Call Out My Name

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We get back to the hotel at around 1:30 in the morning. Alex shows me this cool back door to get in through the kitchen.
“Hey, thanks again. That was...interesting.” Alex looks ashamed again, “Hey, you wanted me to know how you felt, and you showed me that. I do appreciate you making your feelings known. I know what it feels like to keep your emotions bottled up.”
“Thanks Tim. I’ll see you at breakfast?”
I think about what he could mean by that, but when I look into his eyes all I see is friendliness, “Uh, sure. See ya then.” I start walking towards the stairs to go up to my room, when I feel his hand on my arm. I instantly jump back, but then give him my best friendly look.
“Yes?” His arm is in mid-air, he looks embarrassed so he just drops it.
“I just thought that maybe, being the owner’s son and all, that I should escort you to your room?” he makes it sound like a question. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I don’t know if this is his way of trying something.
“I don’t know, Alex. I just-”
“Don’t want to risk me trying anything with you?”
“You psychic or something?”
He laughs, “I like to think I am.” It’s hard not to like him. Obviously not like that but he’s cool, if only he could get over this crush thing happening.
I let him walk me up to my room. I stop at the door and turn around.
“I guess this is where you drop me off.” I chuckle, hoping he’ll get the hint.
“Yeah, I guess so.” He looks so lonely, and I am easily guilted, especially when someone looks lonely.
“Actually why don’t you come in for a drink...on me?”
His face lights up like I’ve never seen before, “That would be great, actually!” I turn back towards the door, silently cursing myself, wondering what I’ve gotten myself into. I unlock the door and walk in holding the door for a split second to let Alex in.
Alex freezes when he looks in. I’m sure that I didn’t leave my room a mess, so when I turn around, I’m incredibly surprised to see his sister, Anastasia, standing in the middle of my room with her arms crossed. What is it with them breaking into their guests room?
“So,” she glares at Alex, apparently I’m the invisible one in my room, “this is your idea of seducing him? I must say, I’m a little disappointed, I thought you’d be a little more...original with your ideas. You usually are Alex.”
His face is getting redder and redder, while I’m just standing here confused as ever.
“Um, what are you doing in my room in the dead of night? And what are you talking about Alex seducing me? We were just going to have a quick drink then say goodnight.”
She looks at me like I’m something on the bottom of her shoe, “And, what, exactly do you think he’s gonna do after one drink? Ask for another drink probably? Get you drunk? You wouldn’t remember anything in the morning.”
“Alex wouldn’t do that?” I look at him, but he’s looking at his shoes, his face burning. “You were trying to SEDUCE me!?”
He looks up, his finger at his lips. His unusually full lips, UGG! “No! Don’t tell me to ‘shush’ me! I can speak at whatever goddamn volume that I please! Just both of you get out, get OUT!”
They rush out, Alex looking ashamed. Good, he should be ashamed. I close and lock the door. And then run and flop onto my pillow and scream.
After a few minutes of trying to fall asleep, I hear a knock at my door. I go and open it, expecting it to be Alex.
I’m ready to yell, but it’s not Alex. It’s his sister Anastasia.
“Hey...I couldn’t sleep. Did you wanna maybe hang out?”
I roll my eyes, “So that was your plan all along? Prevent him from trying to seduce me so you could?”
She gives me a sullen look, “I’m just asking to hang out, didn’t know that was a crime.
I sigh and pinch the nose bridge, “Fine, but if you try anything, I swear-”
Her face lights up, “Cool.” She walks into my room and turns around to face me as I close the door.
She leans in real close, “I have something to show you. But before I show you...” She closes the door and walks towards the bed, at the foot of the bed she turns around and beckons to me.

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