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Back To You

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Sophie is now living in the Forbidden Cities after the incident in Atlantis, until someone very unexpected shows up.

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Chapter 1 - Sophie

I’m running. Running away from my mistakes. More specifically my elvin life. I’m now Allison Miller, a 27-year-old, a grown adult. A new name, a new career, and a new home. I now live in America and attend Southern California University.

Am I happy?


I’m not broke- yet. I distract myself. Every. Single. Day. 4 years to be exact.

I’m a model and a student. Elves are jaw- dropping gorgeous, right? Well, I guess I am for sure. Whenever I look in the mirror, I see Councillor Oralie- my mother. We’re basically identical. Except for my eyes and hair.

I’m pretty sure that all my friends had given up on me- they have nothing to worry about, since the Neverseen were gone. They were dead. All my fault. I blew up half of Atlantis.

They were dead.

Including all the people over there.

Including Grady and Edaline.

I have nightmares.

Every day. My agenda was: Wake. Work. Sleep. Repeat. And don’t embrace the guilt.

Today was day 87, year 4, and it was 8:48 pm

I’m sitting on a white stool at my black marble counter working on complicated math equations for my math class. I have on my black wayfarer glasses and have my hair in a messy bun. After this I have to make dinner.

I sighed and looked down at my outfit. I’m in pjs. I’m wearing a light blue airy crop top that had a small black heart in the middle and I also had on NIKE, black shorts.

I checked my phone- which I recently got, and I declined more requests on my Instagram page. Which took quite a while to inasmuch that there were so many.

I put my phone down and sighed again.

I’m done.

I got up from my stool and grabbed my math papers and made it over to my window seat where my backpack was waiting for me. I stuffed my papers in my navy blue rucksack backpack. I opened the front pocket and threw my glasses in it, and I tossed my backpack on the black and white cushions. I ambled over to my modern kitchen, which was also black and white- my house was modern.

I threw my day-old vegetarian pasta in the microwave. I checked my phone again and saw the request again.


I scrolled down, which took some time. I decided I won’t even bother denying all of those requests, so I changed my account to public. I grabbed my hot pasta, a water bottle and sat on my white couch and turned on a random show on my huge flat screen tv. ′

* * * *

After I finished my dinner, I washed the dishes and swept the floor. I headed to my bathroom and brushed my teeth, avoiding my face in the mirror because I didn’t want to see my face. I headed to my bedroom where Ella was waiting for me. Ella was the only thing keeping me from losing my sanity. I got in bed, clutching Ella, waiting for my dreams to annihilate me.

“SOPHIE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Fitz yelled over the deadly fire consuming us, separating him, and me.

“Putting an end to this,” I panted, wiping the sweat off my forehead as I scrambled finding the right pocket where I had put the bombs. I knew what to do. “Fitz, get EVERYONE out of here!”

“But, Sophie-”


“Sophie no,” Fitz hissed trying to reach me. “You’ll die,”

“I won’t, Fitz,” I assured him and turned around to face him. I know he will not let me off that easily. “Get Keefe, Dex, Biana, Tam and the bodyguards OUT OF HERE,”

“I don’t know about this, Sophie,” Fitz said, trying to step forward but the fire that Fintan had created was way too hot.

“Fitz, stop wasting time!” I yelled, anger bubbling in my stomach. Doesn’t he trust me? “You trust me, right?”

“Yeah, but-”


“FINE! I’ll GO!” Fitz yelled incandescently. “You’ll regret this! The building will explode because of YOU and with YOU in it! Let’s just follow Mr. Forkle’s directions!”

“I have a plan to get out! I promise, okay?” I argued as I continued looking for the bombs. “Meet me at Everglen,”

“Let’s follow Mr. Forkle’s directions,” Fitz repeated

“Fitz. Listen to me. The Neverseen has killed way too many people. Ruined Keefe’s life. I can’t let that happen to anyone else,” I said, not meeting his eyes. “Meet me at Everglen. When everyone else is safe, transmit to me. I have a plan.”

“I’ll get everyone out! Okay?” Fitz said, narrowing his eyes and turning around. “Just come back”

“I will,” I reassured him as he ran away from me in the tower in which they were in. A tower full of all the members of the Neverseen.

I coughed- the smoke affecting my lungs

I found the bombs- finally

There were two types of bombs, one in each of my hands. I looked back and forth. I forgot which one was which.

I searched my memory, but the smoke was making me disoriented.

I coughed again, water in my eyes made it hard to see, I’m losing my balance.


I dropped the bombs in my hands in the fire- in shock of the loud reverberation in my head; out, out, out.

Beeb, beeb, beeb

The bombs were active- the fire. I ran towards the tower’s window- I was on the top floor.

What was happening?

I felt a thousand shards of glass against my body. I felt a crushing pain all over my body, my face felt like it was melting off, blood trickled down the side of my face.

I tasted blood.

The disgusting metallic taste coated my mouth like someone was spreading jam made of blood. At the same time, I felt like my lunges could live again. Sweet, congenial, endurable air filled my lunges. Air pushed against my face as I fell out of the tower. I concentrated and a void split in front of me. I thought of Everglen; the grayness split with a flash of light and I dropped through it and I fell onto the soft grass of Everglen.

“SOPHIE!” I heard Keefe’s voice, and I struggled to get up. Pain was still searing through my entire body. Two brawny arms pulled me up- Keefe. “Sophie are y-you okay?”

I nodded meekly, but quickly regretted it when pain shot behind my neck.

“No, she’s not!” Fitz yelled as I opened my half-closed eyes and leaned on Keefe.

Great! Now he’s mad.

“I’ll get to Elwin” Keefe said and picked me up- bridal style.

I was drifting off in Keefe’s arms as everyone around me asked the same questions.

“What happened?”

“OMG! Is she okay?”

*Time skip*

“YOU KIDS CAN’T DO WHAT I SAY THAT’S WHY!” Mr. Forkle’s voice ringed through my ears.

I winced.

“I told her to listen!” Fitz yelled. “I knew this would happen!”

“Fitz it’s okay she was in the fire,” Keefe said, who had dark circles under his eyes and put a hand on Fitz’s shoulder. Fitz scooted away from Keefe on the couch.

“IT’S SOPHIE’S FAULT! Everyone is dead!”

It was my fault. I’m-

“Not everyone,” Keefe argued calmly

“Who cares? She killed off half of Atlantis!” Fitz yelled he narrowed his eyes at me, I was so close to tears. “This. Is. All. Your. Fault.”

Fault. Fault. Fault.

I jolted awake, “NO!”

I dropped back on my bed and looked at the ceiling as tears dropped from my eyes, leaking down on both sides of my head entering my hair. I shifted to one side and clutched Ella as hard as I ever did. I buried my head in Ella and cried to sleep.

I’m okay


Not my fault

Stay for Grady and Edaline

They love you

Not my fault.

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