Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 24: Nappy Time

The last four months were nothing but waking up at three in the morning to change diapers and making bottles for the triplets. And there's the constant pumping Scarlett had to do or her breasts would hurt. She had to sit through a two-hour-long meeting with one of the Russians. It was painful, besides giving birth that is and long with getting shot or stabbed. Scarlett was in her office watching the baby monitor as she was pumping more breast milk.

As she leaned back in her leather chair, she closed her eyes as she started drifting into sleep. When she opened her eyes, Scarlett was standing in a field of wildflowers wearing a long flowing white dress with long sleeves with slits in her sleeves. Looking around Scarlett saw nothing but flowers and plants in her view, smiling she walked around seeing Ares running around his tail wagging. As she turned she saw Gernhard was under an oak tree playing a small harp of some kind and a bat hanging off one of the limbs. Walking up to the tree she poked the bat and it woke up squeaking up a storm but then stopped when it saw that it was Scarlett who poked him.

The bat shifted into a man and landed on his feet as he stood on the ground in front of her kneeling r feet.

"Invading my dreams Hon?" Scarlett asked with an amused sounding voice as laid a hand on his head.

"How do you know it's the real me kitsune?" Hon asked with a smirk on his face as he looked up at her. With a smile on her lips, Scarlett pinched Hon's cheek making him wince and grab her hand.

"Okay, okay, okay you got me, I was visiting and thought I would take a quick nap in the greenhouse."

"Oh let me guess in the cherry blossom tree?"

"How'd you know?"

"Easy and the way you talked about them before while I was planting it in the ground made me think about our kiss."

"So you still think about it too?" Hon asked as he had some hope in his eyes as he looked at Scarlett who was walking to a pond that has little duckies in it.

"I still think about you even when I haven't seen you for a long time. I still think about you and wonder if you're eating enough."

Hon just stared at Scarlett with a light blush on his cheeks as he smiled at her. He felt warm when he talked to her, it was every time he would come into contact with the woman.

"Kitsune?" Hon said but then covered his mouth, " I'm sorry, Scarlett but I feel that this is wrong?"

"What could be wrong with this? Other than coming into my mind while I am taking a nap in my office, " Scarlett smiled as she walked to a Magnolia tree and felt the petals on a flower from a low-hanging branch. Hon cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck it was then that he looked to see that he was wearing white.

Picking at his clothes Scarlett smiled as she picked a flower walking back to Hon and tucking the flower behind his ear. His ears started to wiggle and he covered them with a strong blush covering his face. With a giggle, Scarlett hummed a soft melody as she swayed a little almost dancing. As he walked up he laid his hands on her hips his breath was warm against her neck as his breathing was wavering. Scarlett blinked open her eyes as she had just woken up and saw that Hon was just inches away from her lips.

Scarlett felt her face grow hot and squealed a little before somehow Hon shrunk down to where his clothes were just a pile on the office floor. Well though his mindset was still human his body, however. A black rabbit hopped out of the pile of Hon's dark suit and rubbed his face with his paws.

"Why do I feel so fluffy and some odd reason I want a carrot, " Hon thought as he looked up at Scarlett who had a shocked expression on her face. Tilting his head as he looked up at her he looked to see himself as a rabbit in the metal part of her chair.

Letting out a scream that sounded like a toddler scream, Scarlett scooped him in her arms and held him close to her chest to a point where he could almost bury in between the double D's.

"I turned you into a rabbit!" Scarlett stood up from her desk as she ran out of the office door to see Yuno with Ty Lee. Yuno saw Hon the bunny and his eyes lit up smiling.

"Oh God Hon what did you do?" Ty Lee asked as she laughed holding her stomach. Yuno looked confused as he pointed at Hon and then looking back at Ty Lee.

"Oh you two must be dating or well did a long time ago," Scarlett had picked up the sexual tension between Yuno and Ty Lee. Yuno turned red and Ty Lee bit her tongue and coughed.

"How'd you know?" Yuno spoke with a harsh-sounding voice before he held his throat looking at Ty Lee.

"I'm a gamma alpha for some reason I can understand a person's or people's sexual desire. Anyway yeah, I turned Hon in a bunny here when I woke up from my nap and saw him hovering over me."

"Oh wow Hon," Ty Lee laughed again after her tongue had healed from the bite.

"Yeah I can turn him back," Scarlett said as she petted Hon's head. He looked like he was enjoying it and leaned more into her touch wanting more. With a soft smile and without thinking she kissed Hon's nose and he poofed back to his human and Scarlett squealed blushing.

Yuno and both Ty Lee laughed as they watched the Crimson Queen turn crimson.

"You turned human on your own?" Yuno asked as Scarlett was out of earshot.

"Yeah, I guess I have a new animal form?" Hon said as he was somehow confused scratching his head.

"Well it suits you Bunny," Ty Lee laughed smiling as she watched the two men. "You said Scarlett had babies, can we go see them?" she asked smiling showing she will forever have baby fever.

"I'll ask either Gernhard or Jasper," Hon told her.

"I'm right here," Jasper said as he walked up having baby vomit on his shirt.

"I wanna see babies!" Ty said as she was nearly bouncing off the wall.

Jasper smiled as his tail wags and nodded before showing them the way to the triple's nursing who was napping. AA was out holding her binky in her hand, Able was asleep with his little butt in the air, and Red was sucking on his hand in his sleep. Ty Lee smiles watching them as she sat their cribs.

"Guys want something to eat? I take she'll be there for a while," Jasper asked in a hushed whisper. Both Hon and Yuno nodded as they walked away from the nurse.

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