Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 10: Potions

Scarlett was down in her witch's room with her little black cauldron was bubbling as she was preparing the potion for Ashley. She had to run some tests on it and she didn't want to test it on her. That would pretty much ruin their friendship. Holding her stomach Scarlett paced the room allowing the potion to brew before pouring it into a vial. Putting a cork in it she walked back upstairs with the vial in hand. Looking down at her stomach she didn't know what she'll be having or how many but one thing is for sure she feels like a whale in anything she wears and even the slimming outfits.

Maternity clothes came in light colors and she didn't like it, she hated colors and just always worn mostly black with some grey tones if she felt like it. It was something she was the most comfortable in and it was easy to hide bloodstains of course. Though even if she just sits at her desk filing paperwork looking through lists of people who owe her money on their debts and then there are the offshore accounts as well. She just sweats like crazy no matter how old she would have the office or home. And poor Princess she has to cuddle with Jasper to stay warm or wear a little sweater.

A lizard wearing a sweater how very strange, but yet something very interesting you never would have thought to see. Setting the vial on the kitchen counter Scarlett grabbed the tea kettle from off the stove and walked to the sink to fill it up with water to make tea. Sage kicked open the door with a loud bang making Scarlett drop the kettle on the kitchen floor spilling water everywhere.

"Sage what the fuck is wrong with you?!" Scarlett screamed at Sage being drenched in water.

"Oops," Sage giggles covering her mouth with her hand smiling. Knowing that if Scarlett had a gun she wouldn't shoot her, "my bad I just thought I would pop by and surprise you with some mommy slippers!" Sage held up a pair of bunny slippers in her hand.

"I'm gonna go change I'm wet," Scarlett said as she walked out the kitchen forgetting the potion on the counter.

Sage saw the vial on the counter and picked it up curious seeing a violet color liquid inside of the thick glass tube. She uncorked it and sniffed it, it had a light flowery scent but it also smelt sweet. Shrugging she brought the vial to her lip and downed its contents. The taste of sweet coated her tongue as Sage smacked her lips and put the cork back on it and threw it in the trash. Sighing Scarlett sighed wearing a black T-shirt dress and she was barefooted walking back in.

"Aww, you're not wearing the bunny slippers?" Sage asked knowing that she had taken the slippers with her when she left to got change.

"They don't fit sadly, my feet have gotten swollen during the last few months Sage and they don't fit right," Scarlett told Sage as she picked up the kettle from off the floor and set it in the sink.

Ashley walked into the kitchen with Ares his tail wagging. Ashly looked like she had gotten some sleep during the last time Scarlett seen her. Scarlett whines and shuffled over to Ashley and hugged her.

"Hey girly," Ashly smiled hugging Scarlett her tail wagging.

"I'm glad you could come over, it's been a month since you came over the last time," Scarlett remarked as she held Ashley's hands.

"Yeah I know I'm sorry about that, it's just..." Ashley said as she looked down at Scarlett's growing belly. "So you said you had something that might help me have a baby?"

"Oh right! I made it today. Now, where did it go?" Scarlett looked around for the vial that she knew she brought up with her.

"What are you looking for?" Sage asked as Scarlett was looking on the table and counter along with trying to bend overlooking on the floor even at six months pregnant.

"I had a vial with a potion in it and it was for Ashley."

"A potion, what does it look like?" Sage asked curiously as she rubbed the back of her neck and secretly sweating her ass off knowing that she might have fucked up in a huge major way.

"You made a potion for me?" Ashley said as she started to look around the room as well with Scarlett.

"Of course we're family, and I told you I was going to help you no matter what."

Feeling guilty Sage gulped loudly as sweat trickled down her brow and down the side of her face. The two women looked over at her raising an eyebrow at her as Scarlett crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"What did you do Sage?" Scarlett asked as she looked at the blonde woman.

"I drank it...I thought it was violet syrup!" Sage held up her arms guilt eating her now.

"Oh my God Sage!" Scarlett yelled as Sage held her gut. Ashley gasped covering her mouth as her eyes started to water.

"You made a fertility potion so I can be a mommy?" Ashley asked as she hiccupped crying. Scarlett's wolf ears and tail pops out as she moved to Ashley and hugged her. "But they drank it, my chances of being a mother is ruined!"

"No, no, no! I still have some left Ash, " Scarlett told Ashley as she got her to sit down at the kitchen table. "I still have plenty in the basement. I'll go there again and get another vial for you."

Sage opened and then closed her mouth and looked down at her hands fidgeting peeling off her pink nail polish Nico had painted last night. She'll feel bad about it after, but right now she pretty much needs to be a good person now.

"Uh, Ashley?" Sage started as she sat across from her.

"It's alright Sage...Scarlett said she could fix this. I trust her but why did you drink it? Honestly."

"I was born without a uterus, so I never had a period or I can never have children of my own. This is why I adopted Nico, and well I love her so much she's the sweetest little girl in the world and she loves to do makeup. And I know which very selfish of me and I hardly ever do anything for myself.

"Oh, I see so you want a baby too?"

"I do, and I know it wasn't Scar's place but she told me about why you couldn't have one. At least not yet anyway."

"You mean what you say about Scarlett?"

"Honey of course I do. She's the Crimson Queen with her anything can happen."

That made Ashley smile as Scarlett walked back in with a new vial of the fertility potion in hand.

"Okay, I have a new one, and let's hope you can at least drink this one Ash." Scarlett handed Ashley the vial and uncorked it as the smell of sweet flowers enveloped the air. Ashely gulped and brought the potion to her lips and downed the liquid. She burped and covered her mouth and the girls giggled.

"Once you get home Leon is gonna wanna bone you down. So be ready."

Sage squeals and bites her lip weighing in her seat smiling, "oooh I can't wait, well I better get going. Bye!" Sage runs out the kitchen door giggling.

"She's a nympho so you'd get used to it after a while," Scarlett told Ashley.

"So is Jazz."

"Oh yeah...I kind of figured that out when I walked in on her, Rico, and Sage having a threesome."

Ashly gasped, "No!"


Ashley laughs and Jasper walked in just wearing shorts and started making tea.

After a few hours, Ashley hugged Scarlett before walking back to the car. Scarlett waved her off and went back into the house and just went straight up to her bedroom to sleep.

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