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Chapter 16 - Sophie

I’m seeing colors- wait no... lights.

No- colorful lights.

Yep, that’s it.

But who am I?

I don’t know. I remember nothing.

What am I?

A human?

Wait- what’s a human?


Wait- what the hell is an elf?


Whose me, again?

Me is me- right?

My head throbs. The pain feels like someone has taken a knife to my skull.

Suddenly I see blond hair and lips.... That’s curved into a-a smug smirk.

It seems so familiar but I couldn’t place it.

Couldn’t place what, again?

The smug smirk

A blinding light shatters.

Pink and red? What’s that supposed to mean? Well... they’re colors, and red and pink. So... pink and red... what?

This makes all zero sense. I don’t even remember my name. What’s wrong with me?

I need to work on it.

Remember, just... remember

I try looking closer into those red and pink colors, and I hear an enervated voice. As I dig closer the more extreme my headache becomes. I give it my all and push as stimulating as I can. It was like walking in a desert during a sandstorm. I can hardly breathe as I thrust harder into the lights. I can see the face clear, now. Blond hair tousled into a charming style. Ice-blue eyes and... that conceited smirk. His lips move in something I can’t make out. I struggle even closer.

I love you, Sophie.


Is that me?

You are Sophie Foster

A thousand documentaries hit me at once.... documentaries? No memory is a better word. In one of them, I see when I was fleeing from... a tealed eyed human- no ELF!

You’re an elf

That’s when the first time when my life basically... started?

Memories crowd around me and I can hardly make them out. I saw me cradling my wounded hand, hiding behind my hair while another elf was laughing on a bench... was that the same elf who said: I love you, Sophie?

I remember that I know him really well but... what’s his name? I go back to the same memory and monitor closely.

I’m Keefe


Love, love, love

I love you, babe.

Sophie, look I can’t live without you.... I love you

I love you, too

My eyes flutter open.

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