Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 13: Lost And Found

Scarlett laughed as she downed another drink, so far she was on her eighth drink before she was asked to join a drink off. And she didn't refuse. Swallowing another shot and slamming it down on the bar's countertop laughing loudly and slapping it with her hand. The guy couldn't keep up with her drinking as he was sipping his shot. Until someone slapped his back making him drop the shot glass and the tequila going everywhere.

Scarlett threw her arms up in victory as she won the eight hundred bucks. She licked her fingers and counted the money before stuffing it in her bra.

"It's...been fun boys...but a lady has to run to the lady's room, " she told them as she hiccupped and a little drunk. She stood up from the barstool and staggered to the restrooms in the back. She was doing okay as she walked to the restrooms when she walked into something hard.

Scarlett nearly felled back on her ass for as drunk as she is, and she did as her heel got stuck in a hole on the floor, and broke. They were a five thousand dollar pair of heels that she had in her closet after her feet had swelled. But after she...lost her baby, she used a spell to make them back their old size. After she felled on her ass she looked up to see Gernhard standing there looking like he hasn't slept for a very long time. And out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jasper making his way through the crowd to the two of them.

Scarlett giggles which then started to turn into hysterical laughter, and then tears. Jasper and Gernhard both looked at each other with a worried glance in their eyes.

"Firefly, let's go home," Jasper suggested as he held his hand out to her and smiled softly hoping that she would take his hand and they would go home where none of this ever happened. Scarlett would be a woman who suffered a miscarriage and potential PTSD from a controlling ex that made her get an abortion. Because it was better if she did.

Scarlett started panting and growling before throwing a punch at Jasper. Her fiery tempted was getting the best of her and it didn't help much since she was drunk as well. Gernhard wrapped his arms around her holding on to her tightly. Scarlett screamed moving around in his arms trying to break free from his grasp.

"Firefly please calm down. We're worried about you, " Jasper told her as he got up from the ground.

Hon walked up with a sad look on his face as he watched the Italian redhead beauty he felled for self-destruct in her husband's arms.

"Kitsune please..." He begged under his breath as he watched her thrust around and headbutt Gernhard in the face. Cringing a little Hon could tell that his nose was broke the way it stuck at an odd angle but Gernhard held on to her as if his life depended on it. Well, more likely hers. He saw that the two men of her life who love her do in fact.

They didn't care how bad they were getting injured they just want her to feel better and heal in a much better and healthier setting. Hon couldn't watch anymore as he took a step forward. It felt that there was a gust of wind and in a blink of an eye, Hon was in front of Scarlett. She calmed down a little seeing him, he saw that her eyes were black as obsidian and they felt cold but as he looked longer in them they had started turning a warm honey color. He just stared at her as he gulped his throat grown dried his hand had laid a hand on his throat.

Scarlett blinked and those obsidian color eyes were back, it must be the curse coming back and taking its grip on her again, he heard about it but never really paid any mind to it until now.

"I'm so sorry," Hon said under his breath faintly as he breathed out the breath he was holding and hit a pressure point on the side of Scarlett's neck. Scarlett gasped and her eyes rolled back before the falling slump, he let his hand rest on her skin a moment longer before pulling away.

"What the bloody hell did you do to her?" Jasper asked as he held Scarlett's face looking at it. "She's out cold as a light."

"I hit a pressure point to where it's easier for us to get her out of here," Hon told the puppy man.

Gernhard held Scarlett like a bride her head against his chest her breathing calmed down from just moments ago.

"Let's go on out to the car and finally get her home," Gernhard suggested as he started walking to the exit. Jasper shift following and growling at anyone that was in the way of the trio. Hon smiled watching as Scarlett slowly shifted into a smaller fox-like version of her wolf. Smiling he followed them out and gotten into the car with them. Gernhard was at the wheel while Ares was curled around Dragon Lily, Hon joined Gernhard in the front as he fastened his seatbelt.

"Thank you, Hon," Gernhard said as he started driving back to his home.

"It was nothing, I was just helping an associate," Hon smiled feeling a little strange.

"No you have done it for a friend and a crush you have on Scarlett," Gernhard told Hon with a smile, "Honestly I was just thinking about asking Scarlett if she would have wanted to get a divorce so that she can be happier. But Right now it's better if our family is together. And you're welcome to join." Hon was lost at words but then he looked at his arm remembering the Oni Serpents tattoos and that he is tied to them for life.

Ares perked up and poked Hon's cheek startling him, Gernhard laughed.

"He does that when he senses something is wrong. You have nothing to worry about," Gernhard told him with a smile as they pulled up to the cottage-style home.
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