Back To You

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Chapter 18 - Sophie & Keefe

(Sophie’s POV)

I stalk over to Keefe’s desk, smiling when I see an unfinished portrait of me and him, hugging. There were pencils and paint scattered everywhere. I sit down at his chair grabbing the folder marked: stuff.

But before I can open the folder I hear Biana’s voice- “Sophie?”

I jolt up- Keefe’s chair sliding back a few inches. I turn around, my wide eyes adhering to Biana’s ones.

“Sophie?” Biana whispers while I look at Keefe, slightly questioning my eyes but he just shrugs.

I rub the back of my ear, moving his chair out of the way to walk over to an awestruck Biana.

“You broke out of Exile?” Biana hides her mouth with her hand.

I press my lips together trying hard not to laugh as I nod.

“Wow, Sophie,” Biana wraps her arms around my neck and I cringe as Biana squeezes harder. The side of my neck was just a little swollen from all of Keefe’s necking.

And Keefe definitely notices because he flashes his trademark smirk as I cringe again. I roll my eyes and punch his shoulder while Biana still has her arms around me.

Keefe squirms and grabs his shoulder and I smile.

“Wow you stink, Sophie,” Biana says as she finally lets go.

I laugh a little despite the fact that my ears are red from humiliation. “Yeah, I guess that’s what happens when you don’t shower for a year.”

Biana laughs. “Well, you could use the shower at Stargaze and borrow my clothes.”

Wait- Stargaze?

I look at Biana, bewildered. “What’s Stargaze?” I ask, dumbly.

Biana bites her bottom lip and looks at the floor, ashamed while Keefe scratches the back of his neck. “Sophie, Stargaze is Biana and Dex’s house. They’re uh, married.”

My heart diminishes.


Did I really miss that much because of Exile?

I missed two of my best friend’s wedding.

I swallow the lump in my throat. “What else did I miss?” My voice sounds gruff and vulnerable. I chew my bottom lip, hiding it because of its intense trembling.

“Nothing else,” Biana says, shaking her head.

I nod, my head dropped so I could wipe my nose with the palm of my hand.

There is this cumbersome silence where I just stare at the floor not meeting Biana’s gaze.

I clear my throat, shattering the silence, and looking up. “Can I like... take a shower?” I ask, still being awkward.

“Oh, yeah sure, sure,” Biana says, nodding, still not being able to meet my eyes.

I take a deep breath and pull Biana into a hug, pinching my eyes shut. Biana was startled for a minute before hugging me back. “I’m so sorry, Sophie.” Biana tears leak onto my tunic.

“It’s okay, Bi,” I whisper, my eyes still squeezed shut, my head resting on her shoulder. Biana takes a shaky breath before pulling away. I smile and wipe her tears away with my thumbs. She smiles.

Keefe sniffles. Me and Biana look over at Keefe to see him wiping off a fake tear.

I roll my eyes and Biana punches his shoulder.

“Seriously? Again?” Keefe whines grabbing his shoulder. “What’s up with you guys and punches?”

“It’s the best way to make doofuses- like you- to shut up,” Biana says, crossing her arms, laughing a little.

Keefe impersonates her laughter, pretending to flip his hair. “Hi! I’m Biana and I love pink and ponies! Ooh, I also love Dexy! We kiss like 24/7! Did you know that my favorite word is: like?” Keefe says, still mimicking her.

“Shut. Up!” Biana kicks his leg, narrowing her eyes.

Keefe grabs his leg in pain despite him wheezing with laughter. He stumbles to stay upright since he was standing only on one leg.

I bite my cheek to hold in my laughter as Biana groans and pushes Keefe, and he bangs into the wall so hard, the frames on the wall rattle. But Keefe was still laughing.

“Ugh! You are so annoying!” Biana whines, looking up at the ceiling.

“That’s why everyone loves me,” Keefe replies when he finally stops.

“Uh-huh, sure.”

“What?” Keefe put his hand on his chest. “That hurts, Biana. It really does.”

I ignore the rest of their bickering and focus on making a void. I concentrate- hard, and finally, a void appears in front of me.

I turn to see Biana and Keefe’s mouths wide open. I laugh nervously. “I guess I found a new way.”

Keefe and Biana walk over to the void.

“Dang Foster,” Keefe sticks his arm in the void before looking back at me. “You always find another way to dazzle me.”

I laugh nervously again. “It’s really nothing all I did was-”

Keefe interrupts me by pressing his mouth against mine. I immediately kiss him back, closing my eyes as I do. We kiss each other longer than usual but eventually; I pull away. “What was that for?” I whisper against his lips when we are a few inches away.

“Hm, I just wanted to kiss you,” Keefe answers. “And you look really cute when you’re nervous.”

My cheeks went on fire and Keefe smirks. He leans closer and bumps his nose to mine, still smirking.

Biana clears her throat and my ears burn up, noticing Biana just watched us make out. Keefe ignores Biana as he leans closer down but I pull away. Keefe pouts as I roll my eyes despite the fact my face is probably going nuclear.


Keefe groans, fixing his tunic. “The landings still need work.”

“They really don’t,” Biana says, who caught herself with levation before smashing to the ground while me and Keefe are in some sort of tangled position with me on top of him.

“Whatever,” Keefe grumbles and he looks at me, smirking. “But I do like this.” He gestures to our tangled form.

I roll my eyes while my ears go on fire as I quickly scramble up and Keefe gets up after me.

And wow... Biana’s house is like one of those Walt Disney princesses castles- it is huge. White brick towers as high as you can imagine. There are rolling hills, and at the side of their house is a huge lake- probably half of Lake Erie and there is a sumptuous bridge in the middle to go to the other side which is an unimaginable forest.

Birds chirping universally like they recognize Biana and a few butterflies fly spontaneously, feasting on the gorgeous roses and flowers. And you can see extraordinary mountains in the distance behind Stargaze with modest snow coating the top of them.

“Woah,” I breathe rubbing my eyes to make sure that this isn’t a delusion, but it isn’t- it’s real.

A butterfly rests on Biana’s finger before flying away. “Shall we?”

I nod as Keefe threads our fingers together before walking towards the sumptuous double doors.

Everything inside of her house is just... decorative. From the chandeliers to the floors but everything felt light and bright.

“Dex? Dex!” Biana yells just as we enter.

“Yes, Bi...” Dex runs from another room to where we are and his voice trails off when his wide eyes adhere to mine. “What...? Sophie?”

I bite my tongue as Dex lumbers towards me. When he’s close enough, I let go of Keefe’s hand and pull Dex into a hug. Dex laughs a little and squeezes me. “I can’t believe you broke out of Exile.”

I laugh. “It happens, Dex.”

He chuckles before pulling away. “Yeah, it does.”

“We should get going,” Biana says, grabbing my hand, returning a glance from Dex. “She NEEDS a shower.”

“Well, she doesn’t smell that bad,” Keefe says, relaxing his elbow on my shoulder.

“Probably because your nose is dead and you haven’t taken a shower either,” Biana says, shaking her head while Keefe just shrugs.

“See yeah!” Biana pulls me forward from the doors to the staircases. There are two on either side. Golden railings with floral designs- Stargaze has Biana’s name written all over it.

She squeals just as we enter the master bedroom.

And dang it was huge- a huge window took over a wall which overlooks the majestic mountain view. They even have a deck and when I looked out the window- it had a HUGE jacuzzi which took up most of the deck.

“Makeover!” Biana squeals again and leads me to her bathroom double doors.

“Makeover...?” My voice trails off as Biana yanks open the bathroom doors. Marble floors, crystal mirrors- just any princess dream.

“Okay, Sophie just take one long shower to take that smell out and I’ll find something amazing for you to wear,” Biana says, almost jumping up and down.

“Okay, but just don’t make it super fancy-” I commence but Biana already stepped out of the bathroom and shut the doors.

I sigh and I rest my eyes before turning to one of the mirrors. I smile when my eyes roam down to my lips. My mind explodes with Keefe and my grin widens as I rest my head on my hand. I honestly want to kiss him again.

I stand there a little longer before I slowly return from my trance. I sigh and walk towards the shower after grabbing a white towel from the stack.

I pull off my clothes and dirty undergarments. The disgusting aroma of... well me fills my nostrils- I want to gag but instead, I step into the shower.

Steam fills the shower as I crank up the heat. I sigh in regalement as the hot water sweeps through me. I stand there in the water more than usual before grabbing Biana rose shampoo.


“Stay here, Sophie- I’ll be right back,” Biana says as I sit on her bed. She adds, “With some dresses!”

Before I can groan she runs out of the room. I run my hand through my freshly dry, straightened hair. Biana did my hair, she even did my eyebrows.

The door swings open but instead of Biana standing its Keefe. He is wearing different clothes than before and his hair is perfectly tousled.

My eyes widen and my face goes atomic as I remember what I’m wearing. I’m wearing a long, black, see-through robe, and underneath I’m wearing the fancy black lingerie that Biana gave me.

“Keefe!” I scramble up, trying to cover myself with my arms but Keefe just smirks.

“Relax, Foster, it’s just me,” Keefe ambles towards me, his eyes roaming down me and my blush deepens.

I gulp as Keefe- still smirking- stops when we’re just a few centimeters apart. “You actually smell much better.”

I bite my tongue as Keefe seizes me by the waist. I clear my throat, my skin returning its color. “You too.” I slip my hand through Keefe’s just a bit wet hair, the robe’s sleeve slipping down to my elbow as I do.

“I smelled bad?” Keefe whispers, his breath lingering on my lips.

“Hm, just a bit,” I mutter as Keefe’s right hand slips under the robe resting at my lower back leaving tingles to dance up my spine. I clutch Keefe’s right arm and pull it down.

Keefe grins and I grin back, my hand resting at his chest while Keefe cups my left cheek with his hand. Keefe fits his mouth in mine, I think that a sigh escapes my mouth. I wrap one arm around his neck, closing the very little space between us.

Keefe sucks on my bottom lip while I do the same on his top. Keefe pulls away but I kiss him again, he tilts his head to deepen our kiss and that’s when my knees give out, crashing with his but Keefe holds me up, smirking against my lips.

“Do you guys want to be alone?”

Me and Keefe separate and Keefe quickly pulls his hand out of my robe. “Yes,” says Keefe.

I feel my face burn as I look over to Biana.

Keefe cups my cheek and tilts his head, his lips parted to kiss me again. And I kiss him back but not as hard because Biana is STANDING RIGHT THERE. But when Keefe deepens our kiss my mind goes foggy and... I can’t think straight- it’s like me and Keefe were the only ones in the universe and... beyond. My knees give out again but Keefe is holding me up- again.

“Guys!” Biana pulls us apart our lips making an uncanny sound when we separate.

Keefe laughs a little. ”Fiiine- I’ll leave you guys to your girly schemes.”

Biana rolls her eyes and turns to put the dress on the bed. Keefe leans a little closer. “I’ll be waiting for you- downstairs,” Keefe mutters against my lips.

“Hm,” I’m still a little obscure from our kisses.

Keefe smiles and kisses me, softly before he turns to leave.

When Keefe is completely gone Biana closes the door with telekinesis. “Okay, I got the perfect dress.”

I feel my shoulders descent and Biana steps forward to show me.

The dress is red and... short- and that was enough for me. “I’m not wearing that Biana.”

“You don’t have a choice, Sophie.”

I sigh and grab the dress from her hands as Biana snickered. I walk towards the bathroom and look at the dress more clearly- it’s shoulder bare with a low sweetheart neckline and it has inadequate white flowers scattered everywhere and it ends a few inches above my knees.

I sigh and pull it on. I look into the mirror, the dress outlines my curves, perfectly and the neckline shows cleavage, I run my hand through my hair, tucking a loose stand before leaving to go see Biana.

Biana’s eyes go wide as soon as I open the door. “It is really that bad?” I ask, twisting my fingers.

“No, Sophie you look amazing!” Biana leads me to her bathroom.

“Now what?” I whine as Biana motions me to sit at her makeup table.


I groan. “Do you do this every day?”

Biana nods. “Truly every morning.”


Keefe and Dex are waiting for us downstairs sitting in the living room just talking like old pals.

Biana clears her throat and Dex and Keefe stop talking to look up at us. Keefe’s mouth is slightly agape and his eyes wide while I can somewhat hear Biana’s smirk. He clears his throat and pats the space next to him on the couch.

I bite my tongue and walk forward, Biana leading. I sit down next to Keefe and Biana sits next to me.

“You know what we need?” Dex asks me.

“What?” I ask, curious.

“Mallowmelt,” Biana answers for Dex, she jolts up. “Race you.”

“Biana!” Dex yells as Biana runs towards the kitchen. He looks at me and Keefe, getting up. “I’ll be back.” He sounds in a hurry and he runs toward Biana.

“Finally,” Keefe drapes an arm around my shoulders and pulls me back so that I lean on his chest. “We’re alone.” Keefe leans closer to my ear and whispers, “You know- you look alluring or seductive or s-”

“Shut up,” I poke him with my shoulder, shoving him away even though my heart was pounding with excitement.

“Make me,” Keefe leans closer to my face, grinning, licking his lips, so the light reflects off them.

“Maybe I will,” I look up, cupping his cheek and adjusting my mouth into his, Keefe grins before kissing me back.

“Fine- you win,” Keefe mumbles against my lips.

I let out a short laugh, and then I remember something. “You know I saw what you did to my old room- in.. Havenfield.”

Keefe’s cheeks have this light pink tint and he leans back. “Oh, you saw that?” His voice is... squeaky? Keefe clears his throat. “I-I was just... bored and I was kinda depressed- ’cause you weren’t here for like Valentine’s Day or whatever. But I... was just bored- wait it’s also because I love you... nevermind-” Keefe continues to ramble but I don’t pay attention. I’m too busy staring into his warm eyes. Keefe’s eyes adhere to mine and his rambling trails off to a whisper, “-But do you like it?”

I smile and lean closer. “Yeah, I do.”

Keefe laughs a little before closing the space between us.

“We have the-” Biana stops herself. “Are you guys done-?”

I pull away from Keefe and... yes, I blush. “Yeah,” I clear my throat and turn to Biana.

(Like... 7 pm)

We are all just sitting in the bedroom. Biana is laying on her stomach propping herself with her elbows on the floor while Dex lays on his back next to her. While I sit criss-cross on the floor leaning against the bed with Keefe resting his head on my lap, I play with his hair. It was a little uncomfortable at first but it got better.

“What now-” Dex starts.

“HOT TUB!” Biana interrupts, jumping up to sit on her knees.

“Uh, sure, but I don’t have an s-” I start, knowing that I’ll be interrupted.

“You can borrow mine,” Biana says, getting up on her feet while the rest of us stay put. “Come on, guys. Just go change and meet me and Sophie outside.”

Keefe groans and leans up, leaving my lap to sit on his own, my hands leaving his hair as he does. ”Fine.”

“Okay then let″s go,“Biana says, offering her hand while me- who″ absolutely annoyed- take it and Biana pulls me up with Keefe and Dex watching.

Biana pulls me to lead me to her closet before I could even breathe or think.


Biana passes me on her couch in her closet what could be the thousandth time. “Bi-”

“Found the PERFECT one!“”

Biana hands me a red bikini which makes me just want to vomit. “No- Biana I’m not wearing that just give me a one piece.”

Biana looks at me in disbelief. “I don’t have a one-piece,” Biana says, shoving the red bikini in my face.

“Then I’ll go like this.” I gesture to the dress which was twenty percent better than the bikini.

“No! Sophie! Come ON.” Biana pouts and flutters her eyelashes- making a puppy-dog face.

I throw my head back and groan, snatching the stupid suit from her hands, trying hard to ignore Biana’s snicker.

Biana turns around so that I can change into the small triangle bikini. It was just... It just showed WAY too much skin. “Okay, I’m done.” I dishevel my hair.

“Okay, now I need to...” Biana stops to look at me. “See? You look amazing!” She said amazing singsongy.

“Yeah wh-”

“Found the perfect one!” Biana pulls out a teal bikini which wasn’t half as bad as mine.

I sigh and cross my arms in front of my half-bare chest.


Keefe whistles as soon as me and Biana walk out to the balcony. Biana put my hair into a messy bun and she did too. I’m glad Biana already put blush on my face so that it’ll hide my insecurities.

Dex and Keefe are already in the hot tub- shirtless. Keefe puts his hands on the back of his head, his eyes finding mine and... he whistles again. “Dang guys.” Even Dex is staring. Right at this moment, I feel like hiding but I just clear my throat and follow Biana.

Biana slides in perfectly- literally perfectly.

I try to copy her but almost slip at the edge of the tub but Keefe grabs my arm before I fall off and... probably break my head. This is just embarrassing. Keefe laughs before pulling me back into the tub.

I clear my throat and shift into a comfortable position while Keefe still laughs. “It isn’t funny,” I mumble, wishing I manifested Vanisher.

“So funny.” Keefe wraps an arm around my waist while I bite my lower lip.

“It was,” Dex says and I try hard not to glare at him.

“I still can’t believe Keefe got tattoos,” Biana says, changing the subject.

Keefe smirks fades and instead, he bites the inside of his cheek. “I-I...”

I lick my top teeth grabbing his other hand that was resting on his lap- underwater. I give it a gentle squeeze. Keefe looks thankfully at me before finishing, “I was just bored, so I was stupid enough to get tattoos.” Keefe nods like he was assuring himself. “Yup that was the case.”

“Um okay. It does look nice,” Biana says, shifting to another position.

Keefe scoffs. “Well of course it looks nice! I chose it- duh.”

I roll my eyes. “Wow, Keefe.”

Keefe laughs a little before pulling me close. I chuckle before resting my head on his shoulder.

“Oh, I JUST remembered!” Biana screams making me jump. “We didn’t tell Linh or Tam!”


“I’m going to hail Linh.” Biana looks over to Dex before saying. “Hail Tam.”

Dex sighs as Biana climbs out. “Fine.” Dex follows Biana with a towel-inside.

Keefe clears his throat and I look up at him.

Before I can think, Keefe cups my left cheek moving my head so he can fit his lips between mine.

I relax my eyes as I kiss him back, my body goes... limp. Keefe pulls away but with my eyes still closed, I press my lips to his. I pull away just barely, our noses still touching each other. I can see the sun setting from the corner of my eye.

“My new favorite thing is... kissing you,” Keefe whispers, bumping his nose into mine.

I click my lips, my ears burning. “Me too.”

Keefe laughs and looks at the sunset, leaning back. He stares at it for a minute. “You know that reminds me of someone.”

“Who?” I ask as I follow his gaze, turning to look at the sunset.

“You.” I turn to Keefe as soon as he says it but Keefe still is staring at the sunset. I stare at his light brown freckles softly sprinkled across his cheeks. Keefe meets my gaze and smiles, grabbing my hand under the hot, bubbling, hot tub. He leans closer and tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear. “You’re beautiful and amazing and sometimes evening mysterious...”

I smile a little before scooting closer. “I love you.”

Keefe grins. “I know.”

Our lips barely brush each other when Biana opens the door- loudly so that we can hear it. I internally groan. We move apart so that only our knees touch as Biana slips into the hot tub. “Okay well... they’re coming and tell them... that you JUST came- because otherwise, Linh will probably explode.”

I laugh a little as Keefe says, “Linh exploding? Those are literally two different things.”

“You don’t want to get on Linh’s bad side.” Biana looks serious and I almost believe her.

“Yeah, you don’t want to get on Foster’s bad side either,” Keefe adds and I turn to glare at him but he just smirks. “She’ll unleash her range.”

“Really?” Biana asks, crossing her legs.

“Yup, it’s honestly scary.” Keefe laughs a little while I restrain myself from poking him in the ribs. “I like to call it Foster Range.”

“Wait did she go all range-y on you?” Biana asks, laughing when she meets my eyes.

“Yeah, just a year ago when I finally fo-”

“Shut up.” I cross my arms and look away, sulking.

Keefe stays slight for a minute.“Aw, come on Foster, don’t be mad.” Keefe pulls me closer to him.

“Can we go inside?” I ask Biana, ignoring Keefe and scooting away from him. I want... to see how Keefe reacts if I ignore him/be “mad” at him.





“Uh, sure.” Biana nods and I partially jump out of the hot tub- not slipping for once. I grab a white towel from the shelf on the wall and head inside while I can hear Biana behind me.

“Uh, Sophie, you do know you just ditched Keefe,” Biana asks when we close the door.

I laugh a little, wrapping the towel around me. “Am I a good actor?”

Biana looks bewildered. “Wait, so you aren’t actually mad at him?”

I shake my head. Biana starts to laugh. “You should’ve seen his face- priceless.”

“Wait really?” Biana nods while I bite my lower lip. “Oh, I actually feel bad now.”

“Relax Sophie, he’ll be okay.” Biana grabs my hand and leads me to her closet.


(AH! Sorry for ALL the time skipping- I’m just WAY too lazy)

When me and Biana finish drying off and changing into clothes or dresses we step out to see Keefe laying on his back- his expression blank as he stares at the ceiling. While Dex is waiting patiently in the corner. Fully clothed.

Dex looks up when he hears our footsteps. “When-” The doorbell rings, interrupting him. He mumbles while Biana laughs a little, “Nevermind.”

“Come on, Sophie,” Biana grabs my hand, pulling me towards the door while Keefe and Dex get up.

“Wait, Sophie,” I feel Keefe pull my other hand. “Are... you mad?” Keefe bites his lower lip.

Biana grins and looks over to a confused Dex. “Let’s give them some space.” Leaning into my ear, Biana whispers, “Tell me everything later.” And with that Biana pulls Dex out of their bedroom.

“So are you?” Keefe asks, apprehensively while I debate whether or not I should continue this cruel prank.

I bite my tongue and shrug. “Yeah, I guess.”

Keefe looks petrified and kind of funny in my opinion, stepping back. “I-I didn’t mean to Sophie- I’m sorry-” I press my lips together, holding in my laugh as Keefe continues. “What I said was- no IS stupid. I take it back- everything-”

“Beg.” I laugh but muffle it with my hand.


“Beg like... on your knees.” I say, nodding my head, still hiding my grin with my hand.

“Huh,” Keefe drops to his knees and entwines his fingers together at nose level. He looks up at me with tremendous sympathetic eyes. “Foster or... Sophie, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE forgive me for my stupid, dumb, Keefe-like-not-thinking-before-I-speak actions. I BEG of you.”

I let out my laugh leaning forward, my hands on my knees while Keefe looks discombobulated for probably the first time. “You’re... forgiven, Keefe.”

Keefe stands up and that’s when my laughing dies down. “Wait was this a joke?” I nod as I bite my lower lip, my laughter escaping. Keefe straightens, smirking when I laugh. “Well then, you’re forgiveness is the world to me, mademoiselle.”

“Oh really, Mr. Sencen?” I say when my laughing dies.

“Yup.” Keefe nods and then his lips turn into a miniature crooked smirk. He grabs my chin, melting me into his eyes. “You mean the world to me.”

Keefe’s hand cups my cheek and he presses his lips to mine. A sigh escapes my lips as my finger slides into his hair. Keefe pulls away, just barely so that his forehead touches mine. He whispers, “Do you think someone will barge in at any moment?”

I laugh. “That happens often, doesn’t it?”

Keefe nods, grinning. “We should lock ourselves in a bedroom and stay there.”

I chuckle and agree, “We should.” We stay in silence for a few moments before Keefe breaks the silence, “You know since we’re alone we might as well kiss.”

Before I can respond, Keefe already has his lips on mine. Keefe tightens his grip on my waist as I deepen our kiss, parting my lips.

“I guess time’s on our side,” I whisper when no one barges in.

Keefe chuckles before leaning in again but I put a finger to his slightly parted lips and say, “We should probably get going.”

Keefe pouts as I take my finger off his lips. “Pretty please?”

“No, Keefe- let″s go.“I grab his hand, quickly lacing our fingers together before pulling him towards the door.

“Eh, at least I get to hold your hand,” Keefe says, tightening his grip on my hand.

I feel a blush creep up onto my cheeks but I clear any throat and ignore it as we walk towards a long hallway.

“Wait. Foster, your lip-y thing-y is kinda smeared,” Keefe says, stopping me.

“Oh.” I move my hand to touch my lips, trying to fix it.

“Lemme do it...” Keefe’s voice lingers off as he turns me around. He scrunches his eyebrows together his eyes on my lips as he uses his thumb to clean the smudge. I can’t help but to stare at him- he looks... adorable.

“Alright, done.” Keefe steps a little back, his eyes clinging to mine and he starts to grin. “Checking me out, Foster?”

My face goes red. I can’t believe he caught me doing something embarrassing but instead I shrug, grinning a little, hiding my embarrassment. “Maybe.”

“Aw, come on you’re no fun.” Keefe nudges my shoulder with his and flashes his opalescent white teeth. “Admit it.”

I clear my throat, my face feels so hot it pricks. “Fine.”

Keefe smirks his breathing lingering on my lips. “I can’t blame you... I mean look at me!”

I roll my eyes, smiling and pushing his shoulder, playfully. Keefe laughs as he stumbles to stay upright.

I grab his hand and pull him to the hallway on the left, ignoring the one on the right.

“Fosterrr,” Keefe drags my last name out and pulls me closer so that we are breathing the same air. And I get lost in his eyes. “You’re going the wrong way.”

It takes me a minute to process his words. I whisper, “What?” Before knowing what he had said.

“You’re going the wrong way,” Keefe repeats when I finally get it. “You took right inside left when we left the bedroom.”

I slap Keefe’s arm, narrowing my eyes. “You could’ve told me!”

Keefe shrugs his eyes filled with amusement as he looks down at me. “It’s cute.”

I groan despite my cheeks burning. “Cute? Ugh, Keefe, you lead!” My hand rests on my back of his shoulder so I can push him forward.

“Fine, fine.” Keefe gently grabs my hand and leads me to the staircase.

“You’re so annoying.” I roll my eyes again.

“But that’s why you love me!”


“What took you so long?” Biana asks when me and Keefe step off the last step.

I scoff and nudge my head towards a smirking Keefe. “This doofus let me go the wrong way.”

“Doofus?” Keefe places his hand on his heart and pouts. “That hurts, Foster, it really does.”

Biana snorts and then her eyes brighten. “Taaam! Come here!”

Keefe groans, dragging a hand down his face. “Did you have to call him?”

Me and Biana glare at Keefe and we both overlap, “Yes.”

Keefe steps back at the sight of our glare and he puts his hands up in defeat, laughing apprehensively. “Sorry.”

Biana rolls her eyes and opens her mouth to yell Tam’s name again. “T-!”

“No need to scream again. I’m here.” Tam’s deep voice- just a little higher than Keefe’s- brings me out of my thoughts.

Me and Keefe turn around to see Tam leaning against the wall. He looks the same way from the last time I saw him but the silver in his bangs looks more bright than a year ago- when it was a little faded.

Keefe smirks. “AH! My eyes!”

Tam ignores Keefe and pulls himself from the wall and walks over to me. When we are a foot away from each other he clears his throat. “Um, nice seeing you here, Sophie.”

I laugh and pull him into a hug. “You too, Tam.”

Tam laughs a little too before resting his hands on my back.

“Okay, that’s enough.” Keefe pulls us apart, laughing nervously.

I ignore Keefe and touch Tam’s bangs. “You dyed them?”

“Uh... yeah.” Tam nods. He grabs my hand, delicately- the one that is touching his bangs- and pulls it down.

“Getting touchy with my girlfriend, Bangs Boy?” Keefe raises his eyebrows at Tam while my face goes nuclear. I quickly pull my hand away.

Tam grins mischievously at Keefe. “Why? Does that bother you?” Tam grabs my hand, questioning with his eyes at me.

Biting my lower lip, I slightly nod so that only Tam notices. Tam entwines our fingers together and he leans in to barely brush his lips against my cheek.

When Tam leans back, Keefe looks like he could pull Tam’s head off.

“What the hell was that?” Keefe pushes a laughing Tam back. “You DID not just do that!”

Tam wipes his nose with his hand like a gangster as he stumbles to stand upright. “But I did.”

Keefe lungs for Tam but I hold him back. “Keefe, seriously?”

He presses his lips into a straight line before he shakes me off. “Yeah, you’re right, sorry.”

Biana chokes back her laughter before she comes to stand next to me. “You should’ve let them get into a fistfight.”

I shake my head as I cross my arms staring at Keefe and Tam, arguing about arbitrary stuff.

I sigh before turning to Biana who was also watching them bicker. “Where’s Linh?”

“She’s coming... She’s a mentor at Foxfire.”

I turn to look at her in astonishment. “Wait really?”

Biana nods. “Linh is an hydrokinetic, remember?”

“Yeah.” I nod before realizing something. “Where’s Dex?”

Biana frowns and looks around. “I don’t know.”

“Oh,” is all I can say.

“Ooh we all should have a sleepover,” Biana says.

“With...?” I ask, uncrossing my arms.

“You, me, Dex, Keefe, Tam, and... Linh, duh.” Biana pauses to think. “We have a sleepover room.”

I widen my eyes in disbelief. “A sleepover room?” I tried not to laugh at how that sounds.

“Yup. It’s useful.” Biana grabs my hand and pulls me upstairs.

“Wait, Foster!” Keefe grabs my hand and entwines our fingers together.

“Yeah, he can’t live without Sophie.” Tam rolls his eyes while we run up the stairs.

“Shut up, Tam.” Keefe tightens his grip on my hand while he grins at me.

After a few twists and turns, we finally arrive at a room with translucent double doors.

I nearly gasp. The room is the size of a human apartment without any walls- literally. There is a small white kitchen at the end of the room. And the other end there are two doors- a boy’s bathroom and a girl’s bathroom. Right next to the bathrooms there are a TON of blankets and pillows and with string lights on the walls making the whole room crazy dim. There are some scented candles on nightstands scattered everywhere. It smells like cherry blossoms. Then in the center, there is a human television with a basket of human CDs below it. There are some couches without the legs on the floor across the tv.

“Do you guys like it?” Biana asks, stepping into the room. “It took forever to step up. I was trying to make it look as human as possible.”

“Well, you succeed,” Keefe says as we all step into the room.

Tam points at the flat-screen television. “What’s... that?”

“A television- you can watch movies on it,” Biana answers, contemptuously. “Dex made it.”

“Uh, what are movies?” Tam asks with doubt.

“Some sort of story recorded by a camera,” Keefe says. “It’s literally AWESOME!”

Tam opens his mouth to respond but is cut off by an out-of-breath Dex. “I was gone for two minutes. How did you guys get here so fast?”

I laugh, letting go of Keefe’s hand to hold Dex’s.

Keefe pouts. “Fosterrr. I want to hold your hand.”

Tam snorts while my face goes red. I grab Keefe’s hand in my other empty hand. “Better?”



Me and Biana have changed into nightclothes. After I have convinced Biana- who is wearing a skimpy nightgown- to just give me a shirt and jogging pants.

(A/N- Can we pretend that elves wear human clothes when they sleep? Because... I just want to lol. And pretend Linh already came because I’m too lazy to write that part. Oh AND pretend that they ALL can understand the movie. Yup, I’m lazy.)

We are now watching a movie with Linh who came an hour ago. And the movie... isn’t the best thing ever.

We are all huddled together in the order Tam, Dex, Biana, Linh, me, and Keefe under a tremendous blanket. We are watching The Conjuring- probably the scariest movie in existence. The ending so far is scary, disgusting, exciting... Did I mention scary?

Keefe turns to me. “Can we-” A scream from the tv interrupts Keefe. Keefe gulps, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down, squeezing his eyes shut. “Stop the movie?”

“No!” Tam hisses- he seemed into the movie a lot. “Now shut up!”

Keefe groans, he rests his head on my shoulder before kissing it.

“Keefe!” I shrug him off my eyes still on the movie, my mouth a little sore from the popcorn Biana surprisingly has.

“I...” Keefe snuggles closer. “Please?”

I can’t resist when Keefe starts kissing me on the neck. I’m suddenly glad that the volume on the speakers is loud enough so that they won’t hear my sighs. Keefe grins when I let out a shuddering breath as I snuggle closer to him. He wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me closer, his face buried in the crook of my neck while I make sure that no one is watching us. I rest my head on Keefe’s shoulder as his lips brush against my skin.

I sigh again as Keefe kisses me again, I can feel his cool teeth against the skin as he pulls away to take a deep breath. I check again if no one is watching before bringing my mouth to Keefe’s. I turn to Keefe, my left arm around his neck. I suddenly have no intention of watching the movie. I just want Keefe.

We pull away to take a breath but before we can lean in again Biana interrupts. “If you don’t want to watch the movie, could you fill-up the bowl with popcorn?” Biana reaches across me and Linh to give Keefe the bowl- without her eyes leaving the television.

“Uh, sure.” Keefe lets go of my waist to grab the bowl, slipping out of the blanket.

I flinch, restraining myself from screaming when another part shows up. Biana shrieks as Linh grips my hand which is now turning red and Tam just flinches like me. I wince as Linh clenches my hand harder. “Sorry was that too hard?” Linh whispers into my ear.

“No, you’re fine,” I say, looking in the direction of the kitchen to see Keefe looking through the cabinets. “I’ll be back.”

I slip out of the blanket, running past Biana and Dex whose face is deep crimson.

“Did you find it?” I ask when I reach Keefe.

“Yup- totally,” Keefe says, sarcasm dancing in his words.

I laugh a little before opening a cabinet, grabbing the popcorn before handing it to Keefe. “Here you go.”

“Thanks, love,” Keefe says, wiping some of his striking blond hair from his eyes- making it look better. He opens the bag of popcorn then pouring it in the bowl that is resting on the countertop. I grin before coming behind him, resting my head on his shoulder and wrapping my arms around his waist.

Keefe turns his head to face me, his lips slowly curving into a soft smile. He leans in closer to plant a small kiss on my cheek. “Well, we should probably give this to them.”

“Oh... wait do you think they have any mallowmelt?” I ask, stepping away from Keefe to go to the fridge.

“Maybe.” Keefe opens the fridge for me. His eyes scan the food before his eyes brighten. “Yup here it is.” Keefe grabs a small box.

Keefe hands it to me and just before I can grab it he pulls away. “Nope, I get some first.”

I sigh as Keefe opens a drawer to get out a fork. He opens the box and sticks his fork in it to get a huge bite.

“Can I have some now?” I ask, trying to grab the box from the counter but Keefe pushes it away from me.


“Keefe,” I warn, frowning.

Keefe smirks. “Fine. Open up!” I blush before opening my mouth so that he can feed me with the same fork.

“Wait, hold up, you got a little something-” Keefe wipes the corner of my mouth with his thumb. Keefe smirks. “Nevermind this should help.” Keefe grabs the box of mallowmelt. He looks up at me. “Ready?”

I look at him confused. “What-”

Before I know what in the world is happening- Keefe smashes the box of mallowmelt- In. My. Face. “KEEFE!”

He just laughs and uses his finger to wipe some of the frosting off my face as the box falls to the ground. “Wow, Foster you taste good.”

I groan. “I hate you.”

Keefe smirks. “And I love you.”


“Okay let’s play... spin the bottle,” Biana says, grinning.

“Um, why?” Tam asks uncomfortably as he shifts on the floor.

“Because it’s fun- duh!” Biana rolls her eyes and grabs a youth bottle from the kitchen while we all sit in a circle.

“I don’t know about this,” I say, shaking my head and face burning. What if I don’t get Keefe? The thought just wants me to explode.

“Relax guys it’ll be fun!” Biana sits criss-cross in between me and Linh. The order is Dex, Me, Biana, Linh, Keefe, and then Tam. “Okay so rules: You have to kiss straight on the other person’s lips and more than three seconds.”

Keefe laughs. “What if Tam gets Linh?” Which earns a glare from Linh and a poke in the ribs by Tam.

“Shut up.”

“Make me.”

Tam groans.

“Okay, Sophie you start.” Biana places the bottle in the middle before looking at me.

“Uh, no I’ll pass.” I laugh nervously, my ears on fire. “There’s no need for me to go first-”

“Go!” Biana points to the bottle.

“F-fine.” I reach for the bottle. I hesitate but then spin the bottle- hard for some reason. I feel nervous, butterflies ready to explode from my stomach but then at the same time I feel excited like every fiber in my body is trembling with anticipation. I have no idea why I spun the bottle so hard it just makes me more impatient.

Finally, it slows down and lands on the person I expect the least.


“WHAT?!” Keefe yells he scoots back from the bottle like it’s cursed. “This... is...”

My face explodes as I look up at a nervous Tam while Biana grins. “This is finally getting interesting.”

Linh and Dex look like they’re ready to laugh.

I sigh and lean across to Tam as he meets me in the middle. His right-hand cups my cheek and my left-hand cups his. His soft lips meet mine and he tastes like salty popcorn. And want to pull away so bad but we are on the second.


I quickly pull away as soon as the third second passes. I scramble back to my spot avoiding Keefe’s reaction. But my curiosity gets the best of me.

“Am I allowed to throw up on Tam?” Keefe asks Biana while a blushing Tam glares at him.

Biana laughs a little. “No, but you can go next.”

“What? Fine.” Keefe grins at me. “Let’s do this thing.”

Keefe spins the bottle as nonchalantly as possible. I have no idea how he’s not nervous.

“Easy peasy.” Keefe smirks at the bottle while I take deep breaths controlling my heartbeat.

When the bottle finally slows down my nails which have edges like a famished mouse.

And luckily the bottle stops at... me. I let out a breath of relief but then I have to go again. But then it’s KEEFE!

Keefe smirks at me before motioning me to come closer.

I clear my throat before moving the bottle out of the way to scoot closer to him. When we are close enough Keefe cups my cheek, tilting his head, and his lips slightly parted he fits his lips between mine.

Keefe clasps one of his hands behind my throat somehow bringing closer and before I know it I’m sitting in his lap. I wrap one arm around his neck and the other rests on his chest. Keefe brushes his tongue on the top of my teeth and I stop thinking about how much time has passed or if we’re alone or not.

I pull him closer, pressing my lips deeper into his and Keefe lets out a low, deep, growl-ish moan. I feel Keefe shiver which makes me shiver. We are so close I can feel his heartbeat against my chest; it vibrates in my ribcage like I have two hearts.

Someone clears their throat and we pull apart. I slowly open my eyes and the light seems brighter than the last time my eyes were wide open.

And I realize what position we are in but instead of scrambling away, I hide my face in my hands, embarrassed. I peek out of the corner of my hands to see their reactions. Biana looks like she is debating on whether or not to be grossed out or be like... Linh who is looking at us like we’re adorably beautiful puppies. Tam looks grossed out and Dex looks... embarrassed, ALMOST as red as me.

“Um, I guess we went too far.” Keefe shifts uncomfortably. Tam scoots away to make room for me.

“Yeah, you guys definitely did. I could see Keefe’s tongue and everything.” Biana says.

My face explodes and I hide it with my hands.

“Well... congratulations Biana you’ve successfully killed them with embarrassment.” Linh says between small fits of laughter.

I hear Biana laugh. “Yeah... Let’s stop. This game has gotten out of hand.”

I slowly let my hands drop to see Keefe slightly red and scratching the back of his neck. I’ve never seen Keefe this... red. It honestly makes me feel kind of better.

Biana gasps. “Oh wait we forgot to tell you!”

“We?” Tam repeats, arching an eyebrow.

Dex flashes his signature dimples, and I almost forgot he’s even here. Wow, that’s embarrassing.

(A/N- Don’t forget Dex! xD. Also, thanks to IggyFloofMaster for the idea!)

“I’m pregnant!” Biana says excitedly, beaming ear to ear. She smiles so simultaneously that faint dimples appear.

I gasp, my jaw probably on the floor. My best friend is pregnant.

“No joke,” Keefe asks, his mouth open.

“That’s... a joke. Right?” Tam asks, he runs his hand through his hair.

“Nope.” Dex beams, his adorable dimple visit led to the naked eye. Maybe it’s impossible to be deeper. Maybe not. Probably not.

“Wow, Biana,” Linh says, smiling.

“I can’t believe it.” I reach to give Biana a huge bear hug and Linh turns it into a group hug.

I can partially hear Biana’s smile.

“Dude, you’re going to be a daddy-o.” Keefe reaches over me and Tam to punch Dex on the shoulder.

Dex rubs his shoulder, trying to look at Keefe but Tam is in the way. “Thanks?”

“Your welcome,” Tam says, nodding.

“Bruh, Tam, he was talking to me.” Keefe rolls his striking ice-blue eyes.

“Dex was looking at me,” Tam counters, and I lean back so he can meet Keefe’s eyes.

“Well, you’re fat head was in the way.”

“I have a fat head?”

“A very ugly one. I bet the only reason you have bangs is to cover your huge obnoxious head. You’re honestly really ugly.”

“That’s literally what I think when I see or think about you.” Tam rolls his eyes.

“Aw, Tammy Boy thinks about me!” Keefe puts his hand on his chest. “That’s beautiful.”


“You.” Keefe pauses to nod, closing his eyes. “Are welcome.”

Tam groans.

“Aw, little baby sad?” Keefe asks in a babyish voice after he opens his eyes.

“Yeah, I’m a sad baby whenever I look at you. Thanks for pointing that out.”

“Bro, you do know you just called yourself a baby- Right?”

I press my lips in a straight line while Dex, Biana, and Linh muffle their laughs.

Tam opens his mouth to retort snarky combat but then he closes his mouth. “I... uh.” Tam straightens and narrows his eyes a smirking Keefe. “I think you’re stupid.”

Keefe just laughs. “I think you’re dumb.”







“Shut up.”

“Make me, Clump Nugget.”

Tam takes a deep breath- clearly annoyed. “I’m going.” Tam gets up and makes his way towards the bathroom.

“That’s not going to make me shut up!” Keefe yells after Tam, pointing at him. “I can always follow you!”

Tam groans. “Please don’t.”

“You can’t make me!” Keefe says as Tam groans again and shuts the men’s bathroom door without looking back.


“Foster- Foster, wake up.” Keefe shakes me while my eyes slowly flutter open, adjusting to the dark.

“Keefe? What?” I whine, stretching.

Keefe places his finger to his lips. “Sh, just come on.”

I sigh- getting out of bed or... the floor at midnight while in a restful sleep isn’t the best thing in the world.

Keefe offers his hand to help me up while I’m stunned that he got up so fast. I grab his hand and he quietly pulls me up. I can hear our friends still snoring, softly while one... is pretty loud.

Keefe leads me to the door which he quietly pulls open and lets me go first. When Keefe closes the door behind him, I speak up, “Why-”

“Just relax Foster. I only woke you because I want to show you something.”

“What?” I ask as Keefe grabs my hand and leads me... somewhere.

“You’ll see.”

Keefe leads me to some hallways, a staircase, and eventually the door that leads outside while I walk half asleep.

When Keefe starts to open the door, I get more curious than I already am and my sleepiness is gone. “Keefe where...?” My voice trails off as I look up my mouth drops to the floor with a gasp.

Stars... as if God had sprinkled them so sugar-sweet upon the most perfect of black birthday cakes. They fill the sky like pale corn being planted into the freshly turned ground. Bathed in the light of the sun, the moon was more beautiful than even the stars around. Suddenly I wish that I could reach up and touch the sky. The cold wind tousles my hair as if it is a genuine person and I smile as I look up. “Wow, Keefe. It’s...”

“Gorgeous. Almost like you and me.”

I laugh a little, nudging Keefe with my shoulder as Keefe grins.

Keefe grabs my hand and points to the bridge. “I set something up.”

“You did?” I ask as Keefe leads me to the bridge.

Keefe nods, shivering a little. “Yeah, um the movie... is just... Plain scary and I couldn’t sleep. I barely could stand being outside alone in the dark.”

I smile and laugh a little. When we reach the middle of the bridge, I can see the moon through the water when I look down. It is... beautiful.

Then the mist of the lake sprays me a little and the wind goes through my hair. I laugh as I smooth my hair but the wind mussels it again. I catch Keefe staring. “What?”

Keefe grins, stepping forward so that we breathe the same air. “Nothing, it’s just that you’re so cute.”

I blush, glad that it’s pitch black. Keefe pulls me closer so that our foreheads touch. Our heavy breaths mingle together. Keefe wraps his arms around my waist and pulls his mouths to mine and I instantly kiss him back like it’s an old habit. We just have each other in sync.

Keefe pulls away, taking a shaky breath before grabbing my hand. “Come on.”

When we make it past the bridge, I see what Keefe has set up. I smile. There is a white cloth underneath a homogeneous tree and there are a few candles scattered everywhere.

Keefe sits down on the cloth and pats the space next to him, his hands propping himself. I casually sit next to him, looking up. The stars look brighter here probably because there is less light pollution.

When I look back at Keefe, I see that he’s laying on his back. He smirks before pulling me down to lay with him.

Keefe grins and presses his lips to mine, cupping my cheek with his empty hand.

I kiss back my left hand, gripping his shoulder, pulling him closer. Keefe deepens our kiss, parting his and my lips. I can feel Keefe’s nose on the side of mine.

We pull away to take a very needy breath and Keefe leans down to kiss my neck, his heavy breathing coating it.

I laugh when Keefe licks my neck. I let go of Keefe’s back to push him playfully.

Keefe laughs and pulls away to lay on his back. “You smelled good... so I wanted to taste you.”

I blush a little before leaning up to kiss his cheek as Keefe grins. I scoot a little closer so that my head is resting on his arm. I wrap my arm around his stomach. “I love you.”

“I know, babe.” Keefe grabs my hand on his stomach and intertwines his fingers with mine.

I smile and stare up at the stars.

We just lay under the stars, which are like a beautiful, surreal blanket above our heads. We lay here under the stars, talking and laughing, even sneaking in a few kisses. I can feel his heartbeat against the back of my head and can hear the soft breaths of him by my side. That’s when it hit me: Sometimes we are like stars- we fall to make someone’s wish come true.

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