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Chapter 8 - Keefe

Sophie looked at me, silently questioning her eyes. I was still vertiginous from our kiss, but she still didn’t tell me if she was staying or not. I can still feel guilt raiding off her. She looked at me again as Dex came closer. I mouthed the bathroom, she nodded and quickly walked towards the bathroom but Dex was already here. I jumped in front of Sophie even though I knew it was too late

“Sophie?” It was Dex. I looked their way and saw that Biana was there too, rubbing her eyes.

“Sophie?” Biana asked

Sophie stepped out of my shadow. She looked back and forth and gave them a slight wave. It would’ve been cute if in a different circumstance.

“Keefe Sencen if this is a prank- you’re dead,” Biana threatened. I felt like her teal eyes were burning holes into my soul.

I let out a nervous laugh. “No-no this is Sophie, she’s alive,”

Dex’s eyes widened as he stepped forward

“Hi, guys,” Sophie said, not breaking eye contact. I had expected her to hide behind her curtain of hair.

Biana and Dex both gasp

“It’s really you- Sophie Foster?” Dex asked, rubbing his eyes

Sophie nodded

Biana ran forward and held Sophie in her arms. Sophie felt happy, optimistic, and just.... Happy. Biana leaned to look at Sophie and let out a happy sob.

“I thought you were dead,” Biana held her tighter

I stepped back to give them some space while Dex was standing there in shock, his face expression was priceless. I honestly wanted to laugh but held myself together. He walked forward, and made their hug a group hug. Sophie moved from Biana’s arm to Dex’s.


“I can’t believe it’s you.” Dex held Sophie tighter and I saw a tear trail down his cheek.

When broke apart Sophie wiped a tear from her cheeks

“Sophie,” Biana’s voice broke and pulled Sophie into a hug again.

“Biana,” Sophie buried her head in Biana’s neck.

Sophie’s emotions were so strong, my heart felt heavy

“You guys are going to make me cry,” I said and made a big group hug. With all of us in a circle with Dex and Biana on either side of me. We stayed like that for a while.

“Sophie, I missed you so so so much,” Biana broke the silence

Sophie’s eyes turned glassy. “I missed you- all, too”

After a few minutes of silence, Sophie sighed. “You guys probably have some questions,”

“We do but, all that matters is that you’re here,” Biana smiled and Sophie smiled back. Biana’s eyes trailed down Sophie’s body and she looked back up. Sophie felt embarrassed. “Y-you seem different,”

And she did- a lot. When I first saw her I felt a tightening in my chest. There was this creeping tingle that ran behind my backbone. My eyes refocus and it becomes much more lucid and more apparent to see. She looked hot. But I’m not trying to come off too strong.

Sophie’s feelings felt more confused than embarrassed. “What?”

“Thanks?” Sophie asked questioningly

“Almost like Councillor Oralie,”


“Oh,” Sophie looked at the floor as Dex stared at her

“It doesn’t matter,” I said, Sophie looked at me and her emotions filled with relief and love

Job well done, Keefe

Biana stared at me and shook her head. “You’re right,”

She looked back at Sophie. “How was Keefe here first?”


“I...” Sophie’s voice trailed off, and she looked at me

TRUTH? I jumped and realized that Sophie had transmitted. I nodded. To be honest, I hate when she does that- it felt like a ton of splinters picking my brain.

“Keefe came yesterday to my house in the forbidden cities,” Sophie answered

“Yesterday?” Dex asked at the same time Biana said: “Forbidden cities?”

“Yeah...” Sophie’s voice trailed off

“Keefe you went yesterday?” Dex said, shaking his head.

“Forbidden cities?” Biana repeated. “You were in the Forbidden cities?”

Sophie’s emotions felt a little down- it was guilt

“I know and I’m so sorry. I made everyone miserable. It was all my f-”

“Sophie stop,” I interrupted, shaking my head. She needs to stop blaming herself

Sophie’s emotions felt stronger, there was guilt, humiliation, degradation and a ton of other guilt

“Sophie seriously, stop,” I said

She felt even worse

Dex and Biana looked sympathetically at Sophie

“I’m sorry, Keefe. I must be throwing all these emotions at you, especially the guilt,” Sophie shook her head. “You should just.... stay away from me- all of you should. I made a mistake coming back.”


A mistake


I tried to talk, but I felt inconsolable, heart-broken. I ran my hand through my hair not caring about it for once

Sophie felt way too guilty. How could someone feel so guilty and not break? She’s probably holding on for Grady and Edaline.

Sophie stepped back

Two, no four steps. Every step she took felt like someone was shrinking me, and my heart felt heavier. She stopped at her door.

“I-I should go,”


“Sophie wait-” I began, reaching for Sophie

“N-no,” Sophie stepped back

“Sophie please don’t leave again,” Dex said

“Please,” Biana pleaded

Sophie’s emotions were consuming me. I’ve never felt anyone who was this hurt.

Happiness is like a wave for Sophie and sadness is like the innermost depth of an ocean

Her crying eyes glistened like morning frost. “I have to go, don’t follow me,”

I remembered how miserable I was at her Wandering. Every second without her felt like I was drowning in the thickness of my sadness.

I couldn’t go through that again

“Sophie don’t go- I can’t live without you,” I pleaded and walked forward as Sophie walked backward colliding with the wall. I grabbed her hand. Sophie flinched at my touch.

My heart was in my throat

My heart had a crack, and Sophie was ripping it in half

“D-don’t follow me,” Sophie repeated and tears streamed down her face like drops of wax, flowed out of her eyes and she yanked her arm away from me. “I hope you and Jasmine live happily. You’ll live so happily you won’t even have time to think about me. Just MOVE ON!”

Her words hurt more than knives

Her words hurt more than the Everblaze

Her words hurt more than swords

Than a spear pricing through my body

My eyes felt numb from holding back tears. “But I want you,”

Sophie squeezed her eyes shut, and tears were coating her tear duct. Sophie leaned up and her lips met my and her familiar taste erupted in my mouth, but she pulled away too quickly so that I couldn’t kiss her back. Tears dropped onto my cheeks and I quickly smeared them. “Goodbye, Keefe,”

I felt a sharp jolt of pain in my heart. I grabbed her arm. “N-no, please, Sophie,”

“Let me go, Keefe,” Sophie yanked her arm away again. I stared into her striking brown eyes as she looked behind me. “I’ll erase your memories if any of you follow me.”


She wouldn’t... Would she?

“Sophie, please,” I repeated, tears fell on Sophie’s cheeks

“Goodbye, Keefe,” Sophie’s voice broke and turned away. “You’ll be glad- n-nevermind. Just goodbye,”

Sophie took off running downstairs, while I was in too much shock. When I finally felt like my life was turning a U-turn from the miserable road- here I am again. Maybe there’s still a chance

I take off sprinting to follow Sophie. When I ran outside I looked around. I saw a small figure running towards Calla’s tree.

“SOPHIE!” I yelled I ran to the place where she was

But I was too late.

I saw her hair tie on the grass. I dropped to my knees and gently picked it up

Streaming tears cleansed my red cheeks. Few droplets remained, forgetting their way as the path was swept from beneath them, consequently blurring my vision with waves of sadness. The salty release calmly flowed into my mouth so that I could taste my sorrow.

Sophie’s gone, but I’ll get her back

I need her

And. I. Won’t. Give. Up.

For Sophie

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