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Chapter 2 - Sophie

Day 88, year 4, 7:29 am

I wake from the loud beeping of my phone alarm

I groan and lay on my back as I reach for my phone and turn off the dumb alarm. I check to see how many followers I have now.


In 9 hours, it has changed from 5 followers to 5 million.

I sigh as I look in front of me- I see my bulletin board.

It is covered with all of my friends’ faces- all the artwork of Keefe.

I smiled to myself.

Those were my gasps.

my friends.

You’re here because of guilt.

They don’t care about you.

Nobody does.

You’re alone.

My smile fades- those thoughts were killing me

I sigh and stretch. I walk up to my bathroom.

After a bit, I look in the mirror.

My eyes look like bruises. Like I’ve been punched and got two black eyes. In times like these I wish that she’d brought Vertina- my old spectral mirror.

But now I’m a natural at makeup.

I use it so much I am a master.

After I finish- it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing any makeup. I change into my workout outfit. A sleeveless black crop that hugs my curves that show cleavage with high black leggings.

I look at myself in the mirror and do my hair in a high ponytail. I grab my phone and put on my playlist, grab my new wireless ear-buds and gently place them in my ears. I put my phone in the back top pocket of my leggings and head outside for my daily 2 mile long jog.

After a mile I head back, wiping sweat from my forehead. I have a really strange feeling that someone is watching me.

I turn on my telepathy- after 4 years of being surrounded by humans you learn how to control my telepathy so I won’t hear their tumultuous thoughts.


There is no one there.


I’m sure there were no elves here, so I turn my telepathy off. I continue jogging and humming along with my song, thinking I’m hallucinating.

I look at the time on my watch. 8:30.

I sprint home- I’m getting late for my lifting-weight session.

I fumble for my keys and I open the door, entering my mudroom. I throw my white shoes off as a strange breeze swaying against my face. I look up, my door closing and locking it.

So why is there a strange breeze?

I shrug.

Probably nothing.

I head to the corner of my living room where I keep my weights. I pick them up, doing my exercises. Exercise helps me keep my mind off things, I do this every day- sometimes even two times.

It helps me stay healthy and well strong.

After 45 minutes I gently place my weights on the floor and stroll over to my fridge and grab a cool water bottle. I gobble it down in one breath.


You can get pretty thirsty after two miles and lifting weights.

I sigh.

Now, I have to take a shower.

The same schedule. Every. Single. Day.

Nothing happens in my life now. It’s like I’m taking a miserable vacation.

I grab my towel from my laundry room. And grab a light blue, half-sleeve, off shoulder top, romper and some undergarments.

Just as I enter the bathroom I close the door and stripp off my clothes and step into my modern shower, I close the glass door and let the cold water seep through me- this probably the most relaxing part of my day.

After the shower I pull on my romper and tie the lengthy piece of cloth on the sides of my romper, making a bow. I dry my hair and brush it straight and curl the front two strands. After I do my hair, I do my makeup. I have one slight scar in the shape of a check on the corner of my right eye. I add light pink lip gloss that tastes surprising like strawberries.

It is pretty good.

Not that I eat it.

I step out of the bathroom and go to my room and pull on my black, high heel, toe-point, ankle boots. Since I’m a model, I have a history with heels. After 3 years I finally know how to walk in them. I step out of the room and head to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I pour myself some cereal and milk. I head to the counter and sit down at my white stools. I scroll down on my Instagram.

7 million followers.

I heard a cough; I look up from my phone raising my eyes, getting ready to inflict.

Another cough.


β€œWho’s there?” I ask getting up, turning on my telepathy, getting ready for a headache.


I step back in surprise.

β€œSeriously, who’s there?” I ask.

There is an elf in my house.


β€œI really miss you,” A voice says. No. It can’t. There is a deep voice, yet calming. The voice who made me laugh.


The person who has that voice comforted me, when no one else did.

Someone appears across my counter table.

I gasp in surprise.


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