Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 20: Dinner With A Vampire

After a couple of days and wait nervous and the day of the date Scarlett was putting on mascara making the "O" face as she was applying it to her eyelashes, she was born with thick lashes but she always did like adding more volume to them. She was getting ready for her date with a vampire. Snorting it almost sounds like a movie if you asked her. She wasn't entirely big on color but Gernhard and Jasper both helped her pick out a dress to wear for the date. It was a red satin midi dress that hugged her curves and had a slit up the leg to showcase her new tattoo, modeling in the mirror Scarlett was surprisingly okay with the sudden change and wearing color for the first time in a long time honestly. She didn't know what restaurant she and Hon will be going to get dinner at it would probably be a fancy one or one that he would know she would like.

But what she does know is that he's the type of perfectionist that would go to great lengths to do so and she knew that he'll make sure that it would be. Giggling Scarlett was putting in her earrings or well she was deciding which ones to wear really as she held up different kinds up to her ears as she was deciding. Silver hoops, gold hoops, or like a dangly silver thing. Scarlett shrugged and just decided on her silver hoops, she was told that silver was pretty bad for werewolves but she didn't feel like it was affecting her. Shifting halfway Scarlett still didn't feel anything, She heard that it would be like a burning sensation, shrugging she shifted back normal and smoothed out her dress, and looked in the mirror for another once over.

Breathing out the breath she was holding she walked downstairs before checking her lipstick. Scarlett wore her black velvet red bottom stilettos. Walking down the stairs Scarlett saw that Jasper and Gernhard were waiting for her at the bottom.

"You look beautiful Firefly, " Jasper told her as he held her hand kissing her knuckles and growling softly smiling warmly.

"Awe thanks Jaspy, " she smiled with a light blush on her cheeks as she took back her hand seeing that his tail was wagging.

Gernhard smiled as he held Scarlett's jacket up for her to put on along with holding up her purse for her.

"Thank you, boys, that means a lot coming from you."

"Just be careful okay?" Gernhard said as he helped Scarlett into her jacket, she felt that it was a little heavy.

"Did you put my gun in my jacket?" Scarlett asked with a light smile as she slides her hand into the pocket. But the weight and sizing weren't quite right to be her pistol.

"Not really but Hon is doing me a favor by showing you the surprise after your date," he told her as she took out a little velvet box.

She looked at Gernhard confused before opening it and finding keys in it, upon further inspection it wasn't a key to a car sadly. But much rather they were keys to a house or a building. Scarlett opened her mouth but Hon appeared out of nowhere wearing a fancy suit. She starts to scream internally as she saw him fixing his tie.

"Am I too early?" Hon asked as he looked at his watch. Gernhard smiled as he got Scarlett's jacket on her.

"No you're actually on time Hon, you know where to go after dinner right?" Gernhard asked as Scarlett and Hon walked to the door.

"Of course, the surprise." Hon and Gernhard both shared a secret both grinned as Jasper opened the door and the two walked out on the front porch.

Looking at the front lawn Scarlett saw a black and red detailed 1969 Ford Mustang waiting for them.

"Wow, how'd you know I like fast cars?" Scarlett asked as Hon walked to the car and opened the passenger side door for her.

"Oh I took a guess, and this is a part of my private collection," Hon told her with a smile as he appeared in the driver's seat. "Alright let's go to dinner kitsune," Hon said with a smile as his eyes turned to a warm hazelnut color and raved the engine before pulling out the driveway.

After about twenty minutes of driving, they pulled up to a steakhouse with lion statues out front. There are more lion statues than there are actual lions out in the wild, so you're chances of seeing the statues of the big cat are higher. Hon got out of the car and opened the door helping Scarlett out holding her hand. When she first met him he felt like an ice cube, but now she felt warm growling softly Scarlett blushed and covered her mouth with her hand. Hon looked at her with a raised eyebrow as the valet took the car keys and drove to park the car or to have a joy ride with it.

A hostess took Scarlett and Hon to a corner booth table away from people so they can have some privacy. Looking over the menu Scarlett found that this is a very high-class restaurant she had her eyes on and wanting to try out their food for about three years now.

"How did you manage to a table here, it's a five-year waiting list before you can even get a table," Scarlett asked Hon as a waiter walked up filling their glasses up with ice water.

"I have my ways, can we see the wine list please?" Hon asked the man who nodded and left them.

Sipping her water she looked at Hon as she figured that she'll have the steak and mini baked potatoes. Just after just a few minutes, the waiter came back with the wine list handing it to Hon.

"Zinfandel is what they're famous for," Scarlett bluntly told Hon as he was grazing over the list.

"Oh is that so?" Hon asked raising an eyebrow with a deviant smile. Blushing Scarlett looked away which made him laugh, "We'll both have a glass please."

"Wonderful choice sir," the waiter said as he took the list back and walked to the bar.

"I take it you already know what you would be having Kitsune?"

"I could go for the steak, a new york strip with buttered asparagus and baked mini potatoes," Scarlett told him as she wasn't shy to eat. There was a saying that women don't finish their full meal on the first date, she kind of just found that all just bullshit.

You can be a lady and eat a full plate, just don't make a mess. After ordering Hon and Scarlett shared a bottle of wine laughing enjoying their meal and each other's company.

"Would you two like dessert?" the waiter asked smiling and handing Hon the check.

"Uh no I have something else in mind for a sweet treat," Hon told the man as he slipped the man a roll of cash, "are you ready to go?" Hon asked as he held his hand out to Scarlett. She took his hand as she stood up.

"So where to next?" Scarlett asked as Hon lead her out to the car.

"A surprise," was all that he told her as they drove off into the night.

After about an hour of driving around, they pulled up to the curb of a bakery. And from the work that was done, it looked brand new. Scarlett gasped and covered her mouth as they walked up to the doors. Magnolia's Bakery was the name of the bakery. Scarlett's bakery, so this is what Gernhard was talking about.

"Wanna go inside?" Hon asked as he held the keys to the business. Smiling Scarlett nodded as she took the keys and unlocked the doors and the lights came on suddenly.

"SURPRISE!!!!" People yelled as they fired off confetti cannons coming out from hiding places. Ashley, Leon, Julibean, Jazz, Rico, Sage, Nico, Ferdinand, Jasper, Gernhard, Alex, and her father were all here. For her.

Scarlett covered her mouth as tears started streaming down her face, Gernhard walked up to her.

"I figured this would be a sweet treat for you," Gernhard smiled as he held Scarlett's hand. She smiled as she kissed his knuckles, and they enjoyed a night of healing and sweets.

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