Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 11: Braxton Hicks

Warning: Loss of Child, Depression, And Possibility Of Going On A Binder. If These Things Trigger You In Any Meaning I Am Sorry For These Are Fictional Events That Happen In A Fictional World.

Scarlett was in the living room sitting on the couch holding her stomach panting and groaning as she was having Braxton Hicks. Or in some ways of what they're called is fake contractions. Google was somewhat helpful this time, instead of telling her that she had cancer.

"Oooooh, you mother fucker, " Scarlett muttered under breath as she wiggled and moved around on the couch trying to get comfortable.

"Are you alright firefly?" Jasper asked as he walked in with a cup of tea and a plate of fresh-cut peaches with whipped cream.

"Just some Braxton Hicks Jaspy, " she told him as he set the tea and peaches on the coffee table.

"Uh, what?" He asked confused his ears flopped over to the side. Scarlett smiled and patted his head as kneeled by her side.

Scarlett giggles as she ran her fingers through his blonde hair and she noticed dark roots as she played in his hair. Jasper growled softly leaning more into her touch as his tail started to wag hitting the couch making a thud sound.

"They're just fake contractions, sweetie, nothing too serious cutie," she told him with a light smile on her lips. Jasper nodded and hugged her belly kissing it as she put his ear against it smiling and then he started to whine. Probably excited to meet his daughter or son, but when he pulled away he looked up at Scarlett with the saddest puppy dog eyes it made her worry.

And then it hit her she wasn't having Braxton Hicks she was actual contractions. It was still too early she had only marked the six months this week.

"I need a hospital." That was all she needed to say before Jasper picked her up and ran to the garage.

"Gernhard! Emergency!" Jasper shirked running pasternhard tailor's room on the way. Gernhard kicked open the door with pin needles in his mouth and a measuring tape over his shoulders. As he watched the dog man carry Scarlett in a rush he spits the needles out and started running the house shook as he ran.

"What wrong!?" Gernhard asked as he ran after them, but he saw the terrified looked on Scarlett's face that is when he knew something was incredibly wrong.

After what felt like hours the doctors had taken out a baby from her body only to find that it no bodily functions. She had been induced prior, and in hopes that the baby could be saved. But Scarlett laid on her side in the hospital bed after the nurses have taken her baby boy away from her after he was declared dead. She had a miscarriage. Never have she would have thought something like this would ever happen to her as she laid in the hospital's bed and nearly ripping the sheets as she held them so tightly in her clasped fist.
Jasper and Gernhard sat by her side both were upset by the outcome as they were grieving the loss of their child. They didn't care if it was one or the other. They honestly looked forward to seeing the little bundle of joy breathing. As the men were looking down and were fighting with their eyes not to cry someone knocked on the door. They both looked up to see Ashley standing there with flowers. They stood in unison and made their way to the door.
"Uh, we...we'll let you two talk. We're gonna get some coffee," Gernhard said as his voice slightly cracked. Covering his mouth and sidestepped around Ashley and speed-walked through the hall.
"Yeah we'll see you around," Jasper told her as his wolf ears were laid flat on his head showing he was in pain by the sudden loss.
Ashley looked over at Scarlett who was still laying on her side in the bed her back was to her. She could see Scarlett's hair was down and in a mess but she also saw her shoulders shivering as she was crying silently.
"H-hey Scar..." Ashley said as she sat down in one of the chairs that were pulled up by her side. Ashely heard a sniffle as Scarlett looked over her eyes were puffy and red from all the crying she had done in the last couple of hours.
"Ashley..." Scarlett sat up looking like a mess and was trying to look strong. Ashley laid a hand on Scarlett's and almost instantly fresh tears started to fall and she broke down. Scarlett hugged Ashley and cried on her shoulder for the loss of her child.
"It was a baby boy," Scarlett told Ashley through the tears, "what did I do wrong?!" Scarlett cried out as she held on to Ashley.
Ashley growled softly and smoothed out Scarlett's hair in a motherly fashion. She didn't even care if Scarlett accidentally has gotten snot on her sweater.
"I'm so sorry Scar, I know how you feel."
" did the potion work out for you?" Scarlett silently asked drawing the attention away from herself for a minute.
"I'm pregnant, five weeks now. That's the longest I've reached so far," Ashley told her as she smiled and laid a hand on her stomach.
"That's great to hear," Scarlett pulled away and smiled showing that she was happy that an experimental potion of hers that hasn't blown up in her face yet.
But in a way it did, and Scarlett knows that she's gonna spoil her that kid and made sure that the Willams are going to happy to have a family where they have failed so many times. They have a child with a combination of their love for each other. In a way, it made Scarlett very happy to know that she can do good with all the bad things that she had done in her life.
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