Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 18: Wrong Potion

A few months went by and Scarlett was out in her greenhouse pruning her rose bushes and making sure her plants were all well-watered before going inside with her basket of flowers. Opening the door she saw Jasper, Gernhard, and Hon all at the kitchen table drink tea. She blushed seeing him and gripped the wicker basket's handle a little too tightly where it creaked.

"Hon what are you doing here?" Scarlett asked surprised to see him. She hasn't seen him since he held her in her bed when she was brought back to the house after Jasper and Gernhard had gotten her out of that bar and she just didn't want to be alone at that time she wanted to be held by someone as she cried. He was a good person to be confined in and feel vulnerable around he made it feel so easy, even if had killed people. So has she.

"He wanted to say something to you kätzchen, " Gernhard told her as he stood up getting the tea kettle and feeling his much up with more hot water dunking a fresh tea bag in.

"Is this about him kissing you? I already told Hon it was fine, you're a gamma this shit is normal," Jasper asked curiously scratching his head showing he wasn't entirely bothered by it.

"How did you find out?" Scarlett asked shocked as she walked over to the island.

"We read your journal, you hardly talk to us so I took the liberty in finding your journal and finding out what was eating you alive," Gernhard seriously told her as he leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms.

Scarlett looked at the three men and set the basket on the counter in a huff and pretty much ran downstairs to the basement to her witch's study a little mad that they would invade her things. Going through her underwear was one thing but her journal was a huge big fat no in her book. Hon stood up from the table and followed Scarlett down to the lab and saw holding two vials.

"Wow, this is incredible I never saw a witch's lair before, " Hon said as he looked around smiling as he looked over at the crystal skull seeing that the eyes were following him as he moved around and shivered walking away from that shelf.

"So I hear that gammas can have multiple lovers..." Scarlett randomly blurted as she held the potions in her hands.

Hon blinked and rubbed his neck coughing in his fist a little flustered.

"So are you asking me out?" Hon smirked leaning against the table wiggling his eyebrows.

She blushed cleared her throat and set one of the bottles down before opening the one she still had in her and drank it. It tasted kind of gross and she gagged a little before looking at the bottle and saw that it was the wrong potion.

"Oh no..." Scarlett said as she dropped the glass vial and it shattered across the floor.

"What's wrong?" Hon asked nervously kind of freaking out. Scarlett coughed and then a poof of smoke came out of nowhere.

Scarlett was hunched over and her clothes ripped in serial places as she somehow gained muscles and gotten taller. As the smoke cleared Hon screamed and felled on his ass scrambling away.

"What is the matter with you I just ripped my dress, " Scarlett told Hon as looked at her with a pale face. Paler than before she has ever seen, confused Scarlett looked in the mirror and screamed a very manly scream. Seeing that she had turned herself into a man.

"Ahhhh! This is freaky Friday on Tuesday!" She yelled as Gernhard and Jasper came running down the stairs to see their wife and mate a man in dress and heels.

"What happened?" Jasper asked and gasped seeing Scarlett and leaned against the wall, "Uh baby? You're a man."

"Jasper is right, but how did this happen?" Gernhard asked as he was still pretty surprised as he looked over Scar.

"I drank a potion and I think I might have drunk the wrong one!" Scarlett yelled as she found a big chunk of the vial and looked on the label seeing that she had drunk the one where it would turn her into a man.

"It's my fault..." Hon mumbled softly as he was starting to shake.

"Huh?" they all said at once making Jasper laugh holding his stomach in a giggling fit.

"It's my fault! I distracted the woman and she drank the wrong potion!" Hon screamed as he was pretty much having a mental breakdown.

Scarlett covered her mouth and started laughing and soon was holding her stomach nearly falling over.

"Oh shit! Bwahahahahaha!" Scarlett bellowed as all three men looked at her like a crazy person. Or well, in this case, a mad man.

"What's funny?" Gernhard asked as he was kind of confused at the male version of his wife.

"I can turn back easy. It's just Hon's reaction to this situation is just pretty funny."

"I'm sorry if I'm freaking out that the woman I have a crush on is a fucking man!" Hon screamed still in shock.

"Hon you horny man! Calm down or I will body slam you again!" Gernhard yelled at the man.

"Again!?" Scarlett yelled at Gernhard. Jasper screams shifting and screams sounding like a husky.

For forty-five minutes, they all were yelling and screaming at each other. Scarlett tried getting in their minds but it was just as much screaming as it was in reality.

"Oh my god!" Scarlett yelled before grabbing Hon's face and kissing him. She heard a squeal as she smashed her lips against Hon's and another cloud of pink smoke and Scarlett was back to normal. Hon gasped and was frozen in a horrified expression as he made a noise.

"I think you broke him firefly," Jasper said as Scarlett set Hon down on the ground.

"Yeeeeeaaaahhh," Scarlett shrugged and started giggling.

Gernhard rolled his eyes and went back upstairs.
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