Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

Scarlett was happy to be home after the time she spent at that damned hospital. She lost a few pounds while was there thanks to the hospital food, the only thing good was the Jell-o. Maybe she’ll make some with fruit in it even. Even Princess had missed her, as Scarlett stepped foot through the home’s threshold the black and white Tegu came running excitedly she even slide on the hardwood floor of the front of the home and laid down at her feet wanting her back scratches. Smiling Scarlett leaned down and scratched the lizards back with her red acrylic nails. Princess enjoyed the lovies as she missed her mommy, the lizard might as well have been her baby. After all, she had found the Tegu at a rescue center for reptiles, she got a call from one of her workers that knew she was looking for a pet.

She wasn’t particular about what type of pet she wanted but she knew she wanted to rescue an animal that needs a loving safe home to heal. And as soon as Scarlett laid eyes on Princess she knew that was going to be her little angel. Princess was in pretty bad shape as when Scarlett had gotten her, she was small and not even two yet and she was shedding badly. Scarlett made chamomile tea baths and also oatmeal baths to help the shedding process just so she would be a little less irritable and more comfortable in her new home. After about four months of having Princess with her, she had grown and was a healthy tegu that would run right to Scarlett knowing who saved her and was also her mommy. While caring for her Scarlett would have her strapped her chest like a baby and take her everywhere with her while she was recovering.

While Scarlett would file paperwork for her businesses and conduct meetings in her office at home or at the main club where more of most of the businesses happen, Princess would lay at her feet staring at people with her slow blinking black eyes making them uneasy and extremely uncomfortable. And if anyone says anything about her it wouldn’t be pretty.

“Mommy got something that something for you sweetheart, ” Scarlett told Princess as she held a pink paper shopping bag. Princess tail swayed excitedly as Scarlett pulled out a new pink swastika rhinestone collar with an eighteen karat heart-shaped tag with Princess’s name on it. Princess looked at it smiling well it looked like a smile to Scarlett, taking off the old collar Scarlett slipped on the new collar.

“Oh, you look so pretty, baby!” Scarlett squealed smiling as Princess modeled her new collar.

Giggling Scarlett watched as the Tegu walked around like a lizard model on the runway. It felt good to be home again and the air cast that is on her foot was pretty uncomfortable, luckily she only had to wear it for a few days. Jasper smiles as he carried in her bag and paperwork.

“I’m gonna check on my babies,” Scarlett told Jasper as she limped down to her zoo. There was only a Princess and a pink tarantula named Rose. Scarlett had spiders and just Princess but that didn’t stop her from giving love to them.

Jasper smiled and nodded, “alright love be careful going down the stairs with that clunker air boot.”

“I know Jaspy, ” she smiled as she walked down to the basement.

The basement was sectioned off into four different sections, one is for Princess’s enclosure that takes half that section and the spider Scarlett has. The spider was a pink tarantula named Rose was on the glass, with a smile Scarlett opened the tank and the spider jumped out and went onto her chest. Making its way to her cleavage. The other was three were being made into a witch workshop, with all the books her mother had left for her along with other odd trinkets. Such as a human skull with rough-cut gems inside the eyes. It was kind of a creepy oddity, it felt like its eyes would follow her.

Shaking off the feeling Scarlett looked through her books and found one about pregnancy.

“Hmmm, ” Scarlett said as she marked the page with a fertility potion in the book and made her way back up the stairs with Rose still in her shirt. The spider liked being there it was dark and warm. As she walked into the office of her home she saw Hon there looking at her portrait with a somewhat of a slight blush on his cheeks. With a smile, she hobbled her way over to him.

“It’s nice to see you again Mr. Hon, ” Scarlett said as she was right by him.

Her sudden appearance made the man jump and look at her with his hand over his heart.

“Forgive me Mr. Hon I didn’t mean to startle you, ” Scarlett giggled as she covered her mouth.

“No no you didn’t startle me, Scarlett, I was simply...uh surprised to see you walking around that is all, ” Hon made an excuse but failed sadly. A man ran into the office holding Princess looking excited to see the tegu.

The guy wore worn comfortable looking jeans a cream-colored sweater with a white collared shirt under it, he had a farmhand feeling but with some old dog tags around his neck that had a deep and scary-looking scar across his throat. He was medium-sized similar to a small bodybuilder and the way he looked his eyes looked blue. But that blue went away when he saw Scarlett and Hon.

Hon smiled laughing, “yes I see her Yuno, oh sorry he felled in love with your pet.” Hon looked down at Scarlett’s chest and Rose crawled out of her shirt scaring him which made him scream.

Scarlett laughed holding Rose, “don’t worry she’s harmless.” She held the spider in her hand. Yuno looked at the spider amazed his eyes going back to blue.

“Oh it’s not that big,” Hon cleared his throat and fixed his shirt before rubbing his neck embarrassed.

“It’s nice to meet you Yuno, that’s Princess your holding and please be careful she’s my baby.

Yuno signed that he understood and that Princess was beautiful Tegu and that she was very sweet.

“Thank you I give her weekly baths and she enjoys them. Oh Hon I wanna thank you for the flowers.”

“Anytime they suit you very well.” Scarlett smiled as her tail popped out and softly wagged.

Gernhard walked in, “ah there you are darling you should be in bed resting,” Gerhard said as he kissed Scarlett softly.

“I’ll go up sweetheart, nice to meet you Yuno, and it was good to see you again Hon,” Scarlett waved before she left and went up to her room and Jasper took Rose and put her back in her tank

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