Tales of Mischief, Misfortune and Misconduct

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Dan the Handyman

Dan is good at fixing things, and has never minded getting his hands dirty,but now he needs to fix his family's life, and he has a special see of tools for the job.


Rose skipped into the living room smiling widely, that’s just the way Dan liked to see his daughter; Happy. He sipped his morning coffee enjoying the sunny morning at home. Dan greeted his wife, Lacey, with a simple kiss and smile as she walked by with documents. Life couldn’t be better for Dan. Everything was perfect. That is, until it wasn’t. For the past few weeks, it seems the world had an ax to grind with his family, Rose was being picked on by a boy named Thomas in 5th grade a year above her. His freshman son Roberto was being bullied by a couple of senior students in high school, and his eldest child Daniela was being singled out in her junior college by a prejudiced professor, who sickeningly tried to coerce his daughter into inappropriate acts for better grades. At least his wife was alright, oh that’s right, she’s not, her boss, Mr. Livingston, is overworking her to the point where she is rarely home and when she is, she’s working. Though he continued to sip his coffee pretending that everything was fine. The light streaming in from the windows draping the living room in a beautiful orange glow, truly making Dan’s life seem more harmonious than it is. Though Dan wasn’t happy with the things that were going on in his family he wasn’t going to sit around and let his family suffer he had already devised a plan on this perfect Saturday morning. Packing his repair man’s bag he hollered a hasty goodbye to his family and walked out the door to his van. ‘Dan’s Repair Services. The quality you expect and the services you deserve!’. Opening the door he makes sure he has everything for his….job today. Jumbo wrench? Check. Wire adapters? Check. Sledgehammer? Check. Ladder? Check. Tape measure? Screwdrivers? Check. Scissors? Check. Saw? Check. Burner phone? Check. Knife collection? Check. Professor James fingerprints? Check. Thomas’s dad’s hair? Check. Party address? Check. AR-15? Check.

Hmmm, I feel like I’m missing something…..oh right! Mr. Livingston’s credit card! Can’t forget that.

“Danny dear, what are you doing?”

Dan almost hit his head on the top of the door, when he stood straight and whipped around to see his wife Lacey standing behind him.

“Nothing honey, I was just getting supplies for today’s job.” He smiled sweetly standing so as to block the contents of his van.

“Oh well, you almost forgot your lunch.” She smiles and hands him a container.

“Thank you, Lacey, dont work too hard okay?” She nods as he moves forward to place a kiss atop her head.

“You too, dont work too hard Danny.” She makes her way inside

Hastily closing the door Dan gets in the van and drives to his first destination, the park. There, 5th grader, Thomas was bullying more kids. As expected his parents are nowhere to be found. Following him as he walks home Dan stops and parks his van in a parking lot. Putting on a dark green jumpsuit and a cap with extension hair attached to the sides he trailed behind the kid at a safe distance, toolbox in hand. Once Thomas entered the shabby box that Thomas called home, Dan waited a moment before following, going around the back. The sliding door was irresponsibly left unlocked. He walked into a trashed kitchen, glass bottles were strewn across the kitchen floor. The boy is frightened to see a random man in his house and begins to run away to the front door. Dan, being much bigger and faster catches him and clamps a gloved hand over his mouth before dragging him to the backyard. Thomas fights hard but is easily overpowered, Dan bangs his head into the concrete step repeatedly. Once, twice, thrice, the sickening crack and squash of Thomas’s skull making him grin. When he is satisfied with his handiwork he tosses the boy’s lifeless body from the step into the small dehydrated backyard lawn. The dirt stirring with the impact of the body. Digging a shallow grave with the shovel in the corner, he shoves Thomas in and tosses some of Thomas’ father’s hair on him before covering up the body with dirt. Knowing Maven, Thomas’s father will be back from the pub any second he quickly takes his toolbox and makes his way out stirring up the dirt at his feet to cover his footprints.

No one hurts my Rose. That Maven will get what he deserves for abusing his child just as Thomas got what he deserved for picking on my daughter.

Getting into his truck he takes off to his next destination, Professor James’s house. He changes his clothes and takes off his shoe protection gloves. Stepping out of the car in his company clothes. Mrs. James opens the door after he rings the bell.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Sanchez, for coming on such short notice. I know you probably have some gardening to do or something so I won’t keep you long”

“Please just call me Dan and, I’m a handyman, Mrs. James” Dan tried to keep the irritation from his voice.

“Oh well, same difference, right this way.” She swept her wheat hair over her shoulder and adjusted her cardigan.

Dan stayed silent. They are having a problem with their generator. As Dan Riggs the machine outside, Mrs. James sits inside and chats with someone on the phone. Dan discreetly adjusts the gas machine so gas will leak slowly from the stove, fireplaces, and anywhere else a gas valve is available. The house will be in flames by 9, that is, if the fumes dont kill them first. Quickly packing up he heads into the house, informing Mrs. James he’s done. She pays him and he makes a speedy exit getting into his car for the next destination. Home. He sops home to have a leisurely lunch with his family chatting and smiling with giddy enthusiasm

The sun is low in the sky when he reaches the party. It’s being held at a nice big house where there are lots of trees. It resembles a country estate, but just a tad smaller. Putting on some black leather pants and a Black T-shirt he bought the previous day, he makes his way toward a group of 5 guys smoking separately from the rest of the party-goers, not just any group though, the same group who has been bullying his son. They all stood around smoking like they’re cool. Adjusting his duffel bag he approaches them.

They’re about to be cool alright. Deathly cool.

“Hey guys, you still smoking that crap?” Dan greet

They all turn to him in confusion.

“Do we know you?”

“No, but would’nt that be nice?”

They all scoff mumbling about Dans sanity

“Anyways, I just came here to deal, saw you guys were smoking some lousy Camels. I got some new stuff.”

This piqued the troublesome boy’s interest. Dan inwardly shook his head.

I knew that anybody beating up a child 3 years their junior is into some shady stuff. They’re gonna get what’s coming to them.

“Yea?.....Like what?”

“Not here I got a duffel bag full of stuff, this way”

Dan lead the boys into the thicket of the forest walking speedily for a good 15 minutes before stopping. He looked around, the party could no longer be heard or seen. The young men seemed unafraid, figuring that they could overpower the strange man easily if they had to. Dan dropped the duffel bag and unzipped it, the trees cast an eerie shadow over them all blocking the moonlight and preventing the young men from seeing what was in the bag. Dan stayed quiet for a moment as he silently loaded bullets into the AR-15 magazine. He had to take the gun unassembled as the shape would have bulged from the duffle bag suspiciously. He put on brass knuckles and gloves on top. A silence seemed to envelop the forest as everything stilled. No crickets, no wind, nothing. It was almost unnatural, and the young men were getting more uncomfortable by the second. The tension thickened to a breaking point when one finally asked.

“Well, are you gonna show us or what?”

Dan smiled maliciously.

“Oh yes, I’ll show you….” He grabbed the sledgehammer and lunged at the one closest to him knocking him hard in the head. He was dead before he hit the ground. The others screamed in horror realizing their fatal mistake. Feeling brave and slightly intoxicated they lunged at Dan.

What a foolish mistake.

Dan was almost double their size and was very clearly a strong mature man. One managed to pry the hammer from his fingers but underestimated its weight and fell forward. Dan took that opportunity to kick him in the face, knocking him unconscious. The other three tackled him to the ground, he whipped his hand back and pulled one off his back, completely ignoring the other two, he punched him in the face, blow after blow, after blow, he beat him the same way his son had been beaten. The two still standing attacked him from behind trying to drag Dan up and away, but he was relentless. Blood splattered everywhere as Dan beat the boy’s face to a pulp in a delirious rage, the metal under his gloves adding an unforgiving brutality. Taking a knife he stabbed the one behind him in the stomach, wide-eyed the boy clutched his wound and sank to the ground, immobilized. The other one began to run but Dan didn’t bother chasing him, he pulled the gun to his shoulder and took aim.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to target practice anyways….






The boy hit the forest floor. Though it seems dan wasn’t satisfied, he walked up to the young man sprawled on the ground. His Breaths came in ragged gurgles as blood sputtered from his mouth. Dan gave the boy an abrasive smile. He began to sob, tears streaming out of his eyes, as he began choking on his blood, drowning in it. His grin widens as he raises the barrel of the gun to the boy’s head.


So young, and so rotten...

Walking back to the others he sees that the boy he kicked in the face is conscious again, and helping the boy he stabbed.

“Now what do we have here? Leaving so soon?” They look up, horrified

“P-please sir we didn’t do anything, we won’t tell, just l-let us go”

“I beg to differ,” Dan slowly makes his way closer

“I have a son….and almost every day, he comes home bloodied and bruised...and hungry”

The boys look at him take a step back for every step he takes forward.

“His name is Roberto, and you have been bullying him since the start of the school year. Ring any bells?”

Their eyes flash with recognition and shame.

“Thought so..” Dan advances on them raising his gun

“W-wait, p-please we’re sorry, you want money?! We can compensate!”

“Please stop!”

Dan shoves the boy who was stabbed down and hits the other with the butt of his gun. Yanking the knife from his stomach he stabs him repeatedly with unbridled rage, hovering over his body and looking into his wide eyes.

“I’ll. See. You. In. Hell” Each word followed by a stab to the chest and torso.

Dan watched the boy’s eyes glaze over with pure satisfaction. He turns his predatory gaze to the last one who is currently trying to rise on unsteady feet. Taking out his saw, he seizes the boy’s wrist and pins him down. He takes the saw to his neck positioning it at the nape when the boy begins to beg for his life again sobbing.

“P-please, I’m s-so s-sorry, I won’t ever bother your son again, ill make sure no one does please, uh…” His words are accented by sobs and sniffles

“Too late” Dan presses the saw into the boy’s neck and reels it back, breaking the skin, causing the boy to cry out in agony. He pushes forward the recently sharpened saw cutting through the boy’s flesh like butter. He screams making Dan pick up the pace. Blood pours from his mouth as his screams become gurgles the thick, crimson, liquid stained the forest floor. Silence soon befalls the forest. Dan saws until the boy has been decapitated. He gets up and collects the bloody weapons in a separate bag. He walked to where his van was hidden and takes off his bloody clothes placing them with the used weapons. After cleaning himself of evidence and changing into his usual clothes he speeds to the grocery store. He lingers about for a bit making sure to be within camera view and buys a lemon cake, his wife’s favorite. He rushes home so he can be there at a reasonably normal time. He arrives back home at 8:00 pm having arrived at the party at 7:00 pm and killed the young men, cleaned up, and gone to the grocery store within that time. He glanced at his watch smiling, cake in hand.

That’s a new record.

Feeling accomplished he greets his family and joins them for dinner surprising them with the cake. He grins like a fool and when his wife asks what’s got him a such a good mood, he simply responds.

“I’m just glad to have such a happy beautiful family to protect”

And protect them I will, at any cost. No line is too wrong to cross.

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