Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 21: New Hope

It was about a year since Scarlett had helped bring their little angel Julibean into the world. He was born from magic and their love for each other. Scarlett was still devastated that she couldn’t bring her child into the world where he and Julian would grow up together to be best friends. Sadly she couldn’t carry to full term and lost the baby at fourteen weeks. That made Scarlett go off the rails and she ran away, she had a habit of running from her problems but now she’s pregnant and is at the eight-month mark for almost nine months now. Scarlett is taking things easy and has the Banana Hammack managed by Jasper who is excited to be a father.

Scarlett was at her bakery finishing the macaroons before stepping back and looking at the little duck macaroons she made. So far everything was pretty good, Scarlett was finally back to her old self again, or well she feeling better than she had in years. Setting the cookies on the cooling rack Scarlett stepped back and admire her work before someone took one of the cookies. Hon munches on the cookie smiling. She squealed and hugged Hon smiling kissing his cheeks, which made him laugh.

Hon hugged Scarlett close to him laughing and kneeled kissing her belly. The baby moved at Hon’s touch making Scarlett hold her stomach.

“Oh my god, I can never get used to that,” Scarlett said as she held her stomach as it felt like there were little bubbles in her stomach popping all at once.

“What’s wrong?” Hon asked as he watched her for a moment.

“The baby kicked and it felt like bubbles, ” Scarlett told him as he was hesitant to touch her belly. “Oh, it’s not going to bite you, ” Scarlett told him as she grabbed his hand and laid it over her stomach.

Hon melted and felled to his knees laying his ear on her stomach squeaking smiling his ears were also wiggling. After their first date, she and Hon became a couple, and Gernhard had asked if she wanted a divorce but she refused it and said she didn’t want to lose a part of her heart.

“This is so amazing,” Hon said as he was smiling up at Scarlett.

“It is, it is,” Scarlett smiles as she held her stomach as she felt like a mild popping sensation between her legs, followed by a gush of fluid that won’t stop, and she tried stopping but it wasn't like taking a piss. "Uhh, my water just fucking broke."

"What...?" Hon asked as he stood up and took a step but slipped in the puddle and felled back laying on the floor, "what is this stuff?"

"My water broke!" Scarlett screamed as one of the employees heard her and called Jasper and Gernhard. "Oooooh, my due date isn't for another two weeks!"

"Stay calm Kitsune!" Hon yelled as he stood up and guided her out of the bakery.

"I just got off the phone with Jasper and Gernhard Mrs. Sergiaino, " one of the employees told her as she walked out, Scarlett waved her hand as she started doing her breathing exercises Ashley helped her with as they did a Lamaze class together.

Hon was pretty much in full-on freakout mode as he drove to the hospital, Scarlett pulled out her phone and dialed up Ashley.

"Hey sis how's the mama?" Ashley asked as she answered, Scarlett, could hear Julian giggling and banging a toy around.

"Well I'm in labor my water just broke at the bakery in the kitchen, but overall good, " Scarlett told her as she groaned having a huge amount of discomfort.

"What oh my God! Wait I thought your due date was in two weeks?" Ashley said as she was put on speakerphone.

"What's wrong beautiful?" Scarlett heard Leon ask.

"I'm in freaking labor!" Scarlett screamed watching her mouth as she knew Julian was in the room with them.

"Holy shiiiiiooooot! We'll meet you at the hospital, come on love we gotta go."

"We'll see you there mama!" Ashley said as she hanged up.

Leaning back in the seat of the car Scarlett let that word echo in her head. Mama. Scarlett was finally going to be a mother to a baby. She smiled as tears started falling and she started to cry.

"I'm gonna be a mama, " she cried as Hon held her hand smiling.

"You're gonna be amazing, " Hon told her as he looked over at her with a smile.

Scarlett was screaming to where the glass in the room was almost bound to shatter. Gernhard, Jasper, and Hon were all in the room wearing scrubs as she was trying to do the breathing exercises Gernhard was holding her right hand while Jasper held her left hand and Hon was behind her rubbing her back hoping to relieve some pain. She was struggling to even remember them, it felt like her pussy was on fire.
"Okay, the baby is starting to crown, " the doctor told Scarlett, " think you can give me a big push?"
Scarlett nodded and screamed pushing as she held on to both Jasper and Gernhard's hand nearly breaking them.
"Aiiiieeee my hand!" Jasper shrieked as he nearly felled to his knees. Gernhard took a deep breath through his nose and just groaned as he was trying not to cry out in pain.
"You got this Kitsune this is nothing," Hon reassured her as he hit certain pressure points to where it wasn't as painful. Scarlett screamed pushing as she heard the cry of a baby, tears, and sweat felled from her face as she looked to see a beautiful baby mean-mugging the doctor.
"It's a girl!" The doctor told her smiling through his mask.
The doctor laughed as the nurse took the baby away to clean her up, Scarlett cried and she felt another twinge of pain.
"Oh, oh my uh Scarlett looks like you have more than one," the doctor told her.
"WHAT!" Scarlett screamed pushing and hits Hon with her head.
Scarlett gave birth to a boy who was screaming at the top of her lungs, and she had another baby boy who was crying and was holding her UTI in his hand. Scarlett screamed and passed out at the sight where, her husband, mate, and boyfriend laughed.
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