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It was him

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she tried to avoid him but he was the reason she smiled but the reasons for why it ended meant more and she couldn’t keep the truth from him any longer

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - The end

TW: talks about attempted suicide, and self harm, physical abuse. **
chapter not finished**

I’ve never believed in soul mates. I’ve always thought it was just something they put in movies to make the fantasy of love seem so much more real. As I get older I realise that it really does only just happen in movies.Boys don’t ask you on dates. Boys don’t want to meet your parents. Boys aren’t what they showed us as kids growing up, but that was until I met him.

Today was the first day back after summer break and as usual I went out of my way to stay unnoticed that was until the tap on my shoulder when i heard a soft British accent ask me where the biology rooms were. I flung around to see who this unfamiliar person was and all of sudden i was stuttering to get my words out. i was speechless staring at this extremely gorgeous blonde boy standing in front of me.
“I umm - this way” i finally managed to blurt out kicking my self at how stupid i look.

“Are you okay?” the boy asked.

“I’m fine, i just... i just don’t get spoken to much here i’m very different from everyone else” i said finally being able to talk without stuttering.

“you seem so sweet though, you should make yourself stand out” he said in his calming accent.

“That’s kind of you but i’d prefer to stay unnoticed. what’s your name” I asked.
“it’s a little strange but it’s Newt what’s your name?”

“I’m Mollie and i think that name is very unique”

a little smile broke out onto his face and for some reason that gave me butterflies but i guess our conversation was over because before i knew it we were standing in front of his biology room.

“I guess i’ll see you around” i said starting to turn and walk away

“i hope so” i got in reply before turning the corner to head off to class myself.

the rest of the day seem to fly by as i constantly thought about this boy. who was he? where did he transfer from? was he flirting with me?

but before i could think anymore those girls started their bullsh*t with me

“Imagine looking like that” one of them said as they looked my body up and down before the other replied.

“I’d simply just end it, she’s f*cking disgusting”

I’ve tried for the last 2 years to zone these girls out but nothing works maybe they are the reason for why I cut myself of from the world. but at the same time maybe they were right. I had nothing good for me here. No friends. No life and certainly no family that care about me. So that’s when I decided that tonight was it.

I walked home after school set my stuff down and started counting down. about 6 hours past and it was about 11:00 at night. I left. No note. No goodbyes. Just gone. I walked to the bridge and stood on the edge I stared at the scars on my wrists before my sight went blurry from the tears. That was it. My story was ending.
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