Call Out My Name

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After dinner, I led Timothée to my monster of a truck.
“Uh, you got a different truck?” he asks warily.
I start laughing, “You wanna ride in my dad’s rusty Mustang?”
He looks horrified when I pointed it out, “The truck it is.”
Then we both start laughing.
“You know, my dad used to love to collect rusty Mustang collectibles?” Timothée admitted as we started driving away.
“No! Really!? That’s...I don’t even know! Beyond words!” I joked.
“I know right? Hey, um, where are we going?”
“Oh, this is the side road we have to take to get to the meadow.”
“Oh. Wait a minute, you didn’t say anything about a meadow!”
“Oh, relax. It’s just a meadow. A really cool looking meadow.”
“Ugg, fine.” he slumps in his chair jokingly.
After a few more minutes I stop the car.
“What are you doing?” Timmy exclaims.
“We have to hike the rest of the way. It’s only a few minutes, not even a ¼ of a mile.”
“Oh, fun. Hiking.”
“Look, you can see the ring of trees over there,” I point a little to the left and slightly up. He seems to lighten up a little bit when I point that out. When we get to the ring of trees, I walk around the outside of the trees and to the secret stream me and my sister found when we were younger.
“Hey! Where, um, where are you going? In case you happen to have forgotten; I’m new here, I don’t know my way around.” I start smiling, “What?” he snaps.
“Nothing, I just got something really cool to show you.” He gets a little excited at that, “What is it?”
“Well,” I turn and start walking towards the secret stream, “when me and my sister were younger, we found this secret stream.”
“Where were your parents?” he asked, horrified.
I start laughing, “We were having a picnic a little bit down the road, and me and my sister decided to get lost for a while.”
“Huh.” That was all he had to say? I guess it’s gonna take a little bit more effort to impress him.
“Well, we’re here. Be careful though, it’s a 3-foot drop, if you jump the wrong way you could really hurt something. Plus, it’s bad for business, y’know?”
“You sound so...I don’t know. Not exactly arrogant, but arrogant. I guess that’s the best word to describe how you sound.”
“Oh! So that’s how I sound, huh?”
He realizes what he’s said, “No, no, no didn’t mean that! I meant to say that’s how you sounded.”
“Sure, sure.” By this point we’re both sitting at the edge of the stream, shoes off, letting our feet dangle.
I lay back and look up at the stars, Timothée copies my movements. I look at him from the corner of my eye.
“Yes?” he turns towards me, I look away, ashamed. “No, it’s fine. I was just playing with you.” He laughs gently.
“Saviez-vous que vous êtes belle?” I ask boldly, sure that he wouldn’t understand me.
He gets this weird look on his face, then claims, “I knew you were French!”
I have absolutely no idea why, but that sounds so funny right then and I start dying laughing. And then HE starts laughing, and then we’re both rolling in the grass dying.
He’s the first to calm down, “In fact I did know I was beautiful. A girl once fainted from seeing me.”
I froze, I didn’t know he understood french so I just nonchalantly said, “A girl fainted from seeing you? Huh, I guess looks can kill after all.” He tries not to laugh and it’s the CUTEST thing I have ever seen.
I don’t know what compels me to it, but I suddenly reach over and caress his jaw. He looks at me, but doesn’t move away, he just holds his breath. I look down and place my hand in my lap. He lays back down to look at the stars and lets out his breath slowly. I then look at him, knowing I shouldn’t, and my heart swells at how handsome he is in the moonlight. Something over takes my sensible self and I swiftly climb on top of him and kiss him.
Naturally, he pries me off of him, but he does so quite gently. Usually I’d get thrown off. When I look up at him, his cheeks are flaming, but he’s also smirking like I just proved something to him all along.
“So…” he says, purposely not looking my way. Probably giving me time to get myself together.
“I’m sorry. I just-”
He looks at me and quietly asks, “You just what?”
I sigh, “I don’t even know. I don’t know what came over me, or gave me that right. If I made you feel uncomfortable or if you don’t want to be my friend then-” He gets up and starts walking away. “Hey! Where are you going?”
“I figured the only way for you to listen to me, was to leave. Guess I was right.” He’s in the middle of the meadow now, absolutely godlike in the moonlight. I stand up and immediately see stars, I start to wobble and the ground starts coming closer. I try to reach my hands out to catch myself, but another, stronger, pair catches me first. Timothée has his medium-large, warm hands around my torso, and pulls me up. As soon as he’s sure that I won’t collapse again, he turns me around. I must look crazy or something because he just starts laughing out of nowhere.
“What are you laughing at?” I demanded.
“I guess I can make guys and girls faint from my very presence.”
“I guess so.” I sit down. Timmy sits next to me, I slide the slightest bit closer.
He has another weird look on his face and turns to slightly face me...while also moving back a little.
“I don’t want to sound mean or anything, but I’d like to clarify: Are you gay?” I wince.
“I mean...yeah, but only Anastasia knows.”
“And now me.” He gets up and offers his hand, “Come on we should head back to the hotel,” my shoulders slump as I take his hand to stand up, my heart racing like crazy, “but we can come back tomorrow.” I slump my shoulders a little less. He chuckles and starts heading back to the car. I laugh to myself and catch up to him. We walk to the car together and drive back to the hotel.

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