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Chapter 7 - Sophie

I stumbled out my keys and opened the front door. I wiped my nose and stepped into my house. I opened my closet and grabbed my suitcase; I threw all my clothes into my suitcase. I stumbled out of my closet with my suitcase trailing behind me; I dropped the suitcase on the floor, and got all of my beauty supplies from my bathroom.

I avoided my gaze in the mirror as I grabbed all of my makeup.

I replayed with had just happened

Happiness to sadness

Forgiven to unforgiven

Love to hate for myself

Hopeful to unhopeful

It’s amazing what can change in a few minutes

I sighed and looked into the mirror, my eyes were bloodshot and my cheeks were blotchy.

I sighed and grabbed my towel, ripped jeans, yellow full sleeves shirt. I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the shower, letting the cold water sweep through me

Keefe will come

I quickly hurried with my shower and grabbed my towel. I dried myself and pulled on clothes. I straightened my overlong hair and added some light makeup. I put my makeup in my bag.

Don’t forget Ella

I headed to my bedroom and grabbed my stuffed elephant. My eyes lingered to my bulletin board. I walked over to it and ripped all the drawings off it but kept the picture of me and parents. These were the people I love.

The people I love

I grabbed the photo of Keefe. I folded it neatly and gently placed it in my back pocket

I headed to my kitchen and grabbed my backpack, making sure everything was there. I grabbed my keys.

I looked at my house one last time

This house got me through four years of my life

But now, I have a new beginning

A convalescent one

I’m done feeling sorry for myself

Done crying

I’m taking my miserable heart and turning it inside out

I’m the stronger Sophie Foster.

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