Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 27: Tea In The Greenhouse

It was just almost just a little over nine months and Sage's due date was just a week ago. But it was the girl's catch-up day as she and Scarlett were drinking tea in the greenhouse under the sakura tree. The triplets were napping in their little play pin as Hon was an all-black bunny rabbit watching over them twitching his nose.

"I can't believe you have a boyfriend that's just so adorable, " Sage said as she sipped the tea in a delicate teacup that had flowers on it.

"Yeah, I know a lot of crazy things have happened in the last couple of years, and wow," Scarlett said as she leaned back in her chair with a soft smile on her lips. "And what was with the video Nico sent me?"

Sage giggles as she set the cup down back on the saucer as she tried not to laugh any more than when she did when she pulled that prank on Jazz and Rico. Ferdinand was also the one who came up with the idea while Nico recorded the whole thing. Rico nearly had a heart attack and felled on the floor and while Jazz scream nearly calling 9-1-1. Sage was doing push-ups against the bed and then do a jumping jack where the doll felled out from between her legs. Rico had so many curse words in Spanish that she couldn't fully understand him until he finally calmed down after an hour or two.

Scarlett rolled her eyes as she looked at her super pregnant friend who was happily sipping tea acting like a saint almost as though there was a halo above her head showing her sainthood. This would be a huge fucking lie since the bitch owns a sex toy shop and a sex therapist while also or used to work a burlesque restaurant. Scarlett ended up dying of laughter as she almost fell out of her chair, after a minute or two she finally got herself calmed down as she looked over at the triplets

"So any idea of naming the little angel?" Scarlett asked as she crossed her arms on the table and leaned forward towards Sage.

"Nope and we don't even know the gender of the baby either, so it's going to be a surprise for us."

"Awww how sweet, are you still doing those dances?"

"Yeah I'm still doing them, gaining weight comes with being pregnant but also an unhealthy amount of weight can also be bad."

"Don't I know it but just being on my feet for just twenty minutes while being pregnant was a pain," Scarlett shrugged as she held the cup in both hands and sipping the citrus tea Clementine brought over. Her sister was getting interested in the tea business and would often discuss different types of tea. Cole, Leon's and Scarlett's brother would come to visit when he can when he wasn't too busy with his wool farm back in Ireland.

"That's what soft comfortable shoes are for and not designer high heels you choose to wear all the time," Sage remarked as she knew how Scarlett was with her heels as she was with her memory foam sole shoes.

"I don't think I know what you're talking about," Scarlett said as she looked away sipping her tea.

"Oh don't play dumb with me, I might have pregnancy brain but that doesn't mean a thing."

A.A. started to whine from the play pin and Hon who was napping with them as a bunny cuddled closer to the little girl who was now throwing a fit. Scarlett stood up and picked up A.A. holding her tenderly as Hon hopped out and shift human beside Scarlett looking down at her.

"She must be hungry or want her mommy," Hon said as he kissed her forehead making A.A. stop crying and looked up at Hon with the biggest puppy brown eyes.

Giggling Scarlett sat down back at the table and took out her breast where A.A. started to suckle. Hon blushed and turned away shifting into his bat form and flew out the greenhouse.

"I'm surprised you're dating another vampire after what happened with Bones, " Sage said as refilled her cup.

"Wait you knew he was a vampire?" Scarlett asked as she was surprised, Sage knew, then again she was way more in touch with the stranger side than Scarlett was.

"He hides his fangs when he gets excited. Like a fang boner."

Scarlett spits out her tea shocked and laughed with A.A. still suckling on her tit. "Oh my Deity, I never thought of it that way."

"I know right, it's like he just smells your period and hello I want to suck your blood."

The girls laughed their asses off until Sage froze and held her stomach as Scarlett heard dripping.

"Is the sprinkler system dripping again?" Scarlett asked as she looked up at the ceiling moving around in her chair while Sage did some breathing exercises.

"Oh shit! Boys baby!" Scarlett yelled waking up Able and Red as they started to cry.

Jasper and Hon ran into the greenhouse, Gernhard was in Germany visiting his family due to his mother dying.

"Get the car ready, " Hon told Jasper who shifted to his large wolf form and kneeled.

"Get on!" Sage yelled as she hobbled onto Ares holding her stomach groaning and moaning uncomfortably. Scarlett climbed on and mass called Jazz, Rico, Ashley, and Leon.

"What's up?" Ashley asked as Julian was cooing about something.

"I'm in a meeting, " Leon said as there was some yelling going on in the background.

"I'm on break, " Jazz said.

"I'm at the gym is something wrong?" Rick asked as there was a high-pitched scream that happened and followed by a fuck you.

"Sage is in labor, meet us at the hospital!" Scarlett yelled as Ares ran through traffic and through the woods taking the back way to the hospital.

Everyone was at the hospital, but they were only greeted with sad news about the baby. Sage was destroyed, she played it off as nothing happened. But everyone could see it in her eyes at how sad and upset she was. Jazz cried and held on to her which made Sage finally cry. Scarlett sat outside in the garden where it had started to pour rain, she didn't even bother to bring an umbrella out with her as she felt that she had failed her best friend.
Biting her lip Scarlett screamed and felled to kneels sobbing for her friend and her baby who didn't get to take its first breath of air. She dug her fingers in the mug not even caring that she's ruining a good manicure. The words echoed in her head, it's her fault, her magic was able to give her a uterus but not able to carry a baby. The rain stopped falling on Scarlett as someone was holding an umbrella over her.
"I know kitsune, you can't always help the people you love, "Hon told her as he held the umbrella over her.
Scarlett jumped up and wrapped her arms around Hon not caring about the mud on her hands as she held on to him and cried.
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