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The next morning jane wake up hearing noises coming from downstairs. Must be aunt Regina trying to get Kate ready for the ball....suddenly a though strikes you and you almost shout it out loud ..hold on a second.. I didn’t get myself a dress fir tonight! Jane said ... you start wandering around the room trying to think of something quickly ..okay I know ,Amalia said I should consult her about anything todo with the ball if I hurry now we’ll be able to think of something Jane said ... half an hour later you are knocking on Amalia door ... Amalia said she has a dress that might suit me .hope it will work! Jane said ...the door opens .. oh hi there ,Jane ! You look rather ..stressed did something happen ? Kevin said .. why? Do I have to have a reason to see you two ? Jane said .. let’s say , I’m more used to why are you here Kevin ? Or now is not the best moment Kevin said can’t be that bad Jane said ... nah I’m only teasing you .and also I know why you’ve really here Kevin said .,good ! Maybe you can let me in then ? Jane said .. with pleasure! Come in mom’s waiting for you in the attic Kevin said ..and where exactly is the attic?this house is like a magic place where you can easily get lost without a specially trained guide Jane said ...I’ll show you the way but before we go can you wait here for a sec ?I have something to give you Kevin said ... what could that be? Is this something important?jane said .. this is your last chance to share a romantic moment with Kevin and let him do something special for you ! Will you take that chance ? Sure I’ll wait here Jane said ... Kevin’s face brightens up at the sound of your voice... I’ll be quick Kevin said .. he come back holding an envelope biting his lips take this Kevin said ? What is it? Jane said’s a love lettter ? Jane said .. Kevin look in pain . He lifts his gaze and mutters .well I thought it was now or never go s head open it Kevin said open the letter that turns out to be a vintage postcard with Rocky Mountains of Utah .wow ! This is so vintage ..I’m loving it Jane said ,.the wait is killing mr slowly Jane Kevin said .sorry ! You start reading the letter but when you are half way through Kevin stop you this is not how it’s done .I want to look into your eyes Kevin said .,you lift your gaze and freeze hanging in his every word fascinated. . Look I’ve fallen for you .I really have it’s stared as a harmless flirtation and not sure what happen then ..but my heart no longer belong to me Kevin said you open your mouth willing to say something.but Kevin does not let you .. now I don’t really expect you to say something in return all I’m saying is that tonight when the ball over good old Kevin will be waiting for you in his car and if you stay here with me I’ll show you the beauty of this land you’ll love it so much won’t wanna go back home sweetie ! kevin said lift the past card and show it to Kevin ..will I get too see all what ? Jane said ..that’s right baby!.. sound like a dream , kevin Jane said ,.. Kevin put his arms around you while you are holding your postcard gently..make a wish then ! And I’ll make sure your wish come true Kevin said ,..I want you to be there in my dreams Jane said .oh I’m all yours .you can be sure of that Kevin said ..this very moment you hear Amalia calling out your name...okay let me show you the way to the attic Kevin enter the attic and see Amalia crouching around a beautiful ball dress hanging on a that’s probably the coolest attic I’ve ever seen! And it’s pretty clean too Jane said ..Amalia turn her head ..welcome my dear ! Amalia...thank you for helping me out Again ..Jane said ..oh don’t mention it dear ! We both know you deserve to be treated like a princess tonight ! Amalia said . Or a queen Kevin said .. or a queen indeed said Amalia.... you are making me blush Jane Said ..Amalia points to a dress ...come on try it on! Amalia said disappear behind the folding screen to change ...I’m literally speechless.this dress is so perfect bin every respect Jane said ...can u let us see? Amalia said .oh my god! Be still my trembling heart Kevin said .brace yourself son Jane will shine bright like the prettiest star tonight!are we gonna do something to your hair ? Amalia said you think we should ? Jane said ?sure people here are obsessed with their hair I’m sure you don’t want others to our shine you with their hairstyle! Amalia said way anyone’s gonna outshine me ! Jane said never ! Kevin said ..I think I’d better go back now before aunt Regina noticed my absence Jane said .. I wish I could just put a spell on her turn her into the frog that she really is Amalia said .but you won’t .you are a kind sorceress !jane said . Amalia hugs you and whispers in your ear ..promise me you’ll have fun tonight no matter what happens Amalia said ...I promise Jane said ..good this is all that matters really okay everyone back to work now ! Amalia said I’ll walk Jane to the door Kevin said ...Kevin open the front door for you .so I guess until later then... Kevin said . You reach out to give Kevin a warm hug ..I’ll see you later Jane said .I’ll hold you to that !kevin said .you enter your aunt living room to witness a funny scene there ...cant you pull in your stomach a little aunt Regina said .. aunt Regina is trying hard to pull up the zipper on Kate dress.. ouch that hurt ! Kate Said ... to many muffins for breakfast my dear auntie Regina said ! .. they too good it was worth it ! Kate said .. god this is SO FUNNY jane said .OUCH you’re gonna kill me mommy Kate said ..nah I’ll stay here and enjoy the show ! Jane said ..COME ON Kate ! There no way I’m getting you another dress for the ball HOLD YOUR BREATH ! Auntie Regina said ..I’m not breathing Kate said .one two and three ! Auntie Regina said..oh my !I thought I was gonna die ! Kate said .auntie Regina drops herself heavily onto a sofa god I’m exhausted! Auntie Regina said..hahaha !oh sorry Jane said ...there you are ! Laughing at your cousin distress ! Not that iam actually surprised auntie Regina said.. shouldn’t we get going mom?kate wait a sec Kate said ..Kate seems to be starting by your outfit .you look stunning! Where did you get that dress ?kate said .. thanks Kate Jane said ...come on we should be leaving now auntie Regina said.but have you seen her dress min? Kate said ...yeah it gorgeous. I have no idea where she could possibly get it and no time to find that out ..auntie Regina said..aunt Regina open the front door ..everyone aunt Regina said... once again you enter the spacious hall your gaze scanning fir familiar faces...there is Sasha!jane said ...the second Sasha sees you she looks the other way ...that weird .is she still unwell Jane said ..good afternoon , everyone we all know why we are here so let’s quickly finish the official part and have fun at the ball Celeste said ... the audience cheers... alright now I’ll ask you to be quite .I have some bad news and Some good news for you ..we’ve counted the votes and it turned out that Jane was going to our winner . Celeste said cassy one? .... I knew it I knew it ! I knew I’m the worthy one! Cassy. Said . you are clearly not ! Auntie Regina said...oh my god mommy my hearts broken Kate said .WHAT . HER ? Noway this is happening Michael....The audiences seems confused .some people are trying to cheer you up but you can’t hear them . You gaze is fixed on Sasha you are losing sense of what’s real ...this can’t be ..Jane said. .. you can feel tears filling up your eyes but you know you can’t stay silent...why did you do that to me , Sasha ? I trusted you ! Jane. Said. Sasha give you a knowing triumphant look.. I though we were friends! Jane said ... Sasha opens her mouth .but then briefly looks at Celeste and shakes her head ... I’m sorry I can’t Sasha said .. Cassy , come and join us here darling ! Celeste said ..holding her head up , Cassy walks out of the crowd .you look around the room and see corey biting his lips not knowing what to do . Michael is covering his face. With he’s hands and roger is shaking his head in disapproval. Then you look at the crowd - all eyes are on Cassy and Celeste greeting her . I feel like everyone’s forgotten about me ! Like I’m no longer welcome here..Jane said ., suddenly a thought strikes you..I’ve had enough of this ! Enough of theses people and their ridiculous rules ! Enough of life in this town I’m out of here! Jane said .taking advantage of the moment overwhelmed with emotions , you run towards the exit from the hall.I hope I’ll be able to forget all this a bad dream ! Said Jane ...outside you take a deep breath .. the air here feels so much better maybe life is not that bad after all Jane said .suddenly someone touches your elbow lightly ....Corey ? Jane said . .. Jane I’m so sorry for what happened corey said ..tears well up in your eyes as you place your hand on his cheeks’s not your fault .Corey ..I guess this is Just not the best place for me .Jane said Jane ! You are perfect! The second you were betrayed I was betrayed too!and I didn’t expect mom to believe this nonsense oh god Corey said .Corey frowns and places your hand on he’s chest .it hurts so much here ... my heart aches both from love and sorrow .Corey said ...Corey Jane said ..I’m not staying here without you Jane I’ll go wherever you go .if they can’t accept you my love! Corey said .. Corey ? What ate you doing here Celeste said ...Celeste runs towards you follow by the rest of the family .others people join them too.Corey blinks...I..I’m making sure Jane doesn’t leave the ball on her own corey said .but darling it is all settled now ! Stop playing your little games and come back to us ! Your bride need your company! Celeste said ..I can’t wait to dance with you Corey Cassy said ... that b**ch I hate her Kate said .you’ve gone to far , mom ! I don’t want Cassy and you know that ! Jane is all I want in this life corey said . .... Jane said are hanging by a very thin thread young man ! Better apologetise. , do as I say and we can talk later Celeste said .oh no .but you don’t understand ! I love Jane and I’m not going anywhere without her! Corey said ...Corey could you ?kate said ...suddenly auntie Regina grabs your hand and whispers angrily, hoping no one can see you together..come on niece! You’ve done enough to ruin the ball already auntie Regina said... what let me go ! Jane said ...hush Jane ! You must learn to lose gracefully auntie Regina said... suddenly Kate gets in between you and aunt Regina..what are you doing Kate? Auntie Regina said... let Jane go mom .she don’t deserve all that ! Kate said ... startled by her appearance aunt Regina loosen her grip...thanks Kate I’ll never forget that! Jane said .. the world just gone mad! Aunt Regina said...Kate disappears in the crowd...don’t think you’re off the hook Jane I’ve. Warned you ! Auntie Regina said...this very second Kevin makes his way through the crowd .sorry I’m a bit late .Kevin said .his gaze is fixed in you ..Jane why are you so upset ? What have these people done to you Kevin said..his voice disappears in the crowd and others loud voices can be heard.... I’ve had enough of this! Listen closely ,son if you stay with Jane I will disinherit you ! So think twice! Celeste said... so be it ! If that’s the only way I can be with the one that I love ! Corey said ...Celeste, my love don’t you think that’s bit too harsh Roger said ... roger grabs Celeste's shoulder trying to hug her but she don’t let him
.it is what he wants ! To tear himself away from the family and our ways isn’t it corey Celeste said.. this has gone too far ! I need to make up my mind Jane said close your eyes trying to concentrate on your own thoughts and come up to Corey and takes his hand .....Corey said ... he looks at you and nods confidently ,you smile words are unnecessary at time like theses you look into his kind shiny eyes and we leave Jane said ..he whispers back and only you can hear his soft whispers.I’m going with you my love corey said ...a murmur goes throughout the yard..but you pay no attention to that fir nothing matters more than his smile right now dare she ? Mocking what’s left of our traditions! You’ll never be welcome here!.. Sasha said .. what a shame ! I can’t believe she my niece! Auntie Regina said. You do realise this is the end corey don’t you ? Celeste said...I’m sorry mother ,I’ve made my choice corey said ..very well then .we’ll see how long you last without my money and my protection.Celeste said ... Celeste turns away , all repressed rage and resentment..Corey squeezes your hand ..let’s use the moment go corey said .,, together you run towards the exit hearing curses and threats addressed you..WHAT ? Roger stop them ! Or I’ll ...Celeste said.. no one can stop them now I’m afraid.roger said ,,you’ll regret this , you ! Celeste said.... never come to my house again.! I hate you ! Auntie Regina said.....I hope you will take good care of Jane corey
Kevin said... it takes you only five minutes to explain yourself to dad no wonder - he’s always been there for you ..thanks for letting us take your car , dad ! Jane said ..that’s the least I could do for you sweetie! Beside I don’t need it here so don’t worry dad said ... he give you a warm smile .. my little Jane all grown up now .dad said is quite all of sudden..what’s wrong dad? Jane said ..I just wanted to say that I’m sorry you had to go through all cause back then I didn’t have a better plan for both of us dad said..don’t ever blame yourself for taking me here! It was not your fault it was a life choice you had to make Jane said .dad places his hand on your sweet girl . So strong and reasonable, just like your mother dad said hugs you and whispers in your ear..I’m proud of you ! Dad said ... why ? I mean exactly why? Jane said ... unlike others in our family you walk your own path and no ones gonna change that! No people and no rules dad said ..thanks dad your support means a lot to me JAne said ..I’m always here for you ,my dear ! But hurry up ! You should go now dad said ..I’ll miss you daddy !jane said .... half an hour later you are driving out of town , down the road that once promised you a new life .Corey calls out your name .Jane ? What the matter my love? You are so quiet is anything bothering you ? Corey said ...what is it to be disinherited? I mean how do you feel Jane Said . Well it’s a wound that won’t. Heal for a while but I believe in our family and I hope we’ll figure thing out pretty soon corey said... you stretch your hand out and stroke his shoulder gently..I’m sure you will.Jane said .thanks ! You know , I need your support.alright ladies and gents next stop Los Angeles.Corey said look out the window wondering what the future will bring .whatever that will be ,I know that I’ll be ready cause there. Nothing this little maid can’t do! Jane said

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