Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 12: Rooftop

It was exactly five months since Scarlett had run away from the hospital since her miscarriage of her son and the last time both Gernhard and Jasper had seen her. Everyone was worried for her, including Ashley who's wolf Bea had grown attached to Scarlett's wolf Dragon Lily. With the help of Scarlett, she was pregnant with hers and Leon's first child. Bones knew that something like this would happen again, but he didn't want to risk getting involved in her life again. But given how things were between them he had to come up with a way for things to be better for her. He didn't know where she was exactly but he knew that she would be off the rails again.
Probably at their old hang out getting high off coke and pot, those were the two main drugs she mainly has done while on one of her famous binders. Even Angelo has gotten Bones' new phone number, pretty much he called him everything under the sun warning him if he doesn't help find his daughter things would go terrible for the Saints. Hell, everything was already to shits with his MC, ten of his men overdosed on a bad mixture of drugs, and the clubhouse caught on fire the very next day. The Saints was going under and he just doesn't give a fuck anymore he's been alive for a while now and is just looking for a way out of living any longer. He threw his phone over the ledge of the building he was standing on looking at the club he used to go to with Scarlett.
As he thought about his past with her he just felt even worse than he did already when he had gotten the news. If he hadn't talked her into getting the abortion she would have been fine, but she would have been a young mother to a six-year-old now. He gritted his teeth and punched the wall as he bit his lip knowing he broke his hand. Just give it a few minutes and it'll heal back to normal with little or no scaring at all. Breathing in Bones smelt something or more like someone.
"Can I help you?" He asked softly as he looked over his shoulder rubbing his already healing hand.
"You're Bones aren't you?" Hon asked as he looked at Bones with his dark brown eyes that had a reddish hint to them.
"What if I'm not and you're wasting your, time kid, although you've been a vamp for a few years you're still a kid," Bones told him as he took out a pack of cigarettes and a silver lighter with a skull on it.
"I need your help," He told Bones clasping his fists, "You have to help, please."
"Look I can't help you, I wish I can but I can't. Okay? It's a bad idea if I get involved with her life again," Bones Told him as he held a cigarette in his lips and flicked open the lighter with the flick of his wrist. He stared at the small blue flame almost as though he was lost and that the light was a way for him to light his way out of the darkness.
"Did you even love her?" Hon asked him as he noticed the look on Bones' face, it kind of reminded him of when he had just turned and during his wilder days with the Oni Serpents.
"Yes, but then the more we spent more time together, was better she was with her family more. There are still times that I regret letting her get taken by Sage and Gernhard, but it was better if she went with them."
"How did you know she would be?" Hon asked as he took another step towards Bones as he sat on the ledge of the rooftop.
"I'm toxic, always has been. I could never really come up with a way to get out of my toxicity so separating myself from her was for the better of her and also her life. I heard what happened and it feels like that night all over again."
Bones inhaled the tobacco smoke and blew out smoke from his mouth and nose looking down at his boots.
"How long...?" Hon started as Bones held up his hand to stop him from talking anymore.
"I've been a damn vamp for about forty years now I was turned when I was twenty-five years old so yeah I might be your old man's age or your gramps."
"You seem kind of decent but vile at the same time. I kind of get a bad taste in my mouth when I talk to you."
Bones threw back his head and laughed as he took out an old small gathered notebook with a rubber band holding it together, but it seemed to have its pages together.
"These are the lists of people I and Scarlett used to hang out with when she was on the run. There are also names of bars and clubs as well," Bones told Hon as he handed it to him.
"Thank you but why would you give this to me and not her husband or her mate even?" Hon asked as he was somewhat confused but the action of the compassion towards him and his former lover.
"I wanna do something good before I die, and you seem like a good kid. But it looks like you also in love with her, word of advice though kiddo wear a cup because she might just kick you in your crackers if you're not careful enough around The Crimson Queen." Bones threw away his cigarette and pulled out another and held it between his lips with a sad smile.
"Die, what do you mean how can you die if you're already dead?" Hon asked as Bones got up and walked past that's when Hon saw the gas can he picked up from by the stairwell.
Bones poured the gas all over him before taking his lighter out he waved at Hon before holding the lighter up to his lips before lighting the sliver lighter and his body catching on fire.
He didn't make a sound as his body was engulfed in flames, Hon watched for a few moments as he was holding the notebook to his chest and shifting into his bat form and flying to Gernhard and Jasper through the night's sky with the information to find Scarlett.
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