Tales of Mischief, Misfortune and Misconduct

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Among us part 3






Everyone questions. Yellow the reporter answers sounding on the brink of tears.

“The cafeteria, I went to do a scan, and in the middle Red leaves and tells me he’s going to the cafeteria to do wires. I come out and h-he’s dead!”

“Okay first off calm down! Your hysteria is contagious, and I’m already stressed. Pink was around there...she was acting sketchy” Blue says

“I was not...”

“Well there are your two Imposters, float them.” Green says nonchalantly

“Calm down green we don’t even know much yet. We are starting to get paranoid and now is not the time to lose our minds.” Orange interjects making green look at him with what Black can guess is a scowl under his helmet.

“So who was near the Cafeteria?” Orange continues

“I was on cams with rock head over here and I say Black over there a little earlier.” Green accuses

White stiffens

“The murder happened recently not before right Yellow?”

“Um I-yea” She responds

“So it can’t be Black, Green” White says

“Sound like your defending her...like your in cahoots” Green steps forward

“Sounds like your trying to sabotage the buddy system and make it seem wrong” White steps forward to square.

“Please let’s not fight,” Eva interjects

“We need to work together.”

“Yes please no fighting.” Yellow agrees

“Awe I was betting on Green though...” Pink says

“Good bet.”

“Seriously guys?!” Orange says

in disbelief

“Fine it’s late, no one has any leads and we’re only required to work 4 and a half hours.” Green turns on his heel and storms out.

“He seems like imposter material” Pink suggests and leaves as well

Eva makes her way to her cabin at an angry pace.

These people are unbelievable! They keep brushing this whole thing off and taking extreme risks as if bodies aren’t popping up left and right!

She is so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t see Bruce jogging to catch up with her.

“Eva, wait”

“Oh sorry Bruce didn’t see you there, what is it?”

“I....want to see you.” He says

“What do you mean, I’m right here?”

He moves closer

“I want to see your face, I want to talk to you, face to face, Eva.”

She hesitates

“What about the rules?....”

“No offense,”

Oh boy offense coming

“but Red is here to enforce them or micromanage us. I love talking to you and want to do so more. In-person, you can come to my cabin or ill go to yours. Or we can ”

Eva looks at him and takes a moment to analyze her situation.

Arent we kinda face to face? I mean, I do want to see the face behind that voice too but what if....no if he was a killer he would have killed me by now, there were so many opportunities where he could have killed me and gotten away with it. Plus we’re just friends.....it’s just hanging out....right?

“Um ok-”

“Great! What time and where?” He exclaims

Eva can’t help but get excited as well. Looking around she makes sure everyone is gone and they aren’t in camera view, before speaking.

“You can come to my cabin at midnight.”

“Ok. It’s a date.” He says before walking off.

Later that night she sits in silence watching the hours tick by. Unable to sleep. Her anxiety starts to spike as the time nears midnight.

If I were to scream would anyone hear me? The walls are so thick and the rooms far apart.....I don’t think so. Is he handsome? What if I have started something with a person who I might not like? Will he get upset?

As soon as the clock strikes 12, there is a knock at her outer door and the touch screen beside her door flashes a green light indicating someone is at the door and pressed her “doorbell”. Getting up she inspects her reflection making sure her large hair clip is properly secured and the snacks are ready. She goes to her panel beside the door and clicks unlock and watches through the square-shaped window on the pressure doors as White walks in. He stands facing forward in the decontamination chamber seemingly looking right back at Eva through the window. Nothing but the hiss of the steam shower and decontaminants can be heard as they both watch each other in silence. Finally, the process is done and White waits for a moment before slowly opening the door. Eva moves aside and watches as Bruce enters her room. He stands in front of her and she takes in his gigantic frame. He towers at least a foot over her.

Holy shit how did I not notice how huge he is!? Did he grow or something? Maybe it was the helmet making my perception different...

She watches feeling small and suddenly intimidated as he reaches up and unhooks his helmet and pulls it off. Her Jaw drops.

Oh my God. Oh wow, he’s so...

Eva looks at Bruce in awe. He has glowing chocolate skin that Eva is sure would blend right in with His hair is white and has shaved sides with a small afro of curls on top. A friendly smile spreads across his soft full lips. One that has Eva’s heart skipping in her chest. Unzipping his suit he lets it hang on his hips.

“Wow, you are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, Eva”

Blood heats her face. Bruce’s hand reaches out to cup her cheek as he pulls her close so he is looking directly down at her face. A small grin on his face.

“Do I flatter you, Eva?” He asks his big sepia eyes boring into her Lincoln green ones

“Yes-thank you” She stutters out.

He smiles, his beauty almost making her say something.

“I don’t remember you being so quiet, what’s wrong?” He asks with concern

He is so cute when he makes that face. Why is he so close and so....warm. And oh, his voice, I thought it sounded good through the comms but this is another level of hot. Why am I so short compared to him, I swear he wasn’t this big before, I think it’s the boots too...

Eva stares at him while these thoughts run through her mind.


Snapping out of her haze she responds


“You ok, think I lost you for a moment.”

“Oh yes, all good!”

He chuckles

“Ok good, nice place, I like how you customized your cabin, it unique.” He says while taking off the rest of his suit and boots.

Under his suit is a pair of long sleeve cotton pajamas, the fabric even thinner and more scandalous than the suits. The pajamas are dark grey and the pants resemble a pair of joggers hanging low on his hips. The shirt hugging his torso and bringing attention to his bulging muscles.

I could grate cheese on those abs. Cut wood with that jaw. Melt like butter in those arm-No we’re just friends.

After putting his things aside he turns to her with a smile on his face.

It seems to be permanently glued on there.

“Oh this is for us, please have a seat,” Eva says gesturing to the desk and the nice space snacks she has laid out.

Banana chips, regular chips, freeze-dried raspberries, frozen blueberries, and two small water bottles are spread out on the desk.

“Wow that’s so nice, you didn’t have to do all that.”

He sits and pulls his chair up. Eva smiles.

“Oh, I wanted to make this a nice meeting, since all the other meetings are about ‘who don it?’.” She emphasizes the phrase

“Thank you, Eva” He responds looking at her

“Of course” She responds looking down

Bruce takes this opportunity to study her face. To study her. He was shocked into silence when he saw her face. Though she is a little smaller than he thought, probably due to the extra fabric of the suit, he has honestly never seen a more beautiful woman. Her eyes are more green than the most lush forest. Her hair, darker than the abyss they are currently floating in. Her skin like ivory. He is instantly enchanted. The pajamas she wearing are doing things to him as well. Like his own they dark grey but she chose to wear the short version. The mid-thigh length shorts riding up as she sits down, giving him an enticing view of her full leg.

Those pajamas hug her in all the right places. She’s so beautiful right now. Shit, I want to touch her.

Eva looks up at him from beneath her lashes and Bruce has to fidget his fingers so as not to touch her. Eva eats a frozen blueberry the movement drawing attention to her lips. Bruce licks his own just looking at hers.

“So tell me about your family Bruce.” Eva leans forward

Thankful for the distraction he responds

“Well, I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters,”

“Wow, that’s a big family.”

“Yea it’s sort of the norm where I’m from.”

“Oh that’s so nice, I’m an only child so I can only imagine how fun it would have been to grow up with siblings.”

“Well, not as fun as you’d think, I’m the youngest child and kinda the black sheep.” He says.

Bit of a touchy subject, best tread carefully

“You want to talk about it?”

" I don’t know....don’t want to dampen the mood..” He says

“No it’s okay if you do, I’m a good listener” She repeats his words

A crowd-winning smile spreads across his face. He sighs

“Well if you insist...I always felt like I was in my sibling’s shadow, from a very early age I knew I had to compete for attention for praise, for the same level of basic respect everyone else got. I tried so hard but every time I succeeded it’s as if it wasn’t enough like I wasn’t enough. I had a serious inferiority complex and grew egotistical and narcissistic. Then when I did get a good thing, a good friend, and a good opportunity, I would ruin it. I always felt like an outsider, I always thought it was me until I realized that no matter what I did the people around me would always find something so critique has something to say. So I just stopped trying...I also moved out of my parent’s house and stopped talking to my family as often. I am an award-winning skilled technician and computer programmer, yet they still look down on me. I make almost six figures, mostly because I’m a workaholic and always have jobs to take. But yea that’s all about my family, they suck.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that Bruce. I can’t even imagine....”

“yea well that was long ago, I am a much better person now, and maybe I had to go through that so I could be more compassionate.” He says

Wow always seeing the bright side, and choosing to learn from his experience, that’s beautiful.

Eva smiles

“What?” Bruce grins

“Nothing you just really.....something”

They both grin at each other and the night continues the same. Eva tells bruce about her life and family about her loneliness in being an only child and her loving parents that Bruce says he wishes he had. Bruce doesn’t leave until 3 in the morning, earth time, the eastern hemisphere of course.

“I had a wonderful time, Eva”

Bruce says redressed in his suit, helmet off

“Me too, thanks for coming” Eva blushes

Why am I so nervous!?

Bruce grins and puts on his helmet and waves goodbye as he walks out of her room.

That night Eva sits, unable to sleep, staring at the ceiling thinking about all that Bruce and she had talked about.

He is so, special. And so handsome, I mean wow. I’ve never met anyone like him before. His smile, his voice.

Eva swoons over Bruce and hugs her pillow grinning like a fool. She thinks about him all night as he consumes her thoughts until she is dragged into oblivion ad falls asleep.

Eva and Bruce see each other multiple times that week. It is the middle of the 3rd week and Eva really hopes they both make it until the end of the 1st month so she and Bruce can see each other. Not that they are seeing each other, as Eva is still trying to convince herself they are just friends. Though for Bruce, they are already together. On the third night back to Eva’s room bruce gives her a gift. It had been a long night of laughing and stories and bruce was just about to leave, his suit done only halfway, with the top half hanging off his hips. The white tank top he’s wearing hugging his muscled chest and torso.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Eva says smiling broadly

“Of course. But I have something for you, a gift if you’ll accept it” Bruce smiles

“Oh?” Eva’s smile widens

“I love your smile, it lights up your whole face.” Bruce cups her cheek and pulls her close something he does a lot.

Only this time they are chest to chest. Eva blushes profusely.

“Stop it, you always say something like that. Your too sweet.”

“Your the one who is sweet, Eva..” His eyes zeroing in on her lips

Subconsciously she licks them. Bruce leans in, inches separating them.


“I like when you say my name, Eva..say it again.”

“Bruce, wha...”

His lips descended upon hers, soft and gentle before deepening the kiss. Pulling her close he pressed her to him, his hand wrapping around her head to cup her neck. Completely caged in his arms, Eva doesn’t bother struggling, she doesn’t want to. Melting in his arms she wraps her own around his hard torso. Bruce teases the seam of her lips, asking for entry. Eva parts her lips and Bruce’s velvet tongue slides against her own, exploring every inch of her mouth. Bruce reaches up and removes her clip. Her hair cascades down her back in midnight waves. Bruce pulls back feeling himself start to lose hold of his control. Zipping up the rest of his suit he grins at a swollen lipped and breathless Eva.

“Goodnight, Eva”

The next night rolls around and Eva debates on telling Bruce how she feels.

We are just friends, he needs to know

They are both in long sleeve pajama and as the night comes to s surprisingly early close, Eva decides now is the time.



“Listen, that kiss yesterday, it’s not that I didn’t.....like it, I just-”

“Wait, hold on. Let me apologize.”


“I can see where you are going with this and will save you the trouble. I misread our relationship and I am so sorry for invading your personal space and kissing you, I thought-I- I don’t know, I should have asked. I really apologize” He says getting up to dress and leave.

“No, wait!” Eva stands

He looks back in confusion

“Y-you weren’t reading our relationship wrong I just-I..”

“Tell what you want, Eva” He coaxes

“I don’t know...I love talking to you and you’re the only person I’ve really connected with, in practically a decade. I wasn’t liked in high school either...I just don’t want you to-I don’t want things...to change..”

“Things would never change, Eva”

“Yea but...you’re leaving..”

“To give you space, I wanted to respect your choice to not...be with me,” He says a hint of sadness in his voice

“What if...I don’t want space?”

Stepping close until she stands right in front of him he towers over her small frame and asks.

“Then what do you want?” His voice just above a whisper

Eva looks up at him.

This is a bad idea.

!Warning suggested segxual content!

She reaches up and gently brushes her lips against his. Responding immediately Bruce picks her up and presses her body against the wall next to the desk and window. Devouring her lips, he peppers kisses down her neck and wastes no time undressing them both. Setting her down on the bed their breaths mingle as Bruce racks his hands and lips over every inch of her. Tasting. Teasing. Dragging her to the edge of the bed, Bruce aligns their bodies. Every touch, every caress, and every stroke was like tossing gasoline on the fire that was violently burning between them. Bruce didn’t leave until morning.

The days were uneventful and the nights ever escalating. Eva was doing the shields task while white did his task in the asteroids room. Pink and blue pass by, going up the hall towards navigation. They all wave hello and continue. After a moment of fussing with the shield programs Eva finishes. She starts to make her way up to white only to see he’s already coming her way. She smiles.

“Hey, stranger.”

“Hi there, Eva,” He says wrapping an arm around her waist.

“Let’s go to storage I have a gas task next I think.” he continues

“Oh, you finished wires and Navi?”

“Wires yes but I-I saw pink and blue in Navi and I-you weren’t with me so it’s not a good idea to go in alone.” He stated

There are two of them though? So wouldn’t one be a witness? Unless they are both murderers.....

“Oh ok, let’s go.”

Just before either of them can do a task in storage a meeting is called.

“IT WAS GREEN. The fucking bastard, I SAW HIM WALK PAST!!!” Blue yells

“Your gonna wish I was the killer if you don’t shut the fuck up”

“Please, stop arguing, this is not good....” Yellow squeaks

“Wait Orange is dead too?..” Eva asks no one in particular

“Didn’t Green say he’s annoying?” She continues

“White you better put a cork in that bitch before I shut her up for you..”

“You better watch your tone Green”

“I’m voting Green. He killed pink and I saw him walking away towards shields when I turned around.” Blue says with hate, tapping his touchscreen.

“W-well I was in cams and I thought I saw White near Navigation earlier,” Yellow says

“Yea because I was going to asteroids and coming back”

“No I mean I saw you go that way to asteroids but it looked like you came out of n-”

“No offense Buttercup, but for someone who’s antisocially shy, you have a lot to say about everyone and without solid evidence,” Eva interjects finding herself strangely protective of White

“I-I just thought-”

“Yeah see, that’s your problem you think, you don’t know for sure.”

Yellow keeps quiet after that. Eva couldn’t help but feel a little proud for shutting her down.

Ugh, why did I do that? I’m being irrational because of.....him. But...I’m not sorry.

“Hmm, I suddenly like Black a half a percent more now...” Green remarks

Bruce’s grip on her hip tightens slightly.

“Green is obviously the killer so let’s float him while we still have the numbers!” Blue rages

“Hey blue you don’t look so good, why don’t you take a-what is it? Chill pill.” Green says with a condescending tone

Blue Takes off in a furious march towards green

“What? C’mon!”

Shoving starts and both start throwing hands. White Moves to break them both up. He pushes them apart Green turns his assault on him.

“You got some real nerve Bruce. You think you’ll last long?” He says with a bitter laugh

“Your fucking dead and so is that fucking bitch! For people who are credited to be smart enough to go to space, you’re all STUPID!” He continues to rage as both blue and White push him into the ejection chamber.


The doors wheeze closed. Green takes off his helmet to reveal a fairly handsome brunette with unnaturally green eyes, the moss orbs flare with anger as he screams and curses them through the metal and glass door. Both Yellow and Black in horror as a furious Green is snatched from the chamber as the external doors open and expose him to the cold abyss of space. One moment he’s there the next he’s floating away. Looking at the screen on the wall it confirms Green did harbor one of the digital viruses and was an imposter.

After that vote, the tension in the ship intensified. Yellow paired with Blue since everyone else is dead. No one greeted anyone while passing. And though the vibe on the ship between the crew was ice cold, Eva and Bruce’s relationship was burning hotter than ever. Every day Eva fell a little more for him, though she is still unsure about how he feels about them.

Am I just a body? No, even before he was the same with me. Though we don’t talk as much, we still have the same connection. Right?

She sits in bed in her short sleeve pajamas when Bruce comes into her cabin. She gave him her code. Shrugging off his suit he joins her immediately pulling her into a hug and kissing her forehead.

“Stressful day today hmm?” He says his deep baritone reverberating through his chest and into her back.

“Hmm” she responds

“You okay?”

“I don’t know...what Green said I-”

“Shh it’s okay, he’s sadistic and obviously out of his mind. I honestly didn’t care if he was the imposter or not, he threatened you and I didn’t like that, he had to go.” He soothed

That’s a little violent, but also....sweet.

(because a guy who will kill for you is husband material, no wonder the girls love serial killers...)

Brushing it off she decides to drop it. Melting into his arms they talk for a while something they haven’t been doing a lot lately. At that moment it seemed like it was just the two of them, like everything was okay, like they were just a happy couple, together. Little did Eva know that would be the last time she would feel peace or happiness for a while.

It’s another tense day on the ship and Eva is in Medbay doing a scan. Yellow and blue walk in and she tenses knowing white isn’t there to protect her but in the lower engine doing a task. To Eva’s relief, they leave after a moment. Eva comes out of medbay and makes her way to where White is, which is past the upper engine. As she rounds the corner she sees a flash of White and tuns to see Bruce in upper engines.

How did he get here so fast? When did he even get here?

As she nears Blue comes into view neither can see her and they seem to be in a sort of argument or confrontation. She isn’t in comm range so she can’t hear them and they can’t hear her when a scream rips through her throat as Bruce’s helmet glass lifts to reveal his face splitting in half. A long spiky tongue protrudes from his now featureless face. The sickening appendage whips forward and strikes a hole through Blue’s chest. He’s dead before he hits the ground. Eva stands frozen, and watches, mortified as Bruce’s tongue disappears back into his face, his handsome features returning and morphing into an expression of surprise upon turning and seeing Eva. Both have an “oh shit” look on their faces and Eva makes the mistake of taking a step back. He zeroes in on her movements his eyes narrowed.

run....RUN RUN RUN!!!!!

Black turns on her heel and sprints down the hall back towards Medbay. She’s barely five steps away when she feels a heavy hand wrap around her arm holding her in a death grip. Bruce pulls her into Medbay and taps a button on his touchscreen. The doors wheeze closed, and they seem to seal Eva’s fate. He whips her around pushing her against the wall near the beds with a smack. She struggles against him as he wrestles her helmet off and manages to restrain her in his arms.

“Get the hell off of me!” Eva says sounding less confident than she’d hoped

“What’s wrong? You were perfectly fine with being this close last night.” Bruce says with a hint of sadism

“Shut up!” she snaps

“This wasn’t supposed to happen” He sighs

“What?! I wasn’t supposed to find out what a monster you are?!! YOU SICK FU-”

“Whoa whoa, slow your roll. I am not a monster, at least if I dont choose to be one. Listen ill keep it short since I can see you’re in no mood to listen to me. I am a shapeshifter from the neighboring galaxy Andromeda, my home planet is dying, the star my planet circles is expanding and reaching the end of its life, it will swallow my plate within the next couple of centuries, it gets hotter and more chaotic by the day too. We aren’t bad people, just desperate.”

“Wha-okay okay”

She begins to calm a little


“-am I killing your crew? Fewer obstacles.” he finishes

Eva feels her anger flare

“You pig! You are a heartless beast with no consideration or value for life! YOU MONSTER.” She screams thrashing in his arms.

“STOP” His grip once again bruising

Leaning in he makes eye contact, cold darkness shining behind his eyes.

“Now listen my dark little star. I know how smart you are. Any moment that stuttering doormat will call a meeting probably terrified and crying as usual and we will all vote on who’s going to die. Despite what you may think I actually like you and may keep you around....if you comply. When we vote you will side with me. and don’t get any dumb ideas and think that you can both vote me out and go home safe and sound, because I assure you, that won’t be the case. With only the two of you on this ship it will be an easy target for any....entities that want this ship or worse...you. I’m not the only or worst creature out here. besides what do you really, have to go back to?” He says in a low gruff voice

Eva listens with growing uneasiness, and even though Bruce is lying through his teeth about other entities getting the ship or the remaining crew, He knew Eva would just about believe anything at this point. The Emergency meeting flashes.

“Make sure you make the right decision, Eva”

“Black it’s WHITE! I-i know I’ve made accusations before but I saw you do a scan and he is so SUS!”

“Now now Yellow...don’t be silly, we know it was you, you were blues partner, after all, isn’t that right Black?”

Bruce’s helmeted head swivels in her direction. And she gives a stiff nod.


“Okay, then we all know who the imposter is then,” Bruce says with glee while tapping on his touchscreen to vote.

“Wha-bu-i n-n-no! Please black you have to believe me! He is the imposter, not me, I-I would never hurt anybody! He’s been so suspicious from the beginning I mean, he’s the only tech guy here, and all of a sudden the tech is corrupted! P-please believe me!” Yellow said breaking down into a sob at the end.

Something Bruce said came to her, “what do you really have to go back to?” and she took a moment to analyze her situation.

What do I have to go back to? My mom died from cancer 4 years ago, my father divorced and remarried 7 years ago, and even though we didn’t part on bad terms we haven’t spoken since mom died. I have no friends, just coworkers, and Bruce is the only thing I’ve had to a boyfriend since high school. What’s left?.....not much. What if he really does care about me? Surely he would have killed me by now, and he wouldn’t have voted Green out, he did that for me......right?

“30 seconds, Eva” Bruce’s seemingly unbothered voice filtered in

“Eva....? Eva! Please he is lying and you know it! Why stay with this monster? Whatever he’s told you is a lie. You have to at least acknowledge that if he can lie to you about the freaking identity he can lie about other stuff!” Yellow pleaded

“Vote, Eva” Impatience lacing his voice

“I already voted for him Eva, please, do the right thing!”

“Yes, Eva do the right thing.” Bruce reiterates with an evident warning in his voice.

With a shaky hand, Eva lifts her arm screen and hovers her finger over Bruce’s name. Each person already had a vote

(1) Captain Cadet

(1) Buttercup

(0) Dark Matter

The final countdown began signaling that the vote was coming to an end.


“Vote, Eva” Bruce insists


“Please Eva vote him out” Yellow cries


Why can I find a nice person to date? Always crazy people or actual aliens! Okay, pros and cons. Pros, great conversation, good looking, seems kind and considerate, I think, Cons, a tad manipulative, alien shapeshifter, murderer but only for his planets sake....like that’s any better.....


Well, it was good while it lasted...


(1) Captain cadet

(2) Buttercup

(0) Dark matter

“Wha-? No! Please!!”

White was quick to grab yellow and toss her sobbing form into the ejection chamber. She ripped off her helmet her yellow curls falling to her shoulders and banged on the window her milk checks crimson and her eyes shining with devastation. Bruce and Eva removed their helmets and at the moment Eva’s eyes met Yellow’s she felt deep remorse for what she had done but had no time to dwell in those feelings as White Promptly pushed the ejection button. Turning to face her, Bruce wore a small grin.

“I’m glad you made the right decision, Eva. Now the ship is mine, well I suppose it’s ours.” He says advancing on her.

Brushing a lock of midnight hair from her face, he leveled with her meeting her gaze. The ship lights flashed red and a glow as dark as the blood on his hands cast a shadow over them both.

“I meant what I said, Eva. I don’t plan on letting you go anytime soon.”

A wicked grin spreading across his face.

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