Back To You

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Chapter 6 - Sophie

The first thing that came to my head was teleport.

No cliff

The ceiling wasn’t high enough

I looked at Keefe for anything slightly questioning with my eyes. Anything at all.

He mouthed “the bathroom”. I scrambled to the towards the bathroom but I was too late



Keefe jumped in front of me but it was too late, Dex already saw me

“Sophie?” A different voice, one that I can’t place but sounds so familiar. I take a deep breath and step out of Keefe’s shadow.

It was Dex and Biana; I looked back and forth at my best friends; staring into their periwinkle and teal eyes. I feel my heartbeat race again and I give them a slight wave.

“Keefe Sencen if this is a prank- you’re dead,” Biana threatened to Keefe glaring into his soul with her beautiful teal eyes

Keefe let out a nervous laugh. “No-no this is Sophie, she’s alive,”

“Hi, guys,” I said, wanting to cover my face with my hands but I stared at them.

My best friends.

They both gasp and step forward

“It’s really you- Sophie Foster?” Dex asked, rubbing his eyes

I nod

Biana ran towards me and embraced me, warming me. I felt like the sun was flooding my soul. Tears coated and tear duct as I hugged her back. My heart throbbed with happiness. A tear streamed down my cheek- but this was different instead of feeling self-pity, lugubrious, and indignant I felt happy.

Biana leaned back to look at me. She looked like she was crying too. She let out a happy sob. “I thought you were dead,” Biana held me tighter.

I felt another pair of arms wrap me. It was Dex. I let go of Biana and enter Dex’s embrace

“Dex,” I lean back to meet his periwinkle eyes. He blinked his eyes

“I can’t believe it’s actually you.” He held me tighter and I saw a tear trail down his cheek

After we broke apart I wiped a tear from my cheeks

“Sophie,” Biana’s voice broke and pulled me into a hug again.

“Biana,” I buried my head in her neck.

“You guys are going to make me cry,” Keefe said and made a big group hug. With all of us in a circle with Dex and Biana on either side of me. We stayed like that for a while

“Sophie, I missed you so so so much,” Biana broke the silence

I felt my tears coming back but I held them back. “I missed you- all, too”

After a while feeling safe in my friend’s arms I sighed. “You guys probably have some questions,”

“We do but, all that matters is that you’re here,” Biana smiled and I smiled back. Biana’s eyes trailed down my body and looked back up. I felt myself heat up. “Y-you seem different,”

My blush faded and I looked at her discombobulated. “What?”

“Like older,” Biana studied me

“Thanks?” I asked questioningly

“Almost like Councillor Oralie,”

“Oh,” I looked at the floor as Dex stared at me

“It doesn’t matter,” Keefe said, saving me from answering

Biana looked at Keefe and nodded. “Your right,”

She looked back at me. “How was Keefe here first?

“I...” I looked at Keefe, hoping he had an answer

Truth? I transmitted to Keefe. He jumped and nodded

“Keefe came yesterday to my house in the forbidden cities,”

“Yesterday?” Dex asked at the same time Biana said: “Forbidden cities?”


“Keefe you went yesterday?” Dex said, shaking his head.

“Forbidden cities?” Biana repeated. “You were in the Forbidden cities?”

“I know and I’m so sorry. I made everyone miserable. It was all my f-”

“Sophie stop,” Keefe said, shaking his head

I did it again

Made Keefe stop me from making myself feel guilty

And everyone else feel horrible

“Sophie seriously, stop,” Keefe said, stepping forward, and I stumbled back a step

I felt a change in feeling

Happy to dreadful

“I’m sorry, Keefe. I must be throwing all these emotions at you, especially the guilt,” I shook my head. “You should just.... stay away from me- all of you should. I made a mistake coming back.” I mentally slapped myself when I saw their inconsolable expressions

I screwed up again

I shouldn’t have set up the bombs

I shouldn’t have talked to Keefe

I shouldn’t have come to Havenfield

I shouldn’t have kissed Keefe

I shouldn’t love him and he shouldn’t either

Who would love me?

My healed heart shattered into a million pieces

Maybe I should just leave this world

No, Edaline and Grady wouldn’t want that

Maybe I could erase Keefe, Dex, and Biana’s memories from today

I stepped back



Until I was at my door. “I-I should go,”

“Sophie wait-” Keefe said, reaching for me

“N-no,” I stepped back

“Sophie please don’t leave again,” Dex said, he had tears in his eyes

“Please,” Biana pleaded

My heart throbbed from hurt

Tears streamed down my face. “I have to go, don’t follow me,”

“Sophie don’t go- I can’t live without you,” Keefe pleaded and walked forward as I walked backward colliding with the wall. Keefe grabbed my hand. I flinched at his touch.

“D-don’t follow me,” I repeated and tears streamed down my face and I yanked my arm away. “I hope you and Jasmine live happily. You’ll live so happily you won’t even have time to think about me. Just MOVE ON!”

Keefe’s eyes turned glassy. “But I want you,”

I squeezed my eyes shut. This was killing me bit by bit. I leaned in and kissed him softly- this will be the last time I’ll do this. His minty taste lingered in my mouth as I pulled away. “Goodbye, Keefe,”

“N-no, please, Sophie,” Keefe grabbed my arm as I tried to step away. Tears were smeared against his cheeks

“Let me go, Keefe,” I yanked my arm away as hard as I could and looked behind him. “I’ll erase your memories if any of you follow me.”

“Sophie, please.” He repeated

“Goodbye, Keefe,” I said, and turned away. “You’ll be glad- n-nevermind. Just goodbye,”

I took off running downstairs inhaling the scent of Havenfield one last time and I ran outside. I knew Keefe was chasing me and I ran harder than ever. I felt my scrunchie fall off my hair and wind whipped through my wild hair as I ran even harder.

“Sophie!” I heard Keefe’s voice and my tears fell out of my eyes. Tears desended from my eyes like a broken necklace of pearls. I concentrated and a void split in front of me. I fell into it and thought of my house in the Forbidden cities.

Here I am again.

In the same place, I was in 4 years and 88 days ago

Running away from my mistakes

Sophie Foster

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