line is moving slowly,” Tammy said.

“I can’t wait to shake my ass to a guy,” Rikki said.

“I know” Rachel acting all happy.

“Me too,” Tammy said

“Me three” Leona said

The four of them have men in their life and dancing with guys who’s not them. I don’t know what’s going on in their heads sometimes. Oh well, their men must trust them I guess.

I could hear music as we got closer to the door.

“What time should we leave girls?” Looking at them and waiting for an answer.

“Let’s say at two.” Rachel said to me.

“Okay two it is”

“We should get our I.D.’s out before we enter right Tasha” I hated when Tammy brings it up. It’s been two weeks since the embarrassment.

“Shut up bitch” I smile at her.

“Love you too” Tammy was blowing kisses at me

Two weeks ago

I was in a rush when the girls came and get me. We were going to a bar to meet our other friends from high school. I was told at nine for a pickup, not eight-thirty. I’m half done. I still need to take the rolls out of my hair, finish my make up and get dress.

My phone began ringing. I look at the caller id and it was Rachel.

I press talk.

“Hi” Trying to take the rolls out of my hair

“Hey, are you ready to go or what?”

“I’m not even ready yet Rach”

“Hang on a sec...... Well come in and wait for you”

“Okay the door is unlocked”

“Okay” She hung up.

I’m in the bathroom upstairs trying not to rush but trying to be calm at the same time. I could hear the front door open.

“Hurry up bitch” Rikki yelled upstairs.

It took me about twenty minutes to get ready completely. Making sure everything is switched off I walked downstairs to see my bitches sitting in my living room.

“Let’s go,” I said to them. My mind was blank at the moment.

We walked out of my apartment and locked it.

We got in Rikki’s Blue truck and off we went. The four of us got out of the truck and headed to the bar to meet the others.

“Can I see your I.D’s girls?” The doorman said to us. The girls got their I.D’s out of their wallets.

“Oh Shit,” I said out loudly

“What,” Tammy said?

“I forgot my wallet and house keys” Damn me.

“I can take you back to your apartment Tasha?”

“Sure” I was disappointed in myself.

“I need your truck keys Rikki’s and I promise I won’t hurt your baby.” Rikki gave Tammy the truck keys. Off we went to her truck.

“I’m sorry”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about Tasha. Forgetting something always happens to everyone.”

“I was in a rush when you girls came unannounced.”

“Well, that was Rachel. She wanted to be there by 9” I should have known.

When we arrived at my apartment, I remember leaving the kitchen window open a little. I made my way to the backyard as Tammy was following me. The window was about 6 feet high and it look like the window was made for me to fit through.

“I need you to lift me so I could rip my screen open.” Taking off my high heels and putting them on the steps.

“Okay” Try to get into position.

“Okay 1, 2, 3, up” Both of my feet were in her hands trying to lift me to my window.

“You okay down there” I’m going as fast as I can to rip the screen off.

“Yup” She was trying to hold her breath.

“Got it, Tammy lift me higher.” Throwing the window screen behind me.

Trying to hold the inside of the window. Taking one more deep breath, gathering all the strength I have left, and pulling myself through. I see there was no soft landing but a hard one which is the floor. I scream as I went down and landed on my back. I could hear Tammy laughing her ass off outside.

“Are you okay Tasha?” She said as she was laughing.

“I’m fine” In a whispering voice because when I landed on my back I got the wind to knock out of me.

Ever since then she always brings it to put. She told the girls about what happen and they made fun of me.

“Can I see your I.D’s ladies?” The doorman said. We all gave him our I.D’s. He handed us our I.D’s one by one. When he handed me mine. He winked at me and I winked back with a smile.

The girls were waiting for me and we began walking to the Tunnel night club.

It was just wow to look at. It had two levels. But I’m guessing the second level was V.I.P. It had two bars on either side of the club and a huge dance floor. Lots of colours too really bought them out.

We made our way downstairs and followed Rachel. We turned right to the closes bar. The girls order the cocktail drinks and I order a glass of Pepsi. We found a table to sit at.

“This club is awesome girls. Cheers.” Rikki said to us. We all lifted our drinks and cling them together.

We made our way to the dance floor. Rachel and Leona were dirty dancing with each other trying to get the two hotties that were watching them. Maybe after about three minutes, they made their way to them. The two guys went behind them, whispering to each other, and then starting to grind. OMG! My god those two friends of mine but I love them to death.

After dancing for about three hours and I don’t know how many drinks they went through. My poor little feet were aching and hurting.

“Rachel I’m going to sit at the bar okay,” I said to her and she gave me a thumbs up.

I see some empty bar stools. I went and sat my ass down and started to relax.

“What can I get you to miss” The girl barter ask me.

“I’ll get water”

“Coming right up and that will be two-fifty” I gave her a twenty-dollar bill. She handed me my change and gave me a water bottle.

“You look like you can use some company” I chook on my water when a sexy caught me by surprise. I look to my right to find a sex god staring at me. Wow, those amazing blue eyes that are to die for.

“Like what you see” He caught me staring at him too long.

“Um... I... Um” He kinda looked like Henry Cavil.

“I’ll take that as a yes” I was speechless and I didn’t know what to say.

“I’m Tasha and you kinda look like Henry Cavil,” I said in my shy voice.

“I get that a lot and I’m C.J.,” He said while shaking my hand. Oh, he’s not wearing a ring.

“So what do you do Tasha” He’s asking me about my life.

“Well I’m a lawyer and how about you C.J?”

“I got transfer here two weeks ago from D.C and I’m a fireman here at house thirty-one” A fireman of my dreams.

“If I have a fire, I’ll make sure to call you C.J” I was flirting with a hot, sexy gorgeous fireman.

“I’ll keep my phone on” I chuckle at him.

“So how do like San Francisco so far?” Taking a sip of my water.

“Well, it’s been good so far. Making new friends here and meeting you. What kind of lawyering do you do?”

He probably thinks I do murders, rapists, and much more.

“My department is dealing with adolescence and helping them to get them on the right track.” I love my job but sometimes it’s stressful and sad to hear their side of the story.

“So do you have kids?” Where is the conversation going? I thought to myself.

“No I have no kids right now, but I would love to have some soon it’s just waiting for the right guy for that.”

He didn’t say anything just stared at me.

“Do you have any kids C.J?”

“No, I don’t.”

“You’re going to be an awesome dad someday C.J”

“Thanks, Tasha. You’re going to be a beautiful mother.” He was making me blush.

We talk for about an hour and a half learning more and more of each other. He was 6′3 and he didn’t care about my 5′1 height at all. He thinks I look cute and sexy with my height. Our age difference didn’t bother us at all with him being thirty and I’ll be turning twenty-three next month. He has one sister named Jade who is twenty-three also and a brother name Darren who twenty-seven years old. I told him about my three protective brothers. My oldest brother is Darin and he’s the same age as C.J. The second is Paul and he’s twenty-nine years old. The third one is Ian and he’s twenty-eight years old. I’m the baby of the family. I told them that their all cops too. It made me not smile for one second.

I told them that my parents are lawyers too and their names are Lauren and Tim. His mom Jane is a high school teacher and his dad Jason is the chief of the Fireman Department in D.C.

He was here with his new friend but he ditched him for girls. I told them that my bitches were on the dance floor shaking their ass off. Right now we were sitting close together like our bodies were touching each other. I want him so badly but I break one of my rules.

I look at my phone and it was almost two am.

“I got to go gather my girls.”

“Okay... but wait I want to do this.” He leads to my level and puts his lips on my mind. I could feel the sparks through our lips as they were touching and moving together. Our tongues were moving together.

“I want you so bad but I can’t” I whisper to him

“Why?” He cups my face with his hands

“Because I’ll be breaking one of my rules.”

“Maybe let’s just break this rule.”

“Okay. I’ll give you my number and follow me.” We exchange phones so we could put out numbers on them.

“What kinda vehicle do you drive?”

“I drive a white BMW. But I need to gather the girls first and then drop them off at their homes.” He nodded his and I gave him one last kiss before getting off the stool.

I made my way to the dance floor and I could see my bitches dancing together.

“Okay, girls it’s two in the morning, and come on let’s take you girls home.”

“Okay Tasha,” Leona said to me.

I look back to if C.J following me and guess what he and he gave me a little wave.

The girls tried to walk normally but failed at it. We finally made it to my BMW and the girls got in. I drop of Leona, Tammy at Rikki’s since they sleeping over at her place. I drop off Rachel at her place.

I finally made it home and parking my BMW in my parking space. I got out of my vehicle, I could see a black truck parking on the side. I was hoping it was C.J.

It was C.J who got out of the truck. I walk towards him and he wraps him around me. I drag him to my apartment, unlock the door with my keys, and open it. We walk inside and I lock the door.

He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist.

“Where’s your bedroom?”

“Upstairs, take a right.” He began walking up the stairs. OMG! My first one nightstand. We made it to my bedroom. We didn’t need a light on; the moonlight was enough to see each other. He closed my bedroom door behind him. C.J put me down slowly.

I started to take off his shirt but I needed his help because of my height. My eyes landed on the chest, his abs, and his V line which was sexy. I touch them softly with my fingertips. He unzips my black dress and lets it fall to the floor. Leaving me in just a thong and my heels. He looks up and down my body and then to face. I was biting my lower lip. I back up to the bed kicking my heels off. C.J takes the rest of his clothing off leaving them on the floor. When I looked at his package it was huge and I’m not if it’s going to fit in me. But we’ll see if it does. My back landed on the bed and he came between my legs.

“Make love to me C.J.” I whisper to him.





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