Call Out My Name

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I help mom put away the rest of her clothes, and then we head downstairs to dinner. As we walk down the stairs, the aromas that are wafting up are absolutely mouth-watering. I think I smell...Garlic? Pepper? Chicken? Whatever I smell I’m so ready to eat a WHOLE LOT of it.
“Whatever that is, I am SO ready to eat it!” Told ya.
“It’s Rigatoni with a Vodka sauce and baked sea salted chicken.” Mrs. Borghese said with a pleased look on her face
“Mmmm. Just the sound alone makes my stomach growl.”
She chuckled, “I bet!” We all sit down, I try to sit as far away from Alex as I can, before he looks up and walks over to sit next to me. Now I’m sitting in between mom & Alex.
I look, pleadingly, over at mom. She just gives me a sympathetic look and gives me the “go ahead” movement with her hand. I give her a “Help me!” look and she pretends she doesn’t see me.
“I guess you were the one who saved the seat?” He chuckles nervously.
I let out a little chuckle too, “Yeah, I guess.”
He seems to perk up the slightest bit, as if he had an idea, “Hey, I know this really nice spot. It’s really cool looking at night, almost out of a fairytale. Would you like to see it?”
“Uh...I don’t know, I still have a lot of stuff to unpack.”
His shoulders slumped in disappointment, if it’s one thing that’ll make me feel guilty, it’s when someone’s disappointed.
“Actually, I think I can make the time. But you have to have me back by midnight.” He perks up a whole lot then.
“Really? Ok, we can leave right after dinner.”
Honestly, it’s no surprise mom was listening the whole time, “Actually it’s our first night here, and I’m sure Timmy doesn’t have any plans in the morning, so you can keep him out as long as you’d like.” Alex livens up even more then, which I didn’t think was possible.
“Oh thank you Mrs. Bianchi! I promise I won’t have him too, too late.”
“I actually want you to promise me the complete opposite.” Now I’m sure she’s messing with me, she wouldn’t do this to me after what happened. She wouldn’t force me to hang out with some gay dude, knowing that it it made my skin crawl and my head spin with uncertainty...right? She winked at me, so that was a yes, yay.
“Oh, well I have to be in the hotel by 2am. I guess I can have him out late enough.”
“2am is perfect.” she murmured. I look at her with screaming eyes. Seriously!?

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