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LosT in BetwEEn

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Chapter 2

"Hey, how have you been?"
Daniella asked popping her head through Vin's door.
Her eyes were puffy, meaning she has been crying before she got here.

The words that Victor said to her was like a knife forced through her chest.

Yes, she is obsessed with Vin, and she always does what Vin asks for, but Vuctor trying to shame her through the whole music class using that was just so childish she thought.

Maybe it's because she couldn't give him the pussy even after Victor got her a brand new pair of addidas during her birthday when Vin had forgotten about it.
"Victor, you didn't need to do all these, but you know this won't change my feelings for Vin," she had told him sweetly.

Maybe victor is still holding the grudge.

Vin did not heat Daniella coming through the door. He was busy tapping away on his phone, laughing aimlessly at what someone had maybe posted on the phone.

His soccer shoes were all over the floor, his jersey shirt was hanging at the kitchen counter. He only had his jersey short on. Scratching himself below his balls,
Daniella just stood there and wondered what was with Vin.

He has never gone an extra effort to make sure he has made his place clean.

"I have a wife to do that darling," he had always joked that phrase to Daniella whenever she asked about his uncleaness.

Daniella gave out a sigh and went to the bathroom to take a wash.

Coming from the shower, she had Vins t-shirt on with some briefs underneath.

Vin became aware of her presence in the room because of the body wash that she usually uses when she is around.
He raised his head up and saw her at the kitchen counter trying to get hold of his jersey that was stuck at the kitchen's tap.
He groaned loud,
He was not read for her today. She was supposed to have dinner with her parents according to the reporting she gave him in the morning.
Vin had other plans, and did not want her interfering.

"What are you doing here," he asked her in a rather soft-rude sound.
Walking towards her,
she was holding a cup of coffee in her hand. Ginger-honey without cream to be precise. It was her favourite. Her hair tied up high in a bun, her chocolate skin matched with the chocolate t-shirt she had worn. Her slender legs were seductive, she pulled her left leg and curled it around her right leg. Her simple manicured nails holding through the white cup tightly, she wanted some warmth, and the cup seemed to be doing a good job at it.
He swallowed hard but shook off the thought of what he wanted and focused. He was supposed to get rid of her but not what he really wants.
Not that he doesn't want, but because he can't do anything good without her around.
He has always wondered,
"Why does she always come back even after hurting her?"

" what do you mean by that? Am at my boyfriend's place!" She retorted back harshly dropping her cup of now half drunk tea in the sink and carried herself to the the sofa.

"We have rules Daniella, and you know I love my privacy, matter of fact I had plans with the boys," he shouted back without thinking following her to the sofa, but he never sits, instead he stands staring at her.

"Plans?" Daniels asked.
"Yes, we were supposed to play games today now that ps5 is out!"

Daniella laughed rather sarcastically.
She knew Vin was up to something, the boys never had a plan without inciting the girls for their plans. Most of the soccer bots dated the cheerleaders. That is why when they have something planned out, they usually have their girls sorted. Like they can accompany them to same place so that the girls can have their time. Even if it's not the same place but the girls usually know. Plus she had checked her phone a while a go and Clara had confirmed the they were going to have dinner with Marks family.

Vin stood there and realised that he had messed up. The way he saw Her girl starting at him he knew that he should cover up.
At a second thought, he didn't give a damn, he thought Daniella always comes to her after a fight and he can do what he wants.

Daniella was also in her thoughts.
Who else would Vin want to be with tonight, Vin usually cheats and she knows that, but every time it happens he is always sorry. She doesn't want to lose him, she believes that every man is to err and Vin will just come around one day.
Just the same way her dad forgives her mom, she thought she should take her dads steps.

But still she doesn't know WHO?
The it struck her, the new girl in school, she has dreadlocks all over her face, she wasn't able to see her face. But she just felt, she was the one that Vin wanted to have tonight.

Daniella stood up, holds Vin by the cheek, "am sorry," she caresses his cheeks and vin leans into it. "I will be here waiting for you, am not on the mood to go out tonight."

After her soothing words, she left for the bedroom to sleep.
Her heart was heavy though she couldn't show her.
"Don't cry girl,"
" who are you?"
"Am Daniella," she murmured.
"And who is Daniella?"
She wiped the drop of tear that was rolling down her cheeks,"The Brave, she is a brave girl."
With that, she climbed into the bed and pulled the covers over her.

She couldn't sleep,
She kept tossing and turning, checking the click, but time was dragging. She just wanted Vin around. Just by her side, cuddling watching.

She heard the door open and close and she knew she was gone to her, to the dready girl,
She tried to picture her, is she that beautiful.
Vin jas never let a new girl go, every new girl passes by him. It's like an initiation. Ever since he became a soccer icon. Every girl would pass through him first before they were taken by other boys in school. He would later, despise them when they coming running for more and would tell them,
"Am taken!".
That is what pleased Daniella, she knew that way, Vin always lived her even if he cheats on her.
Though everytime it happened, she prays, the girls is not that beautiful than her.
Sleeping here tonight, she had her fears looking back at her, is she more beautiful than her?
Will she take him away from him?
How will people look at her?
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