Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 28: In Memory

Sage was laying in bed still not able to start her day, Rico and Jazz both called off work to stay at home with her. But she didn't voice her opinion about anything, it was a week since Sage lost the baby and she blamed herself. Though Scarlett had felt terrible that Sage lost it. The baby was a little boy and Sage named him Paxton, for some reason the name fit him. They cremated him and planted his ashes in a flower pot with gladiolus or the sword lily.

Scarlett said that the flowers seemed right for the angel the gotten his wings, Sage cried for hours for the gift and hugged her best friend. Nico tried to fake being sick but it didn't work out so well and went to school only to be bothering Jazz, Rico, and Scarlett. it was bothersome until Scarlett just picked her up at school. For a seven-year-old, she knew quite a lot of things and was very smart on her toes, and swing a bat hard enough to bust someone's knee caps. She learned that from Gernhard who was helping her defend herself, though Rico didn't like the idea of him not teaching her. But Gernhard showed her how to use things of her surroundings as weapons.

Nico was standing on a little step stool cleaning apples with Jazz as she was going to make a pie but later decided to just cut slices for Sage to eat instead. She hasn't eaten much of anything maybe a nibble here and there but that's Malletthad to leave for business reasons that she didn't want to bring around the kids.

"Mama?" Nico said as she looked up at Jazze holding the butter knife in her hand as she was peeling a red delicious apple fresh from the apple farm South of here.

"Yeah, sweetie?" Jazz asked as she looked down cutting the apple without skin in slices for a snack.

"Is mom gonna be okay?" She asked as she looked at Jazz with such a sadness in her eyes it could break Jazz's heart or just about anyone really who has a heart.

Diablo huffs walking by the two going through the doggie dog Sage had put in once she moved into the home with her dog that was a golden retriever named Flower. Diablo must have gotten kicked out of the bed by Sage who was sleeping or trying to and accidentally done it without knowing.

"I don't know Nico, I'm sorry. This is a pretty hard time for her and, sadly, it happened."

"What can we do?" Nico asked holding the bowl.

"Let her heal and rest."

Nico was still too young to fully understand a miscarriage but she was still finding herself as a transgender girl. She did know her like the decora Kei style. Sage walked into the room just wearing one of Rico's shirts and underwear her blond hair that was once the color of the sun's rays looked dulled and was a mess in a halfway pulled-through bun style.

"Mommy." Nico made her way to sage and hugged her waist. Save was a bit slow to react but she hugged Nico back rubbing her head.

"Hi, sunflower how are you feeling? " Jazz asked as she put the knife in the sink.

"A little better, I was able to sleep a little, " Sage told Jazz as held Nico before going to sit at the kitchen table. Sage looked around the yellow kitchen that was done up in sunflowers which is one of the reasons why it was her nickname.

"I'm glad, are you going to be okay?" Nico asked as she sat next to the sage.

Save only smiled as she rubbed her head, "I'll be okay my sweet girl." Nico giggles smiling and hugged Sage.

Scarlett walked in through the door holding a brown paper bag in her hands.

"Scar what brings you by?"

"I want to see how my bestie was doing and brought a little something for you guys and I think you might enjoy it."

"What is it?" Sage asked as she stood up from the table.

"I bought a boat and there's a crew to take care of you for a good two weeks, " Scarlett smiles as she set the bag on the table and a warm savory smell came from it.

"What's in the bag? It smells delicious, " Jazz peeked in the bag.

"Gernhard's homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles and carrots."

Sage squeals and grabs the bag taking out a container of the still-warm soup. Jazz was surprised but smiled seeing Sage's reaction and how just a bowl of a German man's soup made her act.

"I'll get a spoon." Nico ran over to the sink strainer and reach for a spoon.

Rico walked in with Ferdinand smiling who was on his shoulders. Holding a little bull pushy Scarlett got for him, since the day he got it he wouldn't let go of it unless it was time for it to be washed.

"Oh Scar what bring you by and what smells like heaven?" Rico asked as he set Ferdinand down. He ran up to Sage and hugged her, she smiled and picked him upsetting him on her lap holding him.

"Just homemade soup Gerny made for you guys, and you all will be going out on a sailing trip."

"Oh wow, thanks Scar but..."

"I already talked to Alpha Black about the situation and he said he'll allow it."

"Oh thank you so much Scar this means so much," Jazz said as she hugged Scarlett.

"Anything for family and Sage is the best friend I could ever ask for and an amazing person, Thank you for being in her life."

Jazz smiles as her eyes started watering up, Rico was already starting to cry and hugged Scarlett wailing.

"Thank you!" Rico sobbed as he let Scarlett go. She laughed patting his back making him growl softly and yawns rubbing his eye.

"Sleepy?" Nico asked as she made a bowl of soup for Sage.

"Just a little sweetie."

"Go take a nap warrior," Rico whined as he walks to the stairs and shifted waddling up the stairs.

"See you guys later." Scarlett waved as she walked to the door.

"Scarlett wait," Sage spoke up as she let a warm happy smile show, and Scarlett stopped to see it and smiled. "Thank you."

"Like I said you're family have fun, you guys." And with that Scarlett walked out the door to the running car where Jasper and Cole were waiting for her.

"How's it goes, sis?" Cole asked as he was sitting in the back and Scarlett took the front passenger seat.

"Good, they're going on a sailing trip in the gulf, so they'll spend time with their family and heal," Scarlett told them.

"That's great to hear." Jasper put the car in drive and drove to Alpha Black's packhouse.
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