Back To You

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Chapter 12 - Sophie

My eyes fluttered open and the bright lighting hit my eyes.

I groaned as I reached up to touch the bandage wrapping my head and there was a searing in my right temple. Fresh air filled my nostrils as I remembered Fitz shot us.

We were in the lost cities

I sighed. I looked up and saw that I was facing the ceiling. My head was resting on something soft.

I leaned my head even further and saw Keefe. I gasped, he had a gnarly gash on his left cheek which a blood-soaked bandage blanketed.

His head was leaned forward, and my head was resting on his lap. I jolted up, trying strenuously not to wake him up. I straightened and rested my feet on the ground as I discreetly moved Keefe’s head so it was relaxing on the wall.

I looked around and saw that the ceiling, floor, and walls were gray concrete and the other end of the wall was covered with tremendous metal bars. The sides of walls were covered with an immense bench with me and Keefe sitting on it


I turned my head to see Keefe gazing back at me and relief immersed me. “Keefe.” I leaned forward to give him a quick embrace before pulling away.

“W-where are we?” Keefe asked, tousling his hair, making it look even better

“In the lost cities, I-I think,” I reeled my head

Keefe nodded, and he grimaced. “The last thing I remember is being shot by a melder by Fitz,” Keefe grumbled Fitz’s name.

I bit my lip as Keefe’s eyes strayed towards my temple. His gaze diminished. “How are you feeling?” His finger softly touched my temple, so I couldn’t feel it.

“I’m fine,” I touched his cheek, softly. “What about you?”

“I’m o-o....” Keefe’s voice lingered off as I leaned in to kiss his wounded cheek. I inclined back.

“I’m fine, now,” Keefe said, beaming

I raised my eyebrows. “Uh-huh,” I said, doubtfully

“Relax, Foster,” Keefe pulled me so I was resting on his chest. He leaned in towards my ear and relaxed his chin on my shoulder. “I’m fine,”

I nodded. “Mm, okay,”

Keefe leaned in so that his healthy cheek was touching mine.

And thoughts drowned me like rock descending into the ocean

Fitz shot us


Councillor Alina had come, too

My face twisted into an anxious expression as I remembered what Alina had said. “We’re going to have a tribunal,”

Keefe and I both cringed

It sounded worse when I said it out loud.

“It’s f-fine,” Keefe sputtered, moving his head to face me. “Right?”

I bit my lip, as thoughts raced through my mind

You shall be exiled!

Cleaning poop?

I let out a trembling breath as I slumped against Keefe’s chest. “I-I don’t know, baby,”

Did I just-


I did not say, baby

I’m hoping Keefe didn’t pay attention

But he’s Keefe of course he did

I bit my lip as I turned my head to face a grinning Keefe. I opened my mouth to speak but Keefe interrupted me. “Before you apologize- which is totally unnecessary.” Keefe nudged my shoulder with a smirk. “I love that nickname and you should you use it- always,”

I rolled my eyes trying to hide my grin. Keefe looked in the distance and I followed his gaze towards the diminished, old clock.

“It’s only three am?” I asked, bewildered

“Perfect,” Keefe said under his breath

I looked back at Keefe. “Why?”

Keefe grinned. “We should make the best of this alone time,”

I looked at him puzzled, replaying his words in my head. I tilted my head. “What do you mean?”

Keefe traced my body with his finger, my lap to my chest, goosebumps awoken at his touch. Keefe pulled me to sit on his lap. “We should start where we left off,” he muttered into my ear. A tingly feeling emerged from my gut slowly making its way towards my body as Keefe pinned me against the wall. Just as Keefe’s parted lips were going to touch mine I rustled: “Hey, Keefe?”

Keefe smirked. “Baby,” he corrected

I rolled my eyes. “What if someone comes?”

“At three?” Keefe whispered. I yelped as Keefe pulled me down so that he could lay on top of me, but in a particular way so I couldn’t feel his weight. “No way,”

“Mmh,” Keefe pressed his lips onto my and our kisses were quintessential. Kissing and slurping noises escaped our mouths- it was honestly kind of amusing. Keefe started laughing against my lips and I let out my laugh.

We were just rolling around, laughing, and kissing on the bench. It was kind of ironic- we were having the time of our lives while knowing we were going to have a tribunal.

I let out a soft moan as Keefe deepened our kiss; he had rolled, so I was lying on top of him. I ran my hand through his soft locks as Keefe drags his lips down to my neck.

Before we could do anything else I overheard footsteps. Keefe’s eyes grew as he pulled away from my lips. I quickly sat down as Keefe did too. I glance at the clock and it’s about six. Wow, time does fly when you’re having fun.

I gape at Keefe’s slightly swollen lips- swollen. I touch his lips and nudge my head towards his lips as if telling him that his lips are swollen.

He nodes and makes a knowing face. He nudges his head towards me and I could tell he was telling me the same. I pull my finger away from Keefe’s lips and touch mine.

I bite my lips trying hard not to rip them.

Two goblins appear with a familiar face in between them.


My eyes stretched, and I gasped

She was holding a bag, and she looked as remarkable as ever. She was wearing a short knee-length periwinkle dress. Even though the dress was simple her makeup was impeccable.

We locked eyes for a flash before Biana looked away

“Open the door,” she commanded the goblin who obeyed, yanking the key from his pocket. He shoved the key in the lock and deliberately opened it. “You can go now,” Biana told them

The goblin looked taken back. “Are you sure-”

Biana held her hand up hushing him. “Go,”

The other goblin looked like he was about to punch Biana as he grunted something under his breath. He followed the goblin who opened the door as Biana watched them firmly.

Me and Keefe jerked up from the rigid bench- when the goblins had completely left while Biana walked towards us with a scowl

“Keefe you’re alive,” Biana glared knives at Keefe who tried to step back but the bench was in the way. Biana looked my way with the same expression. “And Sophie you’re here,”

I swallowed. “Y-yes?”

She glared at us before she sighed, squeezed her eyes shut and her gaze weakened. “I can’t stay mad at you guys,” Biana sighed again and looked at Keefe. “But there’s something I need to do,”

“Wh-” Keefe began but Biana had interrupted him. She slapped him across his face.

I throttled back my laughter as Keefe stumbled to straighten up. He held his other cheek, the one with three incandescent red lines. “Biana!”

“That’s for faking your death,” Biana said, glaring at him

Biana turned to me, and I braced for the worst. But Biana smiled and embraced me and I hugged her back. “How are you doing?” She whispered into my ear as she held me tighter.

“I’m fine, Biana,” I said into her ear

“I hate my brother so much right now,”

I chuckled

Biana stepped back and Keefe had his jaw drained at Biana. “That would’ve been better than slapping me!”

Biana snorted. “Your not as cute as Sophie,”

Keefe was silent for a moment. “Well, I can’t argue with that,” Keefe said, smirking at me

I mantled and tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear

Biana grinned. “You guys are pretty adorable,”

“I know,” Keefe nodded before hanging his arm around my shoulder

“But then gross,” Biana continued, shrugging. “You guys do know that there’s a camera in this room and I was monitoring it,”

Me and Keefe eyed each other before looking back at Biana

Keefe let out an apprehensive laugh, and he scratched the back of his neck as my blush intensified.

“We w-weren’t,” I stuttered as Biana raised her eyebrows. “W-we didn’t-,”

“Uh-huh, then why are your lips like that?” Biana interrupted nudging her head towards my lips

“No reason!” I said a little too hastily

“But I saw you guys making out for like three stra-”

“Can we talk about something else?” Keefe interrupted, letting out a timid laugh. ”Anything else,”

Biana grinned. “Sure, Keefe,” she stooped down to pick up the white bag. “You guys need to change into Elvin clothes,”

Keefe eyed the bag. “You got us clothes?”

Biana delivered him his clothes. “My brother told me to,”

“Oh,” Keefe said, as he watched Biana hand me clothes

Biana stepped back and bent down to grab the white bag. “So, uh, you guys get changed,”

“Okay,” I said eyeing the clothes. It was a plain white tunic with black leggings.

“Sophie, my brother wants to see you- privately. I’ll come back and bring you there,”

I looked up to adhere to her eyes. “When you are done changing,” Biana appended

I nodded.

To be honest, I was scared.

Why does Fitz need me for?

And what exactly?

“I have to go,” Biana said, dragging me into a hug

I fell into her embrace. “See you later?” I asked as she tore away.

“Yes, I promise,”

Biana turned to Keefe. She smiled and punched his shoulder. Keefe squirmed. “See you later, Mr. Sencen,”

Keefe nodded, still gripping his shoulder. “Where do we change?”

“Here,” Biana said, a matter-of-factly. “Don’t worry I turned the camera off,”

Biana looked back and forth at me and Keefe. “I’m sure you guys are fine with changing in front of each. Right?”

I opened my mouth to argue but Keefe cut me off. “Yup, we’re good,”

Biana grinned, teasingly. “Okay,”

A silence increased between us.

“Well, I should get going,” Biana gestured to the door of metal bars.

I nodded. “Bye, Biana,”

Keefe waved. “Bye, B,”

Biana nodded and walked towards the door.

When she was gone- completely, I turned to Keefe. “So, how do you want to do this?”

“Do what?” Keefe asked, drawing off his shirt exposing his colossal muscles

I tried to tear my eyes away from him- but I couldn’t

Keefe flexed his muscles and raised his eyebrows at me. “Checking me out, Foster?”

I rolled my eyes, trying to hide my blush. I backed away a little and turned away from Keefe. I laid out the Elvin clothes on the bench and I lifted my shirt over my head. I quickly put on the white tunic. I pull off my gray sweatpants and swiftly pull on the black leggings. I pulled off my hair tie and slipped it on my wrist, fixing my wild hair.

I turned over to see Keefe shirtless with the Elvin pants on.


He was talking to his muscles?

“You’re a little smaller than the other but you’ll get there and....” Keefe was looking at his left arm’s muscle and flexing it.

I stared for a minute in astonishment trying to take in what he was doing. I tried to hold my laugh by biting the inside of my cheek but I couldn’t. It came out as a snort then a chuckle then a soft laugh. By now I was hysterically laughing at Keefe’s embarrassed expression, he flushed an adorable red.

I clutched my sides which hurt because of my intense laughter

“You.....” I started to say as I stumbled over to a disconcerted Keefe, still holding my sides. When I came close enough I grabbed his shoulder, pacifying down. “You talk to your muscles?”

Keefe nodded, still red. Keefe’s face was so loveable it warmed my heart.

“You’re adorable,” I said, pinching his cheek thoughtfully

Keefe smiled, flashing his perfect white teeth. “I know,”

I rolled my eyes

“But you are, too,” Keefe added, ruffling my hair

I nodded, mimicking him from earlier, trying to get his voice. “I know,”

Keefe tilted his head studying me. “You got the voice all wrong,” Keefe said, mimicking my voice flawlessly

“Oh, yeah?” I asked, running my fingers through his soft locks as he nodded. “If only I had mimicking- then you go down,”

Keefe laughed, his color returning. Keefe seized me by the waist. “But your laugh sounds amazing,”

Before I could mimic him again, Keefe stopped him by putting his finger on my lip. “Before you can mimic me again. Let’s do this again,”

I sucked in a breath as Keefe pressed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and one leg around his bare waist. Keefe’s hands raced down my back; I shivered at his touch.

Keefe picked me up like before; my legs around his waist. I had one arm around his neck and had my hand on his bare chest. I pulled away just centimeters from Keefe’s face to whisper: “I love you,”

Keefe grinned. “I love you too,”

I dragged my nose back and forth of Keefe’s. “I love you more,”

“I love you most,”

“I love you more than anything,”

Keefe grinned, and I grinned back. “I lo-”

“We GET IT! You love each other,”

Me and Keefe flushed crimson as we scrambled apart to see who was there


“Hey, Biana!” Keefe said, apprehensively. “You always know how to show up at the right time,”

Biana smiled, and she leaned against the metal bar. “It’s a gift,”

I bent down to pick up Keefe’s tunic, hiding my intense blush. “So what do you need?”

I bent back and threw Keefe’s tunic in his face

“Fitz wants to talk to you,”

I looked away from Keefe struggling to pull on his shirt. “Oh,”

“Yeah,” Biana looked at Keefe who was still struggling

I rolled my eyes, and I stepped forward to help Keefe.

“There,” I said as Keefe pulled the tunic down

Keefe grinned at me. “Thanks, babe,”

I blushed, again. “No problem,” I mumbled as Biana laughed

“Okay, shall we go?” Biana asked.

I looked up and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. I nodded.

“Should I come?” Keefe asked

“No, Fitz wanted only Sophie,” Biana verified

“Uh, are you sure?”

Biana nodded and looked at me. “Ready to go?”

I nodded. Before I could step forward Keefe grabbed my arm and pulled me closer while I was curiously watching him. Keefe tangled his hand in my hair as he pressed his lips against mine.

Keefe pulled away while I was lost in his extraordinary eyes. Keefe smiled and gently kissed my cheek. I leaned in but Biana cleared her throat.

Keefe groaned. “Why Biana?” He whined

I felt my ears burn up when I realized that we were not alone

“My brother does not like to be kept waiting,” Biana responded

Keefe raised his eyebrows. “Since when do you listen to him?”

“When he became Councillor,” Biana said, and she looked at me. “Let’s go,”

“Uh, o-okay,” I said, timidly as I stepped out of Keefe’s reach.

Biana grabbed my hand.

“Where are we going to see Fitz, anyway?” I asked

“Uh, upstairs- we’re in his basement,”

I widened my eyes- Fitz had a dungeon in his castle


“Shall we?” Biana asked, and I gave her an insignificant nod

I looked back at Keefe and he gave me a reassuring smile before I stepped out of his eyesight and followed Biana to Councillor Fitz.

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