Back To You

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Chapter 10 - Sophie

A whirlwind of anger swirled inside me

I banged my fist on the table so hard the glasses jumped

Banged my fist again

And again

I squeezed my eyes shut and banged my fist again


“Shut up, Keefe,” I seized my purse and took out a hundred-dollar bill and stood up

Luckily, before I could scream the waitress’s name, she hurried over

“Is everything okay?” She asked and glanced at Keefe.

I narrowed my eyes at Keefe who depreciated in his chair

“Everythings fine,” I snarled and turned to her, handing her the bill. “Keep the change,”

I grabbed my purse and hastened out. I didn’t even bother looking back.

Just keep moving, Sophie

“Sophie, wait!” Keefe called behind me

I let out a frustrated yell as I pushed the door open- hard. I didn’t care that people were staring. I walked over to my car as I scrambled out my keys.


I pulled my car’s door open, but I saw Keefe’s hand hold it back. I whipped my head to face him. “What do you want?”

“Sophie I just want to talk,” Keefe said, not breaking eye contact

My fists coiled into balls. I felt my nails drill into my skin and I circumscribed myself from hitting anything or anyone. I clenched my jaw.

“Well, I don’t!” I yelled, my mouth was dry and I could feel my legs tremble from my eternal anger.

“Sophie, please just hear me out.”

Anger curled hot and unstoppable in my gut, like a blazing inferno that wanted to burn me from the inside out

“I. Don’t. Want. To. Hear. ANYTHING!” I said through baring teeth. I closed my eyes, controlling myself

“I-I just want you to come back,”

I lost it

I could feel my blood boiling in my veins and my heartbeat was going through an unstoppable speed. I banged my fist on my car- so hard I was sure I made a dent.


Keefe stepped back in shock. “Sophie just-”

“Just leave me ALONE! It’s SUCH a simple job!” I yelled. I fumbled through my purse to find anything, anything to throw.

I threw my lipstick.

My chapstick.

Anything and everything.

“But I can’t,” Keefe’s voice broke, but I didn’t care. I kept looking through my purse.

I’ll erase your memories if any of you follow me

Maybe I should

Erase his memories. I stared into his blue eyes and turned my telepathy on.

I entered Keefe’s mind

But I couldn’t- there was an immense wall

But how?

“Dex did something so you couldn’t enter my mind,” Keefe said, looking away

I glowered even harder. “Leave. Me. Alone,”

“I can’t,” Keefe repeated

I stopped looking in my purse when I found the photo of Keefe. I looked up and stared at Keefe’s hurt eyes. But my gaze didn’t soften- it hardened.

“You should!” I yelled

“But you said you loved me,” Keefe recalled, his eyes turned glassy

I rolled my eyes. “Okay, I DON’T!” I lied

Keefe took another step back.

But he’s an Empath

He knows that I lied

I needed to it prove it to him- a small voice in the back of my head told me to stop

But I didn’t

“If I loved you,” I took out his photo from my purse. “Would I do this?”

I ripped it

In half

In front of Keefe

The photo of the person I loved

I should’ve listened to the small voice; I had gone too far.

I looked at the ripped photo on the ground.

On Keefe’s shoes

I came back to the cold reality that was just as strenuous as my heart

My heart throbbed

Did I just do that?

Keefe bit his finger and looked at me with anguish eyes I could see tears spill over the sides of his eyes

Complete hopelessness converted into tears that rained down my face at lightning speed

I flew my hand in front of my face, hiding my tears, and before stepping into my car I said: “This is why you should just give up on me,”

“But I love you,” Keefe said. His voice was dipped in melancholy. I stared into his anguish eyes.

I love you too

I shook my head and closed the door- hard, so hard my entire car shook. I turned my car’s gear in reverse.

The last thing I saw before I drove away was Keefe’s eyes full of despondency.

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