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Two hearts that beat as one Two souls became one Two smiles, in tune as one Two hearts, split in halves Two pieces, jagged and broken Without words spoken Bitterness on their tongues Hatred festered and grew Two hearts undone Two souls undone Two smiles, never again one It takes a while to fall in love. Sometimes, love comes in an instant. Trust grows with time. Trust can be broken in seconds. What's left is pain, bitterness, hatred and regret. This is what Lucien and Riley learnt. Lucien Sinclair Unforgiving, unforgettable and her undoing. Riley Daniels Forgiving except for herself, wants to remain forgotten and struggled to pick herself up after being undone.

Romance / Drama
Nals Chetty
Age Rating:

Bad vibes-a hollow feeling

Sunlight flashed through the curtains, she had failed to close, properly, waking Riley. The lingering images of a dream she won't remember but didnt want to lose, was swiftly falling into the void between sleeping and waking.

Sounds intruded, bringing reality. Reality of another day. Another day, without Him. Another day of drifting. Another day of wondering. Another day of sorrow. Another day to survive the depths of despair.

Riley Daniels slowly opened her eyes and adjusted to the brightness. Her alarm sounded at that moment and she quickly jumped out of bed. Today was a busy day. She would need to get cracking if she wanted to be on time for the meeting. Riley owned a resort or rather co-owned Sunvac Resort with her two business partners, Ryan Johnson and his husband Carter Johnson. It had taken almost two years to build and grow but they had done it. Starting with five self catering cabins and a swimming pool with one of the cabins being used as an office, they now had thirty cabins, the main hotel, three conference halls, five recreation rooms, three swimming pools, two tennis courts, a volleyball court and many more entertainment areas.

If it hadn't been for Ryan and Carter, Riley would have fallen into the deep end and most probably drowned. They poked, prodded and generally annoyed the hell out of her but when she had nowhere to go and no desire to rise from the depths of her personal hell, the two men had been there to take hold of her hand and lead her out of the darkness. When He had destroyed her, they had tried to mend her. No, she wasn't going to think of Him. He, had no importance in her life now and, she refused, to give Him, a single second of her time.

It was no use, delving into the past. The past was dead and buried and she wasn't going to allow the past to affect the present. Quickly getting ready, Riley left the house dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a white shirt, black jacket and black converse shoes. A feeling of unease settled in her tummy. Ignoring the feeling, she drove the short distance to the resort.

Arriving at the resort, she found Ryan practically hopping up and down with his hands behind his back while pacing in the foyer. So basically a cross between Roger Rabbit and an English butler. Someone must have spiked his Cheerios. Ryan was obsessed with cereals. This week it was the Cheerios. He drove Carter crazy with his weekly obsessions. Once, he sulked for a month because Carter had dared to take his favourite Reeces. Ryan had more mood swings than a pregnant woman. Riley wouldn't give him up for all the money in the world. Actually maybe for pizza.
Riley loved pizza.

Giving him a fond smile, she tapped him on his shoulder. He jumped with a fright, putting his hand to his chest. " Don't do that again, you creepy daughter of a Billy goat!", he exclaimed. Riley just laughed and hugged him. "My dear, dear friend what's the matter? Oh no wait, don't tell me! You're pregnant. Congratulations Ry-Ry." Riley jumped away laughing as Ryan swatted her with his hand. Carter burst out laughing and Ryan scowled at both of them. Ryan tossed his nose in the air and told Riley that she was so mean to him and all he wanted to do was share some news with her. Sobering up, a chuckle left her mouth while she asked him what had him in a twist. His response wasn't what she expected.

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