Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 17: Cookies and Milk

Scarlett was just about to knock on the door when the door suddenly swung open and Ashley was standing there with a smile. Ashley threw her arms around Scarlett hugging her with the warmest hug she has ever felt in her life, besides Maggie's.

"Sissy!" Ashey squealed smiling in such a good mood, Leon walked up seeing Scarlett and smiled.

"Good to see you Scar, how are you, uh, feeling?" Leon asked as he had a threw up towel over his shoulder and a baby monitor attached to his belt. As Scarlett looked at him she saw he had some dark circle under his eyes probably from the lack of sleep of being a new dad.

"I'm... I think I'm doing pretty good, Leon thanks for asking," Scarlett smiles kind of wavering, "oh I hope you don't mind but I brought you guys some cookies. I remembered that Ashley e chocolate chip cookies."

Ashley squealed as she stole the cookie container out from Scarlett's hands and ran off into the house with it laughing like a madwoman. Blinking Scarlett was confused for a moment but started laughing.

"Yeah, we're not gonna get any," Leon laughed as he watched his chocoholic wife go into hiding.

"Is that how it is with her and chocolate?" Scarlett asked as she walked into the house and closed the door behind her chuckling holding her purse.

"Eh, pretty much but what can you do? I love her with all my heart."

Scarlett smiled seeing in his eyes that it was true and then one of his eyes turned a caramel brown and his smile was warm. Howling was heard and then Bea came running looking a lot healthier since the last time Scarlett had seen her before.

"Hi Bea, how's the pretty girl," Scarlett asked as she ran her fingers through her fur smiling. Bea huffs smiling her tail wagging and her eyes had the same mix match as Leon's. Bea shifts smiling and hug Leon snuggling into him growling softly.

"Wow, what you guys have is adorable, " Scarlett told them as she smiled, "and you complete each other."

"Yeah, she's my whole world, " Leon said as he held Ashley's face smiling looking deep into her eyes.

Crying was heard on the baby monitor, and it sounds like Julian had woken up from his nap. Scarlett's tail pops up and started wagging smiling.

"Oh, the cutie pie woke up," Scarlett giggles.

"Awww my baby boy woke up, " Ashley squealed as she started running to the baby's nursery, "mommy is coming!"

"Thank you, Scarlett, this means so much for us," Leon said smiling and he caught a peek inside Scarlett's purse seeing a baby blue onesie and a little lion costume.

"It's nothing I'm happy to help and she's an amazing mother and friend. Also besides the cookies, I brought presents for little Julibean."

"Oh, what is it?" Leon as his tail wags smiling like a little kid.

Smiling Scarlett pulled out the blue onesie that had a red heart on it, but what got Leon was the little Lion costume she asked Gernhard to make for Julian. Leon's mouth dropped as he looked at the little homemade costume and started crying with a smile.

"Leo, someone wanted to see their daddy," Ashley said as she carried Julian downstairs with her, "babe what's wrong, why are you crying?" Ashley asked as she saw Leon crying. He showed Ashley the little costume and she just let out a little squeal as she held Julian.

"I remember you called Leon lion so I figured I'd asked Gernhard to make a little lion costume for the little sweetheart, " Scarlett smiled.

"Oh my God Scar I love it. He's gonna look so cute!" Ashley squealed as she took the costume from Leon and started putting it on, Julian.

Julian blinked as he sat or more like leaned against the couch and some pillows looking up at the three adults.

"Awww, " they all said in unison making the baby boy laugh waving his arms up and down before squealing laughing.

"Oh my God, I swear I'm gonna eat him up he's so sweet, " Scarlett giggles watching the baby boy eat up the attention smiling and flopped over on his side.

"Aw so silly!" Ashley smiled as she picked Julian up holding him close to her. Julian looked over at Scarlett with big eyes one was emerald green and caramel brown and reached for her whining.

"Uh oh he wants his auntie Scar, " Leon smiled.

"Can I...can I hold him?" Scarlett asked nervously as she looked between Leon and Ashley.

"Would you like to?" Ashley asked with a smile. Scarlett nods and held out her arms as Ashley slowly sets Julian in her arms.

Scarlett looked down at Julian with a lot of hope in her eyes as she held the baby in the little lion costume. Julian looked up at Scarlett in awe and squealed smiling laughing up at Scarlett. Tears started falling from her eyes as she held Julian close to her.

"Oh, he's a little angel, " Scarlett wiped her eyes smiling as Julian leaned more in Scarlett snuggling her.

"Awww he found his snuggle buddy again, " Ashley giggles.

"So you were the one taking me out of my baby boy's crib and stole cuddle time, " Leon said as he chuckled.

"Sorry I couldn't help myself, " Scarlett started.

"It's alright we understand Scar." Leon and Ashley both smiled as Julian yawns dosing off snuggling Scarlett.

"I want cookies and milk, " Leon said as he walked to the kitchen.

"Did you leave any cookies at all?" Scarlett asked sitting on the couch.

Ashley giggles nervously and held her hands behind her back rocking back and forth on her feet. Scarlett laughed shaking her head and looked down at Julian with a smile. She felt a little sad that she couldn't carry her son to full term but she knows that this sweet angel was born of magic, time, love, and patience of two people in love. It made her happy that she had done some good in it.
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