Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 25: Surprise

Sage was walking through the door of her house well more like their house after Ashley and Leon had their baby Julian. So Sage asked if Jazz, Rico, and Ferdinand if they would wanna move in with her and Nico. Jazz started to cry and Rico howled like an idiot with the biggest smile ever. And cutie Ferdinand was so happy that he had another mommy and a big sister as well it pretty much made her cry as she hugged all four of them. Sage pretty much had the house to herself since it was Tuesday, the shop was closed for a deep cleaning Sage gets it done at least twice a month, and she could get some groceries that the house well needed. Rico and Ferdinand can eat a lot and the meds Nico is on make her hungry all the time, but she knows portion control.

Pretty much all day and the day before Sage had felt sick, she didn't have a temperature at all and she had already gotten her flu shot for the year. She played being healthy very well as she was with her family and friends, though she hasn't seen Scarlett for a while, they need to catch up. Setting the canvas tote bags on the kitchen counter Sage sighed as she looked around still with that nauseous feeling. She was all alone, Jazz was at work as a registered nurse, Rico was doing some work for Alpha Black who was a very sweet man. Nico and Ferdinand were both in school and then after that, they had after-school programs like soccer for little toro, and Nico had her decora Kei fashion club that also doubled as an anime club. Looking at the bags Sage started to take the groceries out and set them on the counter before putting them up.

Sage suddenly has gotten dizzy as she held on to the counter for support, for a second she thought she was going to have a seizer. She laid down on the floor panting and rolled on her side as she had vomited on the kitchen floor.

"I'm home!" Rico called out into the house as he made his way into the kitchen as he was taking his jacket off humming a little song. Sage heard him throw his keys into the little ceramic bowl Nico and Ferdinand made in an art class at the recreation center for a birthday gift. Leon was having an art program set up there and even taught a class.

As he walked in the kitchen he saw Sage laying on the floor shaking and vomit near her as she looked up at Rico with a scared look in her eyes.

"Mí Corazon!" Rico yelled as he picked her up off the floor, without a second thought Rico shifted and ran to the hospital.

It felt like ages as Rico and Sage were in a hospital room, she was still nauseous but it wasn't as bad as before. Rico would whine as he sat in the chair holding Sage's hand softly speaking in Spanish saying a prayer for her. Jazz ran into the room panting and a few stray hairs had made their way out of her ponytail as she clutched onto the door frame.
"What happened?" She asked as she made her way over to the bed to Sage. She smiled and held Jazz's hand kissing her knuckles.
"I'm okay Jazzy bear I just had some nausea that's all, " Sage smiled as she told Jazz.
"Bull shit you were on the floor!" Rico yelled and covered his mouth whining as his tail and ear popped out. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have yelled at you but this is serious."

Sage smiled understanding where he was coming from, she would put others before herself, and sometimes that would often mean not much about herself. And she would feel drained at times.
"I'll see if I can get the doctor in here sooner okay sunflower?" Jazz told her to put a hand on Sage's cheek making her feel warm.
"Okay thank you Jazzybear." Jazz smiles kissing her before kissing Rico and leaving the room.
After twenty minutes the doctor walked holding the chart flipping through things on his tablet.
"Well miss Lepon nothing is wrong, oh, and congratulations, " he smiled.
Congratulations? For what?" Sage asked confused.
"Oh, you didn't know you were pregnant?" He asked raising an eyebrow. Rico looked like he was gonna pass out the way he was looking at the doctor.
"That's crazy she doesn't have a uterus, " Jazz said as she stomped in making the doctor jump nearly dropping the tablet.
"Well for some reason she does," the doctor said as it showed he was getting aggravated.
"So wait I have a baby?" Sage asked in a soft voice as she sat up in bed.
Rico fixed the back of her gown as his wolf ears had perked up looking at the doctor with some hope in his eyes.
"Yes about two months really," he sighed heavily, "I'm getting a coffee and Mrs. Gracia please reframe from wanting to use violence when I say that I am not wrong when I know what a patient's charts say." And with that, the doctor left and Rico yelled so loudly that it nearly made Sage jump out of the bed. Jazz covered her mouth and started to cry and so did Sage, she was finally able to have a baby of her own. Everything had started to feel like a dream that was just too good to be true and she knew that she was going to have to tell Nico and Ferdinand.
She remembers how Ferdinand felt when he first met Nico, he called her big sis and it was the sweetest thing that she ever heard. And Nico cried when she got home and she loved being called a big sister and wanted to be his big sister forever. This was going to a loving family more than she figured. Sage held her stomach smiling and Jazz and Rico both hugged her and laid their hands on her stomach.
"Our baby, " they all said in unison.
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