Back To You

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Chapter 5 - Sophie

I woke up from my peaceful slumber from the sound of my ringtone ringing.

I groaned and picked up my phone

The ringing stopped

Sophie looked at the time 4:30 pm


I had some nap

Victoria called me. She was my boss- modeling job.

The only reason I worked as a model was because I was getting payed- a lot.

I stretched and rubbed my eyes which ached

Well, I did cry a river

Keefe was here

Our argument

I sighed and got up to go to the bathroom

Woah. I looked in the mirror.

I cried so much my mascara was smeared all over my cheeks

I sighed again and grabbed my makeup wipes and mixed ruined face.

I sat on my couch- I didn’t know what to do.

I finished all of my housework, did all of my extra exercise. I was now in my pjs.

I really wanted to see Havenfield.

But I wanted to see Keefe.

But then again, I couldn’t.

I know I’ll be alone forever.

He’s engaged.

I looked at the time; 6:45.


I can’t wait, I’m going to see my old home

My elvin home

I lived there for eleven years

I got up and headed to my bedroom and looked for my home- Havenfield crystal.

I looked in my closet and found my old backpack.

I threw it on my bed and emptied it out. I looked at my belongings. There were my old clothes and some other elvin stuff. The only interesting thing was my home crystal.

I sighed in relief and studied it. I looked at the familiar clear crystal; I placed on my gray sheets.

I quickly headed over to my closet and stumbled as I pulled on my black shoes over my white socks

I hoped I remembered how to light leap- I didn’t want to fade.

I grabbed my crystal and held it up to the light

I took a deep breath and slowly glittered away

* * * *

I inhaled the fresh air; so much different from the forbidden cities

I gasped as I looked up at my huge familiar home


My heart felt heavy as I entered Havenfield and saw the familiar couches and my kitchen- everything was how I remembered

I saw Edaline laughing at the kitchen and Grady smiling

I’m hallucinating

There’s no way their here

“We love you, Sophie,” They overlapped reaching for me

Their last words

It hurt

I felt nothing.

My heart turned into lead, and it sank slowly.

It was like a rock, dropping into the unknown sea

Descending into the deep cold bottom and watching the warm sunlight evaporating from my reach.

A sob escaped from my mouth

I reached for them but they disappeared

A tear trailed down my cheek

I wiped it away and turned to the stairs; it was the first time in 4 years I walked in these halls

I climbed up the stairs, my hand trailing the golden railings

The second floor was Grady, and Edaline’s bedroom and offices

And Jolie’s room

I peeked into their room


I entered their room; the familiar aroma filled my nostrils

My eyes were numb from holding back my tears

I ran out of their room- it was just too hard. To know that they were dead, and it was my fault.

Their daughter’s fault.

They said it isn’t your fault

They said don’t let this break you

They said we love you

I slumped against the wall, letting the tears fall. But none came. I closed my eyes and let a memory come back

"Sophie?” Elwin asked coming outside of the healing center, his eyes were glassy

I straightened and tried to stand on my own but I fell

Keefe caught me

“You okay, Foster?” Keefe asked

No, I wasn’t.

Yesterday Elwin told me my parents were dying

Fitz blamed me

I have a tribunal tomorrow; its public

Mr. Forkle was disappointed

Everyone was

Maybe expect Keefe, Dex, Linh, Tam, Wylie and Biana

I nodded

“Okay, Sophie, Grady and Edaline want to see you,” Elwin softly said, gently patting my back as I stepped forward, Keefe steadying me with his hands on my waist

“Is it okay if I come?” Keefe asked, I looked at Elwin who nodded, eyes still glassy

I entered the healing center, and a tear slipped down as I saw Edaline and Grady

Their cots were side by side, and they were twitching

I choked back a sob as I stepped at the spot between their cots

“Mom, dad?”

“Sophie,” Edaline croaked and pulled her head forward, I stepped closer to their faces

They were burned, head to toe

“I’m so sorry-” I started to say looking back and forth

“Sophie, stop,” Grady interrupted, his voice debilitated. “D-don’t embrace the.... guilt”

He grunted, I bit my lip stopping the sobs from decamping

“Sophie, we love you... don’t break, don’t break.... for us. It... isn’t you f-fault. S-stay happy,” Edaline’s breathing became shallow at every breath. “Please,”

“We support every you’ll make- even if it is that- Keefe. Even if it-t is Keefe,”

Grady grunted again, his breath shallow

Edaline coughed, “We love you, Sophie,”

“We love you.... Sophie,” Grady echoed

I grabbed their hands, tears streaming down my face- I let the sadness transcend me

They’re dying because of me

I’m never forgiving myself

“I love you, mom. I love you, dad,” I managed

A sob escaped my mouth

Edaline and Grady’s face twisted into something like a smile

I tried to smile back, but the tears kept coming

They wouldn’t stop

Their hands became lifeless, they stopped breathing, and their eyes stared into nothing

Their dead

I dropped their hands and covered my face.

The tears wouldn’t stop

I sobed

“Sophie it’s going to be fine,” Keefe said

Keefe, was here

I turned around, falling into his embrace. I let the tears soak into his tunic. I didn’t care if his tunic would be ruined.

I felt numb.

I felt horrible

“T-their..... d-dead,”

When I heard it out loud; I cried harder.

This was real

I’ll never see them again

And it’s all my fault I’ll have to live like that all of my immortal life

“I’m here,” Keefe said, holding me tight, he was gently stroking my hair

“I’m here,” I repeated, not knowing what was I saying

I sighed and got up to go to my old room. I headed up the stairs to my room.

I smiled when I saw the familiar colors, and my old Foxfire uniforms

After a while of just looking around, I opened my nightstand drawer and dug threw it; under a bunch of socks, my hand grazed something hard; it was a ball. I pulled out my old spy ball.

I gasped and sat on my bed- which was so much comfy than my old one

I rubbed it with my hand

Should I use it?

Maybe I could use it to see Keefe

Yep, doing that

“Show me, Keefe Sencen,” I told the spy ball

It showed him in front of a mirror styling his hair and his eyes looked almost- glassy?

Was he crying because of me?

I saw a tear slip down his cheek and one slipped down on mine cheek

He shouldn’t cry because of me

I saw another tear slip down his cheek

I shook my head

And another slipped down Keefe’s cheek

I couldn’t take it anymore

Keefe? I transmitted.

I saw Keefe jump in the spyball. I smiled.

Uh, Sophie?


I did not think this through

What should I say?

Hey, I decided

I saw Keefe smile in the spy ball, which made me smile

What was he doing to me?

Hold up, I’m coming, he thought

What! No, don’t! I transmitted in panic; I stood up, ready to leave.

Why? You’re not home?


Why did I just tell him that?

Then where

Uh, I... NO WHERE!

Ouch, a little too loud, don’t you think?

I... Sorry, I transmitted

So you’re no where?


Did I just say Havenfield?


I’m just...

Havenfield? Okay, wait

I served the connection

Great, now he’s coming

What should I say?

I picked up the spy ball, and Keefe’s gone

Why did I even transmit?

“Show me uh, Dex Dizznee,” I decided

Dex appeared

He’s changed so much he looked so much taller

He was in a tux with a rose; he was in front of Everglen

Problary for Biana-

“Sophie?” I looked up and there he was, Keefe, looking as perfect as ever.

“Keefe,” I said and dropped the spy ball on my bed as Keefe walked towards me

“You’re here,” Keefe scratched the back of his neck when they were a foot away

“Yeah,” I said as an awkward silence stretched between us

“So, you’re staying now?” Keefe asked, as he looked at me with hopeful eyes, but I couldn’t

“I’m sorry, Keefe, but I can’t,” I said trying to step back, but the bed was in the way

“Sophie, look I can’t live without you, okay? I just can’t. So please? I’m basically broken without you,” Keefe said, taking my hand and stepping forward. “I love you,”

My heart fluttered, and I realized how close we were standing. I could feel his breath on my cheeks. I payed attention to his breath.



His eyes were in mine

His gaze was re-building my heart

I used my other hand to gently stroke Keefe’s face

He studied me, intrigued

“Sophie I-”

I put my finger to his lips, interrupting him- silencing him. He grabbed my hand that was on his lips and placed it at his heart.

“I love you, too,” I whispered, my heart was re-built

He smiled and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear. “I can’t stop thinking about you,”

Our eyes locked like magnets. Keefe’s eyes gazed down to my lips.

My breath hitched as Keefe slowly leaned in silently questioning with his eyes

I closed my eyes and gave him a slight nodded

Nothing happened for a few moments and I think I mistook him, but just as I was about to open my eyes, I felt Keefe’s lip against mine.

I suddenly understand why people describe kissing as melting because every square inch of my body dissolves into Keefe’s. My fingers grip Keefe’s hair, pulling him closer. I set my other arm around Keefe’s neck. While Keefe laid his arms around my waist. I can feel my veins throb, and my heart explodes.

I’ve never wanted anyone this badly


I inhale Keefe’s shaving cream, his shampoo, and that extra scent that’s just... him. The most idiosyncratic smell I could ever imagine.

After what feels like hours, we break apart.

“I’m just... woah,” Keefe says, blinking as if he was daydreaming

I laughed- the first time in four years

Keefe looked down at me, grinning. “Did you know your laugh sounds amazing,”

“Well, that is probably the best thing I’ve done in like- ever,”

Keefe rolled his eyes jokingly. “Obliviously”

“Haha very funny,” I said as I rolled my eyes

Keefe pulled me closer- so close our chest touched. He leaned in and whispered. “You know, I love you very much,”

I smiled as a faint blush appeared on my cheeks and I leaned towards his ear and whispered, “I know,”

I felt Keefe plant his lips on my cheek, he slowly lets go

And he pulls me into a hug

He had his hands on my back while I had my arms on his shoulders and my hands met at the back of his neck

We stayed like that for a few minutes

I pulled away, remembering that Keefe was engaged

“What happened?” Keefe asked, his finger pressing the crease between my eyebrows

“Y-your engaged, remember?” I said, leaning into his soft hand.

“Pfft, that?” Keefe asked as he tore his hand through his hair. “Ro, will probably threaten my dad or something,”

“Or something?” I asked, as I shook my head.

“Relax, Soph, I’ll figure out something,” Keefe said cupping my face, and I relaxed at his touched- fireworks erupted all over my face

“You sure?” I asked.

“Positive” He nodded


Keefe stared into my eyes, I feel myself lose myself through his intense gaze

He put his hand in my hair and leaned in, his eyes closed, I copied him and my lips met his. Keefe’s warm, luscious lips part mine and I feel his tongue slightly against mine. I melt into the kiss as Keefe tilts his head to deepen our perfect kiss.

We pull away, but then Keefe leans in again at the same time I pull him closer. Keefe had so much momentum he fell on top of me at the same time I fell backwards and landed on my bed.

My eyes widen as Keefe’s lips smashed against mine

When I try to pull away, Keefe rolls so that now I’m lying on top of him. I give up and kiss him back.

My hands tangled up in his hair as he has his hands on my back- keeping me from getting up

Eventually, we pull away

I’m pretty sure that I’m blushing head to toe

Keefe was for sure

I scrambled up; I offered Keefe my hand to help him up, and he judiciously took it.

“I still can’t believe Sophie’s gone,” a voice said

Keefe widened his eyes and whispered: “Dex”


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