Mistaken Identity

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The book opens up with a young woman standing on the ledge of a San Franciscan bridge contemplating her life choices and why she is so terrible at making them. She likes to think that she is a good person but if the last few weeks are any indicator then it is obvious that maybe she isn’t as angelic as she would like to believe. Alana Rose is a college graduate from a small town in the middle of nowhere learning to not only be on her own, but doing so while figuring out the ups and downs of the City of San Francisco. From the outside, Alana looks like a pushover who is going to let everyone walk all over her because that is how she has been taught(inadvertently) from her controlling mother and frozen father, but she is determined to shed that persona. Alana meets a man named Adam and it seems like were meant to be together(at least in her mind) but someone else threatens the romance. Also, the appearance of not just her sexy boss but a love from the past does not help matters in the least bit.

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