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Chapter 9 - Sophie

A year later

I’m growing popular over this year. I work as a model and I’m a Harvard student. My doctor said I recovered from my depression a month ago. And I’m keeping it that way

Today, I’m sitting at my table and filling out taxes

Not the most compelling thing

I try hard not to think about last year- but I get nightmares. It’s not new, though. I can’t help thinking about Keefe and how he probably has a family now. I told him myself to move on but I’m the one who can’t- I always have his representation in my back pocket. As much I hate to admit, I love him. I always get chills or tender feelings when I think about him.

My phone started to ring

I groaned.

Why can’t the world just go away?

It was said: Unknown

Should I pick up?

What could hurt?

“Hello?” I asked as I looked down at the paper in front of me

The person on the other end choked.

I scrunch my eyebrows together

“Um, hello? Who is this?” I ordered

The unknown caller cleared their throat. “Hi is this Allison?”

I know that voice- it’s my boss, Savannah. “Uh, Savannah?”

“Yes, it’s me”

“Why are you calling on this number?” I asked, nibbling on the end of my pen

“No reason!” Savannah said, immediately

That was uncanny- Savannah usually comes up with a snarky comeback

I released my pen. “Okay... so what did you call for?”

“I want you to meet someone, dear,”


“Savannah, are you feeling okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Because you’re acting different

“Okay, so anyway, you want me to meet someone?” I asked, ignoring her last comment

“Yes, so could you come today at The Cheesecake Factory at 9:30?”

9:30? That’s pretty late. But I have to say yes to Savannah, she’s pretty demanding

“Sure, who do you want me to meet?”

“A guy named, Colton,” Savannah started. “It’s about your career,”

That doesn’t sound so good. “Okay. So where do-”

“Meet him at the front door. He has brown hair and brown eyes.”

Brown eyes- the color of my eyes. The color- who hurt so many people. Broke Keefe’s heart. Killed more than a hundred people. Made-

No, stop Sophie. Don’t embrace the guilt

“Okay, thanks, Savannah,”

“No problem, sweetie,”


“Bye, Savannah,”

“Bye, bye dear,”

I hung up. Her new character was- I’ll admit just plain creepy. I looked up at the time- 8:45.

I got up and headed to my closet and got out my maroon cropped loose sweater and matched it with tight light blue jeans

**After shower**

I pulled on my clothes and looked in the mirror and grasped my makeup. I went with a natural look but added eyeliner. I draped my black purse across my chest. I looked in the mirror and I promptly curled my hair. Once I was satisfied with my look, I grabbed my watch and strapped it around my wrist, looking at the time- 9:21.

I grabbed my unhygienic clothes and walked out of my bathroom and headed to my laundry. Before I put the clothes in the machine I went through the pockets until I found Keefe’s icon

I stared into his laughing ice-blue eyes. Whenever I stare at him I feel like I’m climbing into a warm bed on a cold night- I feel warm and cozy like I was living in a bubble where all I could think about is him.

I sighed and put Keefe’s picture and my phone in my back pocket

**At the restaurant**

Colton was waiting in front of the restaurant. His hair seemed so familiar- he genuinely seemed familiar but I must be hallucinating. I never met someone with brown hair and brown eyes. He looked pretty good- like a movie star

I walked over to him and shook his hand. “Hi, Colton did Savannah send you?”

Colton was tranquil for a moment, he was gawking at my hand and I quickly pulled away. I cleared my throat

“Uh, yeah.” He swung his head. “I’m sorry. I blacked out for a second,”

“D-don’t worry about it.” Something about his voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it; it must be nothing, though. I scrutinized him for a second too long. I force myself to split my eyes away from his and rub my eyes, considerately

Colton cleared his throat

“Uh, shall we?” Colton opened the door for me

I agreed and I walked in. “Thanks,”

“No problem,” Colton answered and walked in. “Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll get our table?”

I nodded and sat at their seating area. I discreetly took out the portrait of Keefe. I felt myself swimming in his striking eyes

“Allison?” Colton requested

“Coming,” I bolted up and placed his picture in my back pocket

We followed the waitress to the back of the restaurant. The table was in the corner, two chairs on either side.

Colton pulls out the chair for me and I try my best not to flush as I sit down. He sits down across from me.

“Anything to drink?” The waitress proposes

“I’ll take a water,” I say as I pull my purse and let it drape the chair

“Lemonade,” Colton says

“Okay so, water and lemonade.”

Colton nods

“Okay, I’ll be back,” the waitress turns away

“So, what did Savannah want us to talk about?” I ask Colton

Colton stays silent for a minute. “Why don’t we eat first? I’m pretty hungry,”

I gave him a bewildered look and when I was about to open my mouth to argue but I closed it- maybe I should move on. Colton seems like a nice guy

“Okay, if that’s what you want,”

Colton grinned. But it looked so familiar.

But how?

I don’t know

“Here are your drinks,” the waitress said, she set the water in front of me and the lemonade in front of Colton. “Do you want your appetizer?

“I’ll skip the appetizer- could I have the vegetarian burger with some fries?” I request

“Vegetarian burger,” the waitress wrote it down in her notebook, and then she looked at Colton. “What about you, dear?”

“Oh- I, uh, I-I’ll take the same thing,” he stammered

I hid my smile with my hand.

“Okay, we’ll get it ready,” the waitress said and walked away

We sat in ponderous silence and I took a sip of my water

“So, Colton what do you do... like for a living?” I asked, breaking the awkward silence

He looked at me ambiguously. “W-what?”

I lean back in astonishment

“Like what’s... what’s your career?” I ask

“Oh, that,” Colton thought for a second. “I, uh, I’m the type of people who work with tools and help people in t-the hospital?”

I tilt my head to study him. “A doctor?”

“Yes, an actor,” Colton nodded

I almost choked on my water holding back my laughter. “A doctor. With a D”

“Oh! Yeah, my bad. A doctor,” Colton shook his head. “Sorry,”

Colton took a sip of his lemonade and made a nauseated face as he pursed his lips. “Sour,”

I laughed. “It’s lemonade. It’s supposed to be sour,”

Colton smirked and I instantaneously quit laughing to stare at his lips- his smirk

Could it be Keefe?

No, Colton can speak perfect English

He had brown hair and eyes

But was so much like Keefe

Colton cleared his throat, interrupting me from my thoughts

“What’s wrong Fo-Allison,”

Did he-

No, it’s not Keefe. He’s married

“Did you just say Fo-Allison?”

Colton looked at me with doubt. “No, I didn’t,”

He didn’t break eye-contact.

He’s a human

He has to be

“Okay here are your orders,” the waitress put our dishes in front of us

“Thanks,” I spoke

“No problem, anything else?” The waitress asked

“No thanks,” I answer and the waitress nods and leaves

I start to tap my feet and my stomach was full

I shouldn’t have drunk so much water. “Uh, I’ll be back, Colton,”

He nods as I get up to go to the bathroom and I remove my phone out of back pocket to check my emails

**After the bathroom**

I checked my back pocket for Keefe’s picture as I walked back to the table

It’s not there

I double-check my pocket, my other pocket.

It’s. Not. There

I look around. The floor, under the empty tables. But I couldn’t find it

I sighed and headed back to my table- it was probably there. It had to be

“Hey,” Colton said, beaming.

Why was he beaming?

I sat down, looking everywhere- from the floor to under my try. “Are you looking for something?”

I nodded and rubbed my temple in distress.

“Is this it?” Colton asked handing me Keefe’s photo

I blushed and I hoped he didn’t look at it. I let out a breath and took it from him. “Yeah, thanks,”

Colton took a bite of his half-eaten burger as I put the picture in my purse. “I uh, accidentally look at it. Who is it?”

I bit my lip as I looked at the floor, hoping he didn’t see my blush. “It’s a-a.... old friend,”

“Old friend- when?” He asked I was still looking at the floor bypassing to see his expression

“The last time I saw him was last year,” I answer

“You didn’t meet him or say hi?” Colton asked. I looked up to meet his eyes and made a doubtful expression

I didn’t want to sound rude- so I decided to answer, but truthfully, talking to Colton was effortless

“He’s probably married. And w-whenever I see anyone of my old friends I tend to upset them like worrying them. I made a huge mistake a few years ago and I feel like nobody forgave me- I mean who would, I made an immense mistake.” I shook my head, tears coating my tear duct but I quickly blinked them away and whispered: “No one will ever forgive me,”

I stared into Colton’s eyes and realized what I just said and mentally punched myself. “I’m sorry I just poured my feelings out I’m-”

“No, don’t apologize.” Colton stared at me with his light brown eyes.

Wait light brown?

I remember explicitly that his eyes were dark brown

“What if your friend didn’t get married?” Colton asked

“W-what?” I asked the burger in mouth turned insipid

“If your friend didn’t get married?”

What if he didn’t?

It doesn’t matter. I’m not going back even if it’s the last thing I do

“It doesn’t matter. I said some pretty upsetting words. But I can’t get over him. I love him-” I stopped myself.

I was going to move on

I mentally facepalmed myself. I just told Colton I loved Keefe

That’s not moving on, Sophie

“Oh,” Colton’s lips were twitching but I’m more focused on his hair it’s light brown too- but it was dark brown.

“I-I’m sorry but why is your hair turning lighter?”

“Lighter?” Colton asked, turning his head failing to look at his hair

Colton laughed randomly and he pulled his light gray hood from his jean jacket on his head- his hood covered his hair and a bit of his eyes. “Is it getting cold here?”

“I don’t know,” I manage, staring at his eyes and hair- they were changing color

My heartbeat rose as I narrowed my eyes and I lean forward to push his hood off his forehead

Ice blue and blond

A ton of emotions hit me

Happiness, oppression, propitious

But there was one I could make out the most perspicuous emotion


My hands balled into fists and I cussed under my breath

“Surprise!” Keefe showed me his jazz hands

"Keefe,” I ′growled

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