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Chapter 4 - Sophie

I feel a demon inside me arise. It consumes me, leaving me with irrational anger and resentment.

This is jealousy.

“Congratulations,” The bitterness of my voice feels like shards stabbing my back. It is like the box I am locked in, turned into a coffin, and it is consuming me inch by inch.

“No, Sophie,” Keefe starts, “I don’t want to be engaged,”


He proposed to someone.


“You... what?”

“I’m betrothed to some girl. All my dimwit of a dad’s fault. Says I need to bring ‘honor’ to the Sencen name,”

“Oh,” I am dumbfounded; I don’t know what to say.

“I think it’ll be easier if I show you.” Keefe says, looking up to look at her.

I stared at him for a while, not knowing if I wanted to see.

“Is that...?” He asks


“Oh, yeah. Sure,” Ilie, and stepped forward to touch his temple. I entered his mind:

Keefe is sitting on the couch with Ro in the corner, and his dad stepped in the room

Keefe put his hands behind his head and leaned back on to the couch. “What did you need me for, father dearest?”

Keefe’s dad sits at the small couch next to Keefe.

“I’ve been in touch with the Smith family,”

“Who’s the ‘Smith family’” Keefe says, mimicking his dad’s voice completely.

Lord Cassius scowles.

“I’m getting to it-”

“So then get to it,” Keefe says, still mimicking him.

“I will. So anyway, you are not bringing any honor to the Sencen name-”

Ro snickers in the corner, interrupting him yet again. “You got that right,”

“I agree,” Keefe implies.

“Why is she staying here again?” Lord Cassius asks.

“Because, Lord Noseypants I’m the only living creature who cares about your Lord Hunkeyhair,”


“Anyway,” Lord Cassius begins completely ignoring Ro and turns to Keefe who now put his feet on the table and is grinning. “You are now engaged to their daughter, Jasmine.”

Keefe bolts up and stops grinning.

“What did you say?”

“This topic will no longer be discussed,” Lord Cassius says, getting up and heading towards the door.

His dad is still horrible.


“Oh, I’m sorry, Keefe,” I mumble and step back, looking at his boots.

“Yeah,” He says.

There is an awkward silence.

While I am still confused with myself.

Why am I jealous?

“Hey Sophie?” Keefe asks as I look up.


Keefe clears his throat and straightens his shirt collar. “I really missed you and I.... was miserable- I couldn’t sleep, eat or even talk,” Keefe takes a deep breath and looks at me. “What I’m trying to say is that I can’t live without you.... it’s almost like you’re a part of me and... I have feelings for you,”

“W-what do you mean?” I ask- this is a joke. Keefe don’t-

“I love you,”

As soon as those three words hit me I feel like the box is opening.

You killed over a hundred innocent people.

Kids are orphans because of you.

Keefe deserves someone better.

And that box closed up again.

I look away. “Y-you can’t”

Keefe backs up a bit.

“What? S-”

“You can’t love me. No one can. Don’t you see, Keefe? I’m dead.” As soon as those words left my mouth and hits my ears, I want to cry.

The truth is out.

I am dead.

Well... mentally.

“Sophie, no. I can bring you back,” Keefe replies, reaching for my hand.

Did he seriously say that?

“Don’t be absurd, Keefe! I’m dead. No one can bring me back,” I turn my head away, squeezing my eyes shut; tears coating my tear duct.

“Sophie, please just le-”

“NO!” I step back, almost tripping backwards. I turn my back to Keefe; tears dripping down my cheeks.

“Just go,” my voice cracks, which makes my tears fall faster.

“Sophie don’t-”

He can’t love me.

If only he didn’t meet me.

Maybe there is a way...

“Go. If you don’t, I-I’ll... I-I’ll erase all your memories of me,” I threaten, the lump in my throat increasing at every word I spoke.

“What! Sophie, please listen to me. I just want to see you happy. I promise I’ll keep you safe and I-”

“Keefe, first, nothing will make me happy. Okay? I don’t have a family. Nobody cares about me” I wipe my tears- suddenly glad that I wore waterproof makeup. I whip around and I rub my nose with my hand.

“I care about you, Sophie,” Keefe says, stepping forward. “A ton of people do,”

I step backwards.

“Just GO! Keefe please, just leave me be. Nothing will help. Just leave me alone. Can’t you do that?”

“No, I c-”

“If you truly care about me, then you’ll leave.” I know I am being selfish. As much as I want to go with Keefe. Be with him. I can’t.

I’ll be exiled.

People won’t tolerate that a murder is living within them.


That word feels like a million shards being poked slowly in my body.

Every word I speak feels like the guilt is consuming all the air from my lungs and ripping the skin off my bones.


“Go!” I say, the tears returning. “Please, Keefe, I’m begging you,”

Keefe stays silent for a minute. “Fine! I’ll go! But trust me, Sophie, I’ll come back!” Keefe yells, narrowing his eyes, fumbling for his crystal.

“Don’t come back. Don’t worry about me!” I say, every word I speak is full of sorrow.

Keefe grabs the invisible cloak from my counter and hands it to me.

(A/N Harry Potter reference... lol)

“It makes you invisible... Dex made it. You can keep it.” He says blankly.

I furiously take it.

But inside, my heart is breaking.

It is for the best.

Keefe holds his crystal to the light and looks at me. “I’ll come back, Sophie and-”

“GO!” I interrupt, tears streaming down my face, I hiccup, burying my face into the cloak Keefe gave me.

The last thing I saw is Keefe’s ice-blue eyes filled with hurt as he glitters away.

I sit down and rest my head on the counter table, tears still streaming.

A sob escapes my mouth.

And another.

And another, until I’m crying hysterically.

After two hours, I ran out of tears to cry.

I already missed all of my classes. And I decide not to go to work either.

I smell the cloak- it smells exactly like Keefe.

It somehow calms me.

I hug the cloaked, staring into space, thinking about him. From his eyes and his words, his jokes, hair, hands, his beautiful laugh and how he won’t give up.

I’m drifting off, thinking that Keefe had his arms around me, keeping me safe, like he promised. I fall asleep hearing his laugh and his calming voice.

Keefe loves me.

And I love him back.

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