Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 16: IUD

Scarlett was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to get called back so she could talk to the doctor about getting a new IUD since she found out that her other one had dislodged and felled out, several months ago before she was pregnant. Gernhard found it while he was having the car detailed, well a guy at the detail shop found it in the backseat and nearly fainted. That was the highlight of Gernhard’s day, Jasper was horrified and was sitting with Scarlett in the doctor’s office. Jasper hates going to doctors in general but this time he is here for Scarlett.

It was bad enough that he hadn’t been there for her while she was so upset. Looking over at Jasper Scarlett rubbed through his hair making him growl and lean more into her hand as she scratched through his hair. Giggling Scarlett kept scratching and Jasper shifted howling flopping down on his side. She smiled and rubbed through Ares fur humming.

“Scarlett Sergiaino Schneider?” a nurse called her name as she held a clipboard in her hand as she leaned against the doorway. Scarlett stood up from her seat and Ares rolled back on his stomach and stood up shaking out his fur.

Walking up Scarlett held her jacket and purse until she set them down on the counter, but Ares grabbed them in his mouth holding them.

“Aw, what a good boy. Any new allergies?” The nurse asked as she took Scarlett’s weight. Ares barked with the Prada purse in his mouth and was careful not to bite too hard on the leather handles his tail wagging softly.

“No, I’m still allergic to the same stuff that I was before, nothing changed much, ” Scarlett told her as she saw that she gained more weight than she did before her last visit with her consular here. While she was gone all she had was a liquid diet and cocaine-laced pot, but she knew Gernhard had gotten rid of the blunts and joints containing coke, so all she had was just regular pot.

“Alright go ahead and sit down so I can take your temperature and blood pressure.” Scarlett just gave her her arm and opened her mouth as she stabbed the underside of her tongue with the thermometer. “So you’re here to get a new IUD?” The nurse asked taking Scarlett’s blood pressure.

“Yes, that’s right, and to talk about my antidepressants,” Scarlett told her as the monitor beeped. The nurse took it out and threw the plastic thing away in the trash and wrote everything down.

“Okay follow me to room eight and the doctor will be in with you soon.”

Scarlett and Ares followed the nurse to the room wearing she was handed a paper gown.“Just undress from the waist down.”

“Right...” Scarlett said as she and Ares were left alone in the room, Ares shifted stretching.

“This isn’t so bad I would have thought it would have been a lot worse,” Jasper said as he looked around the room.

“Just give it a minute Tesoro," Scarlett told him as she took her skirt and underwear off an slide on the paper-thin gown, and sat on the examination table with her bare ass.

"What do you mean?" he asked as someone knocked on the door.

"Come in," Scarlett told the person as it was her doctor, "Hello Doctor Arthur it's good to see you again."

"Good to see you again Scarlett, I heard what happened and I'm sorry that happened to you, " he said with a soft smile, "oh you must be Jasper?" Doctor Arthur held out his hand to Jasper.

"I am sir, " Jasper took his hand and shook it, "I'm her mate."

"I know Scarlett told me all about you a couple of years ago."

Jasper's ears popped as he looked over at Scarlett with his puppy dog eyes as looked at her with a lot of love in them. It made her heart melt.

"Well, I had to talk to someone about it. This was last month when I saw the therapists here Jaspy."

Jasper's tail wags as he watched Scarlett smiling, as Doctor Arthur pulled out the stirrups on the examination table.

"Alright, Scarlett put your feet up on stirrups, and let's take a look, " he said as he put on gloves. Scarlett put her feet up and leaned back, Jasper was watching nervously and jumped hearing the glove snap.

"Is this going to hurt you?" Jasper asked as he held Scarlett's hand as he watched Doctor Arthur.

"It won't hurt honey. It's just uncomfortable is all, " Scarlett smiled as she patted his hand calming him down some. Or so she would had thought until the doctor taken out the speculum. Jasper screamed as his eyes rolled back in his head and felled to the floor passing out.

"Oh my I wouldn't have thought something like this would happen," Arthur said as he looked down at Jasper, "um would you like to reschedule?" he asked.

"No I'm here already, can you just get it over with please?" she asked as she laid back down.

"Alright, you know what to do."

Gernhard helped Jasper out of the car when Scarlett pulled into the driveway.
"So he passed out when he saw the thing that they use to open your pussy up? Gernhard asked as he sighed carrying the passed-out puppy man inside the house.
"That's what I told you on the phone," Scarlett said as she walked into the house and taking her jacket off. Gernhard laughed walking to the living room and laid Jasper on the couch.
"I often worry sometimes about him and then remember that he's a werewolf."
"Well, you're pretty much a walking corpse," Scarlett told Gernhard as she remembers seeing him sewing his wrist back together.
"Eh, my father wanted strong men in his groups so that's why I was experimented on."
Scarlett shrugged going to the kitchen, "I'm gonna bake something."
"Something for the Williams?"
"Oooh alright I wanna visit them and you know it's rude to show up empty-handed."
"Suuuure it is love," Gernhard rolled his eyes and went to the study.
Scarlett groaned shaking her head as she got everything set up to make the double chocolate chip cookies, digging out her recipes she started working on them. After just a few minutes Jasper walked into the kitchen rubbing his head.
"Hey Jaspy how are you feeling?" Scarlett asked as she mixed the wet and dry indigents in a large bowl.
"Concerned and horrified along with a newfound respect for women who get those done," he said as he sat on a stool at the island watching her.
Smiling Scarlett continued to mix until she was happy and made little dough balls putting them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet humming a little. Smiling Jasper's tail wags watching her make magic in the kitchen.
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