Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Scarlett's life doesn't know when it would come down from being up in the air. But with the friendship of other werewolves, she's able to overcome just about anything, if she could put her mind to it. And does that include vampires and the yakuza?

Romance / Action
Holly V.
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Recovery

Scarlett stayed in that hospital for about two weeks before she was released to recover at home as she was still wrapping her mind around as seeing that she was a werewolf but she didn't look like one, more as though like a fox, not that she minded she just hated being in hospitals all together even the mafia owned ones. Yeah, some of those can be pretty shady and if you’re lucky enough, you wouldn’t get a bed that was covered in blood and smelt like piss. While during those two weeks Scarlett had visits from everyone, Jasper pretty much stayed right by Scarlett’s side. Often shifting into Ares to lay comfortably on the floor by her side. Ashley would sit with her and talk, just about anything and that’s when Ashley shared that she was poisoned a long time ago and was now struggling to have kids. Scarlett felt her heartbreak for Ashley while she tried to play the strong woman, but her eyes gave her away pretty easily. When a topic of children would be brought up she would have this distant look like she was looking out into the vast sea searching for something that she lost out there.

On one of the days while Ashley was visiting Scarlett was reading one of her mother’s spell books while Ares had his head on her lap. Perking up the wolf made a husky sound his tail wagging as he trotted up to her. Ares was an emotional support wolf that likes making people smile and feel like they’re not alone. From what Jasper had told Scarlett one of those hospitals stays he named his wolf Ares is because he feels that there is a never-ending war inside his head, but after he met Scarlett he felt at peace from that mental war. Ashley smiled and petted Ares head as his tail wags, he acts more like a husky than a wolf pretty much most of the time, but he goes out for runs every morning and at night checking the surrounding area of the house.

Closing the old leather-bound book with symbols of Wicca on it, Scarlett laid the book on the bedside table but she didn’t get it fully on the table. The heavy book felled on the hospital’s tile floor.

“Fuck, ” Scarlett muttered under her breath as she ran a hand down her face pretty glad that she wasn’t wearing makeup which is a first. Because she never felt like she was fully completed without it, but it did always feel nice taking it off.

“I got it, ” Ashley said as she walked up to Scarlett’s bedside and picked up the book. “Shit this is heavier than it looks.”

“Yeah good gift from my mother,” Scarlett told Ashley with a small smile on her lips.

“Oh, she likes books?” Ashley asked as she set the book on the bedside table away from the edge so it doesn’t fall again.

Scarlett leaned back in the bed bitting inside of her lip and cheeks.“Well she’s a witch and she left me some of her spell books to maybe follow in her footsteps and I don’t know much about her.”

“How come?” Ashley pulled up one of the two chairs in the room up to Scarlett’s bedside before sitting down by her side. It had only taken a few days before Scarlett would talk to another person about any of her business and so far she had made some new friends. Hopefully not enemies whereas she was in the mob.

“Well, she died before I could get to know but she isn’t dead. She’s like stuck in the limbo of some sort of a parallel world?” Scarlett said the last part as though she didn’t believe it.

Ashley looked at Scarlett confused at what she told her. Well yeah, it’s understandable why she would be confused, it confused the hell out of Scarlett too.

“Sorry I guess it is a lot to take in really, but so far my leg is feeling a lot better. Hopefully, I can wear my heels again.”

“It is really but in a way, I guess it isn’t stranger things can happen. Like vampires” Ashley let out a nervous laugh, “oh that’s great to hear, but maybe try not to push yourself.”

“Yeah, it is I’m glad to go back home and maybe get some work done. Gernhard took care of most of my business while I was here.”

“Gernhard?” Ashley asked as she poured water from the pale pink pitcher into two disposable cups for them. Ice splashed into the cups with water. She didn’t know but the water and ice chips always tasted good from the hospital and strangely pickles sounded good.

“Ah, that would be me miss, ” Gernhard said as he stood in the doorway taking off his hat with a pearly white smile.

It was good to see Gernhard again, he was only about to visit a few times into the week before flying out to Japan to meet with the Oni Serpents boss.

“How was your flight dear?” Scarlett asked sounding like a housewife and she is very far from it. Gernhard walked over to Scarlett on the other side of the bed and kissed her deep and passionate along with slipping a little tongue. Scarlett moaned in the kiss and Gernhard pulled away making her whine with wanting. With a soft blush and a little hazy Scarlett heard someone clearing their throat from the doorway.

Looking over Gernhard’s huge shoulder she saw a man holding a potted plant a Dragon Lily. The man has black hair, black tired-looking eyes that looked like they were just swimming in sorrow. He slims built yet muscular like a toned boxer or even tracks star wearing business casual. Dark wash jeans, dark brown loafers, a navy blue sweater with a dark grey dress button-up shirt under and a black blazer jacket, the outfit looked great on his body it made Scarlett growl. Gernhard looked at Scarlett surprised and while the mystery man stood there he adjusted his pants as he locked eyes with Scarlett.

“I’ll leave and let you guys have your privacy,” Ashley said as she stood up from her chair.

“Thanks for visiting me again Ashley it was great having a friend to talk to,” Scarlett told Ashley as she stood at the door.

“It was great talking to you too it was like having a family member to talk to.”

“Let’s meet up for drinks of coffee?” Scarlett suggested with a soft smile that was warm if she hadn’t been paying attention Scarlett wouldn’t have seen that the mystery man’s eyes had turned a light brown before going back to the darker color.

“Sounds great I’ll give Jasper my card so you can call and we come up with a day. Later,” Ashley waved her hand before walking out the room and down the hall.

“Darling this is Hon Ming Lao, Itona’s right-hand man of the Oni Serpents. They want my shop to make their suits,” Gernhard smiled as he stuffed his hands in the pockets of his dark green silk vest.

“Oh that’s great to hear,” Scarlett smiles.

Hon looked at Scarlett with a growing blush and set the potted flower on the bedside table next to the book and bowed.

“It is a pleasure to meet a beautiful woman, I heard what happened and I thought I would bring flowers, but they pale in you’re beauty,” Hon said as he smiled at Scarlett with a charming smile. Blushing Scarlett’s wolf ears and tail pops out with no warning surprising everyone in the room. Even Ares blinked dumbfounded looking at his mate and even shook his head.

“Sorry about that I uh just found out I’m a wolf, well not just a wolf alpha and gamma too.” She rubbed the back of her neck.

“Uh we should um let you get some rest,” Jasper said as he was just wearing sweat pants.

“Good idea.” Gernhard guided both men out of the room and smiled at Scarlett before leaving her alone in her thoughts.

Grabbing the pillow behind her Scarlett hid her face in it feeling like a teenager all over again.

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