Back To You

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Chapter 11 - Sophie

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I lay awake, replaying what had happened last night. Me letting out all the anger that I had stored for five years

Five years of depression

Five years of loneliness

Five years of holding onto a single thread

Five years of pure guilt

I grabbed my alarm clock: 10:27 am

I strenuously threw my alarm on my nightstand and sighed

Keefe cares and I pushed him away. He loves me. He went through so much for me.

And what did I do?

I shouted, shoved, and threw things I even bruised my knuckles. What good did that do? I should apologize. But I don’t even know if he’s even here in, Boston. I would give up on me- but I’m not Keefe. I’m not affectionate, tenderhearted, sympathetic- I’m nothing like Keefe.

Maybe I could track his thoughts and pinpoint his location. I turned my telepathy on and tracked his mind

He’s at the park

I sigh and I pulled myself off my bed; I looked down at my clothes- the same as yesterday’s.

I was in too much hysteria to even change my clothes

I ran my hand through my hair as I marched towards my closet. I grabbed my white loose crop and paired it with ripped jeans.

*After bathroom*

I grabbed my keys and headed out to my car. As I drove, I kept trying to plan out my apology. How about, Hi Keefe, I’m sorry! No, that’s too straightforward. Should I tell him I love him? But I ripped his photo in front of him. Even though I lied. Did he sense that? After all, he is an Empath. But I ripped his photo.

That was persuasive.

Before I could ponder any more conversation starters I arrive and I park my car on the curb. I take a deep breath and step outside.

Keefe was playing.... basketball? On the court with three other humans who were wearing almost the same thing as him, but in a different color. I have to admit he was pretty good. He had just made a few baskets. He was wearing a white sweatshirt with black loose jogger sweatpants and he had his hood up.

But what should I call him? Should I call him Keefe or Colton? Was his fake name Colton? Do people know him by Colton? Would he be embarrassed if I call him Keefe? Keefe or Colton? Think, Sophie, think. Colton or Keefe?

I scratched the back of my neck and looked down at my clothes; I had knotted the end of my crop so that my belly was exposed and my light jeans were loose and ripped; I had folded the end of them and I had on white shoes.

I walked to the edge of the basketball court

I ran my hand down my face before yelling Keefe’s name. “Keefe?”

Keefe looked around, but his eyes didn’t land on me. Can’t he feel my emotions? Probably too concentrated on his game.

The basketball hit Keefe’s shoulder- hard

“Dude, Colton, don’t you have any eyes?” The guy who passed the ball to Keefe asked. He had dark messy brown hair and gray eyes.

“Bryson, chill. I thought I heard my name,”

“I didn’t,” Keefe’s other friend had dark skin and dark eyes he pulled his hood down

“Same, can we just get back to the game?” This person had dirty blonde hair and green eyes.

“Uh, Zach, you do know that we’re losing right?” Bryson questioned Zach. They all looked about Keefe’s age. 27 or 28

“I’m not stupid, Bryson,” Zach countered

“You, sure?” The dark-skinned asked as he pulled his phone out.

“Shut up Cameron, you’re all stupid,” Zach said as he rolled his green eyes

Even though there were just four of them, they all looked like movie stars. There even were girls rubbernecking at them, stupidly.

Keefe’s eyes found mine, and he dropped the ball that was between his arm and waist. “Sophie?” He muttered

“Uh, whose Sophie?” Zach asked, and he followed Keefe’s gaze and his jaw dropped

I blushed and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear. By this point, all of Keefe’s friends were staring at me with their mouths slightly open.

“Dude you know Allison Miller?” Bryson asked, and my blush deepened

“You have a girlfriend?” Cameron asked in awe.

“That’s the girl you had a date with yesterday?” Zach asked, widening eyes

Keefe picked up the basketball and threw it to Zach who scarcely caught it

“You guys go on without me,”

Zach swayed his head

“Nah, we’ll just go flirt with the girls,” Zach nudged his head towards the group of girls who seemed like they couldn’t take their eyes off them while Cameron rolled his eyes

“Let’s go,” Bryson said as he made his way towards the water fountain while Keefe walked towards me, pulling the hood off his head and revealed his wireless earbud which was in his left ear as he fixed his hair

“Foster? What are you doing here?” Keefe asked as he pulled out his earbud and the rap music was on so loud, I could hear it. He placed it in his pocket.

I shifted to my weight and stared at Keefe’s shoes but kept my head high

“I-I felt terrible about what I said yesterday, all the yelling, banging my fist, throwing stuff- ripping stuff and.... I came to apologize.... I-I’m so sor-”

I bounced as Keefe put his finger on my lips, keeping me from continuing, and I gawked at his finger. I felt fireworks at the corner of my lips

“Don’t be,” Keefe shook his head and deliberately took his finger off. He stared into my eyes as I did to his. He leaned in so close I could feel his breath on my red cheeks. “I get it,” he whispered, he cupped my face with his hand

I shook my head

“No, but I probably did hurt you. I-I lost control and...” I ran my hand down my face. “I’m sorry,”

“No, I’m sorry. I probably tricked you so brutally and-” Keefe started

“Keefe stop,” I leaned into his soft hand. “I-I was just mad, and I didn’t want to tell you that...” I stopped to stare into his hopeful, ice-blue eyes that seemed to tranquilize me and I whispered, “I love you,”

Keefe affectionately smiled and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear. “I love you, too,” Keefe leaned in, closed his eyes, his lips imperceptibly parted. I smiled and leaned in.

“Hey, lover boy!” Bryson’s deep voice interrupted just as our lips were going to touch

Keefe groaned and turned around. “What do you want!”

“Catch this!” Bryson threw the basketball towards Keefe who vigorously caught it

Keefe spun the basketball on his pointer finger. “Anything else?”

Cameron snickered

“Well, I always wanted to tell you that you’re fat-headed and-” Cameron started

“Okay, that’s enough!” Keefe unexpectedly dropped the ball into my hands while Cameron and Bryson laughed.

“So, you play basketball?” I asked Keefe as I dribbled the ball between my legs

“Yeah, when you...” Keefe seemed sidetracked by my dribbling. “You play too?”

“Sometimes?” I said, but it came out as a question. I spun the ball on my finger like Keefe.

“Can you shoot?” Keefe asked

I looked at him doubtfully. “Does this answer your question?”

I put the ball carefully in between my hands, doing the math instantly in my head, looking at the basket. I shifted the ball in my hand in the correct position. I jumped and thrust the ball out of my hand and I made a perfect shoot.

Keefe, Bryson, Zach, and Cameron all stared at me in astonishment

I held back my laugh by biting the inside of my cheek

“How did you do that?” Keefe asked, tilting his head.

I laughed and flicked my wrist. “It’s all in the angle,”

“You mean math?” Keefe asked in skepticism.

“Yeah,” I said, smiling

Keefe opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Zach. “Hey, Colton, you up for a game?” Zach asked. “Bring your girl too,” he added

Keefe nudged my shoulder. “You up for it?”

I smirked and bent down to pick up another ball near me. “I am, are you?”

Keefe smirked back and jerked the ball out of my hands and held it high so that I couldn’t reach it. “Yep!”

I bit the inside of my cheek, stopping myself from grinning while I jumped, trying to grab the ball from his hands. I jumped again- but failed, which only caused Keefe to laugh harder. On my third try, I knocked the ball out of his hands but quickly caught it with my other hand.

But Keefe swiftly snatched it out of my hands. “Hey, Zach!” Zach looked over to Keefe from gaping at the girls who stared back. “Catch!”

Zach caught it and started to dribble it back and forth in his hands while Keefe was grinning at me

“What-” I started to ask, but Keefe bent lower and picked me up so that my upper half was facing his back and my legs were in front of him. I banged his back, “Keefe!” I yelled, and dropped my head down while Keefe laughed, “It’s Colton,”

“Whatever,” I grumbled. “Not funny,”

“So funny,” Keefe said, as he dropped me down on the court. I punched his shoulder and crossed my arms when Keefe grabbed his shoulder. “Sooophieee, what was that for?”

“It’s Allison,” I corrected, mimicking him from earlier

“Ooo! Lover’s quarrel,” Zach said, rubbing his hands together

Keefe rolled his eyes. “Shut up, Zach,”

“He can’t,” Cameron informed and looked at Bryson who was staring at me

“Names Bryson,” Bryson shook my hand. Right on cue, I blushed.

“Allison,” I said while Bryson kissed my hand

Keefe pushed Bryson’s shoulder, and he stumbled back, smirking. “Dude! Bryson!”

Zach grinned. “Am I the only one thinking: fight! Fight!”

Even though he was just joking around but I could help but feel apprehensive

Cameron snorted. “No. I just want to play b-ball,”

Someone’s phone rang

Zach yanked his phone out of his jogger’s pocket and groaned. “Mom!” he yelled in the phone

Zach’s mom was yelling so loud I could hear her. “Where are you?!”

Zach pulled his phone away from his ear and winced. “At the park,”

“You didn’t even do your chores! I’m cleaning your dirty underwear and you’re playing your.... What do you play?!”

Bryson, Keefe, and Cameron cracked up, and I bit back my laughter, but after a while, I couldn’t hold it anymore

“Moooommm,” Zach whined as he flushed. “I’m coming,”

He hung up before his mom could say anymore. “I have to go, guys,”

“Yeah, we know,” Keefe said, teasingly

“See you around,” Cameron said, swiftly clutching Zach’s fingers with his and pulled him closer to pat his back

Zach did the same handshake with Bryson and Keefe

“Uh, bye?” Zach asked me and shook my hand awkwardly

I pressed my lips together, keeping myself from laughing. “Bye,”

After Zach left Cameron picked the ball off the ground. “Can we play now?”

“If you haven’t noticed, there’s an odd number.” Bryson paused to look at me and he grabbed my hand. “Unless my lady wants to play,”

Keefe pushed Bryson back and gave him a look

“She’s not your lady,”

“Oh yeah? She’s not yours either,”

“How do you know?” Keefe asked

“You’re Colton,”

Keefe rolled his eyes

“I call F-Allison on my team,”

“Dude you can’t call her,”

“I just did, idiot,” Keefe countered

I opened my mouth to stop them but Cameron whispered, “I want to see how this ends,”

I smirked at him and agreed

“I’m the idiot? I’ve gone to your house. You have how many bottles of gel? Seven!”

“At least I can look good,”

“And I can’t?” Bryson asked

“You bet,”

Bryson grunted

“I always wanted to tell you that you’re the most obnoxious person ever,” Bryson told Keefe

“At least my beauty can’t be cleaned with a Kleenex,”

“You wanna piece of me?”

“You want a piece of me, Bryson?”

“I’d like to see you try,”

Keefe lunged forward, but Cameron stopped him.

“Allison’s on my team,” Keefe repeated

I rolled my eyes

“Uh, shouldn’t I have a say on this?” I asked, crossing my arms

“Of course you should,” Keefe draped his arm around my shoulders and whispered, “it’s me right?”

I grinned and walked over to Cameron. “I’m on Cameron’s team,”

Keefe’s, and Bryson’s jaws dropped

“You mean he’s on my team!?” They overlapped and pointed at each other, giving looks to each other

Me and Cameron laughed as we fist-bumped each other. “Yep!” Cameron yelled and passed me the ball

“You ready to go down?” I asked Keefe, who raised his eyebrows

“I don’t get beaten by little girls,”

I smirked at him as I dribbled the ball between my legs and swiftly made a basket. “You’re going to regret saying that,”

Keefe smirked

**After a while**

The score was 4 to 10. And me and Cameron were winning because Keefe and Bryson denied working with each other. I was dribbling the ball and Keefe was blocking me. “I’m not going to let you make this one,”

“Oh, yeah?” I asked and looked up at Keefe. To be honest, he is a lot taller than me.

He nodded as I jumped and this time I used my levitation- just a bit so that only Keefe would tell- and made a perfect basket. I jumped back down and stared into Keefe’s laughing eyes. “You-”

“No, I didn’t,” I interrupted, hiding my grin with my hand

“You can’t lie-”

“I’m officially done, you guys win!” Bryson shouted from across the court

I laughed and dropped my hand to my side. “Who got beaten by a little girl now?” I asked Keefe.

Keefe rolled his eyes and draped his arm around my shoulder and walked forward to the water fountain where Cameron and Bryson were. “Yeah, yeah whatever,”

I coughed from his disgusting stench from his armpit; I crinkle my nose. “You stink,”

Keefe snickered

“You don’t smell that great either,” Keefe said as we arrived at the water fountain

I opened my mouth, but Cameron interrupted us by laughing. “We win!”

“Yes, we get,” Bryson said, rolling his eyes. “Not my fault- you put me with the nitwit who can’t even pass a ball,”

“I won’t pass because you can’t shoot!”

“Yeah, blame it on me,”

Keefe lunged forward, but I held him back. “You guys need to sort things out,”

“I know, right? They fight like toddlers,” Cameron told me.

“Well, Colton’s stupid,”

“Bryson’s dumb,” Keefe said, counting off his fingers. “He’s also-” I cut Keefe off by glaring at him. “Nevermind,” he mumbled

Cameron choked back his laughter and looked at the time on his phone. “I should go,”

“Me, too,” Bryson said. He looked at me. “I hope I see you later,” he looked at Keefe, “I hope I don’t see you,”

Keefe mocked his laughter from earlier. “I hope I don’t see you,” he mocked his voice perfectly

“I still don’t see how you do that,” Cameron said, shaking his head

Keefe shrugged. “What can I say, I have a gift,”

Bryson grumbled something under his breath and left by giving me a quick shake from the hand

After Cameron left, I spun the basketball on my index finger. “I still can’t believe you play basketball and speak perfect English,”

Keefe shrugged and leaned against the cage that was surrounding the court. “The perfect English part is all Dex- he made some sort of pill-,”

“Pill?” I interrupted

“Yeah, I didn’t really understand how he did that,” Keefe paused to think. “The basketball part is just because I need to burn off all the mallowmelt,”

Wait, did he say mallowmelt?

My index finger lost balance, and the basketball hit the ground and kept bouncing

“You have mallowmelt?” I asked as I turned to face a grinning Keefe.

He nodded, and I almost jumped up and down

“Really!?” I asked

He nodded again

I gave him the nicest smile possible and fluttered my long eyelashes. “Can I have some, Keefe? Please?”

Keefe laughed. “Sure,” he offered me his arm, and I took it

I smelled myself and gagged. “I should take a shower, first,”

“You can take a shower at my place,” Keefe said

I looked at him doubtfully. “I don’t have clothes ‘at your place’ Colton,”

Keefe smirked. “My sincerest apologies, Allison,”

I rolled my eyes and expeditiously remembered that I had extra clothes in my car. I stopped. “Wait, Keefe, I have clothes in my car,”

“Which way, mademoiselle?” Keefe asked.

I pointed to distance. “That way monsieur Sencen,”

Keefe jerked his head to face me. “What did you just say?”

I looked at him irresolutely. “Monsieur? French for sir?”

Keefe shook his head, and I facepalmed. “You said mademoiselle, so I thought-” I stopped myself. “Nevermind,”

I opened my car door and grabbed my purse which had all the things I needed and asked Keefe: “So where’s your place?”

He pointed to the distance I followed his finger, which was pointing to the massive red-brick building

“You live in an apartment?”

Keefe nodded as we started walking towards the distinguished building

I blinked. “For how long?”

Keefe looked nervous as he laughed. “I don’t think you want to know that,”

I looked at the ground. “How long?” I braced for his answer as I looked up to meet his eyes.

Keefe whispered something I couldn’t make out

“What was that?” I ask.

“Eleven months,” he whispered a little louder than the last. “I faked a death,”

My eyes widened as I made out the words he had just uttered. “Eleven months of you being alone and you fake a death,”

For me

I ran my hand down my face as we entered the building. “Oh, Keefe I’m so s-”

“Sophie, don’t be sorry. But, hey! It was all worth it,” Keefe interrupted as we walked upstairs.

I squeezed my eyes shut as Keefe looked for his keys. Was it worth it?

“No, it wasn’t worth it, Keefe,” I said as I leaned against the wall next to his door

“What are you talking about, Sophie?” Keefe stopped to look at me. He took my hands and gently massaged them with his thumbs. “You’re definitely worth it,”

I looked at him, disconcerted. “Are you sure?”

“Hell, yeah,” Keefe nodded enthusiastically

I laughed and stepped forward, my hands still in his. I melted into his soothing eyes. Keefe’s love is a powerful drug and I’m addicted to it. When I’m with Keefe, I feel like time is slowing down, making the universe seem tranquil except for us. His love feels like a limitless tunnel that sweeps me up in the vortex and I’m never free from it. I feel quiet, I’m calm and centered and I feel safe.

Keefe let go of my hands and cupped my face with his hand. I had one hand on his chest and my other in his hand in his hair. Keefe leaned in and I felt his breath against my face. I looked at his face as if I was learning it by his heart.

His long eyelashes

The faint freckles across his cheek

His jaw

His perfect lips


I smiled, and Keefe looked around

“We can’t do this here- in public,” Keefe whispered, his fiery breath coating my face

I blinked. It took me a while to consume his words, and I stepped back. “Sor-,” Keefe pulled me inside so quickly I couldn’t finish.

I closed the door behind me and turned around, finding a grinning Keefe; he stepped forward pressing me against the door

“So where were we?” He whispered against my face as he ran his hand down my body and stopped against my bare waist, his touch caused goosebumps to protrude out. He leaned dangerously close. He tilted his head, closing his eyes and pressed his perfect lips against mine.

Keefe shuddered and there was a sound from the back of his throat, half growl, half moan. Little shivers of pleasure and panic shot through me as Keefe deepened the kiss, parting my lips.

I stopped thinking.

I sealed the tiny space between us, pressing against him, digging my fingers into Keefe’s hair. It was soft, silky. I sparked alive, my heart swelled to the point of near bursting. The rush of sensations crawling across my body was maddening. Scary. Thrilling.

Keefe picked me up so that my legs wrapped around his waist, and my arms warped his neck. Keefe pressed his lips harder against mine so that my bottom lip was in between his lips. I shivered as I felt Keefe’s tongue against mine- it was like we had a battle for control. I ultimately won and his minty taste ejected in my mouth.

We broke apart, but we were still swimming in each other’s eyes. Keefe traced my jaw with his bare thumb. And his lips followed from my earlobe to the bottom of my neck as he gently let me down.

“Hey, Foster?” Keefe whispered

“Mmh?” I stared in his eyes

“I love you,”

I grinned, coming back from my trance. “Oh, yeah? I didn’t know,”

Keefe licked his lips. “Am I such an open book?” Keefe asked, raising his eyebrows

“Sometimes,” I ran my fingers up Keefe’s chest to his forehead

“Then you must know how much I want to do this,” Keefe seized me by my waist and he whispered: “Again,”

I looked at him perplexed. “What-” Keefe leaned me down in his right arm and looked down at me, he kissed me, roughly.

Keefe pulled away so slowly I could feel his lips against mine. I licked them and tasted Keefe.

He smirked. “You loved that, didn’t you?”

I blushed and tucked a piece behind my ear. “Yes, sure. Whatever.”

Keefe’s smirk grew even wider; he leaned in close to my ear. “I did too if you were wondering,”

I smiled. “You sure?”


I raised my eyebrows teasingly at him

“I’ll prove it,” Keefe finished

“Of course you will,” I rolled my eyes

Keefe beamed and tangled his hand in my hair; his fingers reached the back of my neck as he leaned closer giving me a quick peck on the lips

“You liked that?” I asked it was true- I’m not trying to be desperate, but it was a little too short.

“You’re right,” Keefe nodded before pulling me back into a kiss. This one was one hundred percent better than the last one. It was more long and rough.

“Now that I like,” Keefe said, as he pulled me up to my feet

I bit back my laugh as I blushed. “You stink like... a lot,”

“Oh, yeah you stink too,” Keefe said, I raised my eyebrows at him and forced myself to scowl

Keefe scratched the back of his neck and looked at my feet. “But you smell better than me,”

I grinned. “I’m taking a shower first”

Keefe’s expression changed to pure amusement as he looked up. “Of course,” Keefe bowed down to me and I pushed him playfully

“Where’s your bathroom,” I asked as I bent down to pick up my bag

“Over there,” Keefe pointed to across the room

**After shower**

I studied myself in the mirror I had on a green cargo tube top that showed cleavage and with loose gray joggers. I did my hair in a perfect high ponytail and let the loose ends hug my face. I had on light makeup.

I stepped out of Keefe’s bathroom. “Keefe? Here’s your towel,” I looked around but couldn’t seem to find him. “Keefe?”

“Coming!” Keefe yelled from the kitchen

I grabbed my bag from the bathroom as Keefe hurried over.

Keefe had taken a shower in his other room. He had on white sweatpants and a navy NIKE t-shirt which hugged his huge muscles.

“Yes, Foster?” Keefe said as he wiped his hands on his pants. He looked at me down and up. I blushed.

Even after five years of controlling my sorrow, I couldn’t handle this stupid blush

“You look gre- no you look hot,”

I tried to hide my crimson skin but I couldn’t cover it with hair since it was in a ponytail

“Here’s your extra towel,” I said as I handed him his towel

Keefe looked like he was biting back his laughter as he took the towel from my hand. “It’s mine actually- you took the wrong one,”

My eyes widened. “Y-you cleaned it, right?”

Keefe let out his grin. “No, I used it last night,”

My eyes widened even wider, if that was possible. “S-so I used your dirty towel?”

Keefe nodded. “Sorry?” He asked apprehensively

“I, uh, it’s fine,” I shook my head trying to hold all my panic

“Don’t panic Foster. I tend to have a great body stench,”

I rolled my eyes, keen to change the subject. “You said mallowmelt, right? Where is it?”

Keefe led me towards the kitchen. “Made a fresh batch when you were busy in the shower,”

“You made mallowmelt? Oh, how did the world change?”

Keefe rolled his eyes and grabbed the plate of mallowmelt on the counter and handed it to me

“Get ready to be amazed,”

I looked down at the mallowmelt and picked up the fork.

I allowed my sorrow to consume all my happiness. The last time I had eaten mallowmelt was handmade by my mom. The mom who’s dead. Because of me.

No, Sophie don’t embrace the guilt

Not your fault

I repeated the three words that keep me from breaking

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding

“Sophie, it’s not your fault,” Keefe said rubbing my back

It took me a moment to process what in hell he was talking about. But realized it was about Grady and Edaline.

It’s not my fault

I nodded and took a piece of the mallowmelt and intensely fell in love with it. I can’t believe I made it five years without this field trip to heaven.

I sighed in delight. “This tastes amazing,”

Keefe beamed. “I know! I made it, remember?”

I grinned. “It tastes just like-” I took a moment to think about what I’m about to say. I took a deep breath. “Just like Edaline’s,”

A cloud of sadness clouded my vision. I found myself wrapped in Keefe’s arms. And I fell into his embrace, begging the rain from the cloud to stay put.

“Thanks, Keefe,” I said snuggling into his chest

“No, Sophie,” Keefe began stroking my hair. “Thank you, for holding on staying the beautiful, strong, smart girl I know and love,”

I was speechless; did Keefe see me like that? Was I beautiful, strong, and smart? I ran away from my mistakes and made a ton more mistakes

I squeezed my eyes shut, my grip on Keefe tightening.

“I love you, Sophie,” Keefe whispered into my hair

“I love you more,” I said, smiling

Keefe softly laughed. “Not possible Foster, not even until pigs fly,”

My smile widened if that was possible

“What did I do to deserve you?” I asked Keefe as I looked up to face him. “You deserve someone better,”

“I deserve someone better?” I Keefe asked, smirking down at me. “Don’t speak rubbish, Foster,”

“Really, now?” I whisper as I gently caressed my finger down his face.

Keefe nodded gently, leaning against my hand softly smirking. My toes curled as Keefe leaned in, his eyes closed so that I could see his light eyelashes. He had his lips parted and tilted his face. My heart was beating as I closed my eyes and copied him. His lips fit perfectly between mine. Soft kissing noises escaped our mouths as we deepened our kisses, our tongues fighting for control. Even though we’ve kissed more than once, my heart still beats so loudly I could hear it.

When we pulled away Keefe whispered, “I love you, babe,”

I expected myself to blush at the word babe but my grin stretched closer to my cheeks who were worn out by all my smiling. I was still getting used to it. “I love you too, Keefe,”

“Yes, I know,” Keefe nodded and smirked down at me and I smirked back.

“But still,” I paused for a dramatic pause and leaned closer to his ear and whispered, “I love you,” I leaned even closer to plant my lips against his earlobe and I dragged my lips to the middle of his nose.

I shivered as Keefe leaned closer to my dip of my clavicle kissing it up following the path to my neck to my forehead. I could feel his soft lips leave a trail of fireworks threatening to dart.

“I love you most,” Keefe breathed against my lips, leaving his aroma to enter my nostrils. I smelled his minty taste and smiled.

I jumped and Keefe caught me and I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he kissed me roughly. Keefe walked back as my hands retreated inside his shirt, stroking his skin, and Keefe tripped on the couch with me on top of him, kissing him deeply. When I kiss Keefe, I feel like my worries are withering away, like I’m releasing all my anxiety when I’m close to him, I feel vindicated.

Someone knocked on the door just as Keefe kisses harder

I pulled away from his lips. “Keefe, someone’s at the door,”

Keefe shrugged. “Eh, they can wait a few minutes.” He leaned in again and kissed me as I sucked in a breath.

The knocking grew impatient at every second

Keefe pulled away from my lips and groaned. “I should get it now, though,”

I nodded and got on my feet. Keefe got up, cursing under his breath at whoever was at the door and headed to the door with me following him from behind.

Keefe pulled open the door, and I nearly had a heart attack

My heart was about to burst

It was Fitz and Councillor Alina

I turned on my enchanting and grabbed Keefe’s hand who understood me and sent me the familiar blue waves

“F-Fitz?” I asked

“Councillor Fitz,” Councillor Alina correct who was scowling at me


Fitz is a Councillor

I was in shock

Keefe cleared his throat. “When did Fitzipoo become a Councillor?”

Fitz frowned at Keefe, and then he stared at our entwined fingers

“You both are alive,” Fitz said as he looked at me

Keefe nodded. “You didn’t answer my question,”

“A few months ago, he has taken the place of late Councillor Emery,” Alina said, disapproving glaring at me

I killed a Councillor. I stared at my shoes as Keefe sent me blue waves.

“After five years?” Keefe asked in astonishment

Alina scoffed. “It took some time to decide, Mr. Sencen,”

I looked up to stare at her eyes.

“You will come with us,” she said as she stared back

“What?” I asked

“For committing numerous crimes, you both will have a tribunal- which will be public,”



“Fitz-” Keefe started

“No, Keefe stop,” Fitz shook his head and looked at me. “You both come with us,”

I tried to argue but my voice trailed off as I saw Alina pull out the familiar silver weapon- a melder

I gasped, and Keefe froze in shock.

“Fitz don’t-” I started

“Do it, Fitz,” Councillor Alina said, handing Fitz the melder, and he took it.

Fitz aimed the weapon at Keefe and pressed the silver button

I tried not to scream as Keefe went limp and he dropped my hand. His eyes widened as he crumpled to the ground

I looked back at Fitz who’s expression was emotionless as he aimed the melder at me

Before I could scream the blackness took over like falling into an endless dark pit.

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