Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 19: The Tattoo

Scarlett was sitting at her vanity applying her make-up after months of not or hardly wearing any at all. She was slowly starting to feel like herself again, but she just needs a little more time. Sighing Scarlett couldn't decide on a deep wine red color or a nude color that matched the color of her nipples. She found that her best nude color was the color of her nipples, she figured that out by reading it in an elegant magazine Nico gave her. Smiling she got up from her vanity and walked to her closet going through all her dresses looking for something to wear.

Scarlett picked blindly and grabbed a black spaghetti strapped black fit and flare dress. Raising her eyebrow Scarlett shrugged and put on the dress after taking off her see-through feathery robe-wearing just a thong. Ares pants watching Scarlett dripping saliva from his mouth as he watched her. Shifting Jasper stalked her as he walked up to her and brought his hand back and then it came. He slapped her ass, watching it jiggle like jello he smiled giggling.

Scarlett jumped as when slapped her ass and looked at Jasper with an almost murderous look on her face. Looking up the smile once plastered on his face was gone. And it was replaced with the look of "what the fuck have I done?" Jasper shifted back into his wolf and scrambled out of the closet screaming and yelling down the hall. Gernhard poked his head out of his office as Ares ran by the room. Shaking his head Gernhard went back into his office and looked over some final paperwork for the surprise he has set up for Scarlett.

After months of healing and the painful events, she had been through he figured he would set something up. So this is something she'll love, or at least he hopes she would. Sighing he felt something climbing up his leg, as he looked down he found Princess was the suspect. Smiling he picked her up and laid her on his lap and scratched her back.

"Now I see why she likes it when you're with her during her meetings, petting you is very relaxing," Gernhard told the reptile as he leaned back in his leather desk chair.

Scarlett was walking on the sidewalk and came up to a tattoo shop, looking inside she was tempted to get a few more tattoos. So far the only tattoos she had were just the heart nipple tattoos she has on well her nipples. Shrugging she opened the door and just went inside out on an ink addiction. She knew when she got the first ones she'll want more. A heavily tattooed woman with dreadlocks and gauges in her ears looked up from the desk.
"Hi, how may I help you?" She asked smiling and stood up from her chair.
"Hi, um yeah I wanna get a tattoo," Scarlett said as she walked and tied her hair up.
"Oh nice, what do you have in mind?"
"A dragon on my right thigh sounds good to me," Scarlett told her as she lifted the hem of her dress showing her thigh.
The woman nodded as she thought about it for a moment and went in back for a few minutes. Scarlett went to the seating area and sat on the black leather couch and sat down. Looking around she saw different designs and styles of tattoos. A few of them were familiar to her as she remembered seeing them on her father and Alex. Chuckling to herself this is High Lights, the tattoo shop that her father owns, sure it may look like a regular tattoo shop some but within the mafia, it is used to mark the new people working for the familia.
Once you join there's no backing out and the only way to remove the tattoo is with acid or cutting that chunk of skin off. It can be a gruesome sight and a daunting task where it is extremely painful. Only people who betray the familia does it and are hunted like rats. The way that they are killed is similar to the bloody Valentine's Day Massacre. Scarlett leaned her head back and closed her eyes for a few minutes.
"Okay how does this look?" the woman asked as she held up a sheet of paper with a dragon on it. It reminded Scarlett of something out of Asia, with a smile Scarlett held the paper in her hand.
"It's perfect," was all that she could say.
Scarlett laid on the chair as the woman she later learned that her name was Lynda but goes by Lyn most of the time. The buzzing of the tattoo gun was pretty relaxing but it just felt like her skin was being set on fire.
"This will be about an eight-hour session," Lyn told her as she wiped the extra ink off Scarlett's thigh.
"That's fine by me I might take a nap though," Scarlett told her and started laughing.
Eight in a half hours later Scarlett was admiring the massive tattoo of the dragon on her thigh and she was happy with how it turned out. Black and white with some red on the belly of the dragon. Scarlett was driving home when she saw Ares look across the street and cross-holding a bag in his mouth trotting. Scarlett wondered where he was going but saw that he was going to the Banana Hammack and then she remembered that he had a shift tonight. Smiling Scarlett decided to pull into the parking lot and go in through the back to see a familiar vampire drug addict with a cute bat boi she knows that looks very uncomfortable seeing men in thongs.
Chang, on the other hand, looked like he was having a blast and gotten the number from one of the men. Giggling Scarlett walked up swaying her hips. Hon sipped his drink and spit it out as soon as he saw Scarlett make her way over to them.
"Enjoying yourselves?" Scarlett asked with a smile.
"Fuck ya tootsies! The wait is that you Scar?! You own this place?" Chang yelled over the music.
"Yep, you can have a private dance from Ralph."
"Ooooh yay!" Chang nearly squeals as a man in a sparkly blue g string walked up and took Chang's arm.
"K-kitsune um...." Hon started but stopped looking down and downing the rest of his drink.
"It's alright you don't have to answer right away about the dance Bunny," she told smiling as she sat down next to Hon.
"I guess you learned about my nickname then?"
"Yes, but I would still like to have an answer though."
"Oh well of course I would love to go on a date with you," Hon finally gets her the answer had hoped for.
Smiling Scarlett crossed her legs and Hon caught a glimpse of her bandaged tattoo.
"Are you alright? Do I need to kill someone?" Hon asked as he pointed at the bandage. Smiling she removed the bandage showing the beautifully done tattoo that was still fresh.
"I just have gotten it done today, what do you think?" she asked Hon with a smile.
"It's beautiful just like you, " Hon told her as he looked up at her with his chestnut brown eyes looking back at her as hers turned to that honey color again.
She felt as she was in love and felt at peace her family's curse doesn't fully reach her.
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