Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 29: Alpha's Can Scream Too

The meeting was pretty boring as things were discussing a ball that was coming up soon for a charity event, it was for abuse victims. Since Scarlett was recognized as an Alpha just several months ago, she had gathered all the other gammas and had them disguise things that were bothering them. Some of them came out as Asexual, which was pretty strange as they were known to be extreme nymphos of the werewolf world. They just wanted a partnership and someone to love because they had felt lonely in the world, since she became in charge fewer gammas were breaking up bonds of their wolves who could have been together for years. Not only was Scarlett an alpha she was also Leon's pack healer who oversaw all the worst injuries of the pack and helped with their emotional and mental healing, but it also encouraged people to seek out help and to feel better about themselves and others around them.

Cole was the Beta and they would take turns as Alpha but they usually take turns attending meetings but they attend them together as Jasper Scarlett's bodyguard. Jasper was standing again at the wall with his arms behind his back chewing on the inside of his cheeks nervous thinking that his father would show up but in some miracle, he couldn't make it. Scarlett was almost about to dose off as she was reading over her notes and sipping water until someone screamed a shrill man's cry making her spit out the water into Cole's face who was sitting across from her at the time. Leon started laughing his ass off as he watched his half-brother wipe his face off with a salmon color that had an emborder M. handkerchief. Could it have to belong to someone of endearment? It made Scarlett curious but it wasn't her business.

"I'm glad that it was just water, " Cole remarked as he put the handkerchief away back into his pocket.

Tyrese howled laughing as he was leaning back in his chair holding his stomach.

"Nice one uncle Black, " Leon smirked as he laughed a little with Alpha Black. Alpha Tyrese Black is Ashley's uncle and while an evil man had taken over Leon's territory Leon was outcasted as a rogue, at that time she was living with her controlling father who never let her run in her wolf. That is until she met Leon and she was able to find her mother's side of the family.

In the end, it was good until they tried having a baby but gladly Scarlett stepped in to help with that. And a sweet baby boy was born. Clearing her throat Scarlett wiped her mouth and fixed her lipstick a few of the other Alphas were looking her way and then looked away as she caught them looking at her like she was a steak dinner. One of them was even drooling.

"So Alpha Black is your wife able to make you scream like that?" Scarlett asked putting her lipstick away in her makeup bag. Leon covered his mouth snickering. Alpha Black was shocked and started laughing.

"I'm glad to have another Alpha that likes to poke fun as well, so how are things at the bakery?"

"Great and the workers are all people who are trying to find some closure and themselves and escape abusive relationships."

"That's right and quite a few of them are actually doing amazing and are healing very well from their team. But some aren't as lucky."

That part made Cole whine his wolf Mercury was a sweetheart and felt terrible seeing people in an abusive relationship because he had gotten out of one just recently. His ex-girlfriend was poisoning his food and drinks where for if he died she would have gotten everything, but he was lucky and switched their drinks when he felt there something fishy going on when they would eat and drink the same thing. And this time she was the one who felled ill this time instead of him. People from the area he lives in the knowledge that he was a kind and gentle person, but the girl he was with was a mask-wearing evil witch. At the end of it all, she was put in jail and Cole had to build up his health before he could fine Leon and Scarlett. That was more than three years ago before most of anything ever really happened with Leon meeting Scarlett, or her finding out she was a wolf.

Leon walked over and patted Cole's back before he shifted and climbed up into his brother's arms in a smaller version of his wolf Mercury. Leon whined shifting into Al and cuddled him. Scarlett smiled softly as she sighed heavily and leaned back in her seat.

"Okay, so I suppose that is all meeting is over," Alpha Black said as everyone stood from their seats and left. Looking at her phone she and saw that the meeting well over two hours.

Cole was tapping away on his phone as he smiled his tail wagging, it was cute in a way as he giggles at a message.

"Who you talking too big bro?" Leon asked he looked over Cole's shoulder. "Oooh, who's Mekio?"

"Leon leaves our brother alone, " Scarlett shooed him away as he whined, "I'll tell Ashely."

Leon's wolf ears perked up and ran out of the room hauling ass and soon heard giggling. Scarlett's tail wags knowing it was Ashley. Since meeting and through everything Scarlett looked at her as a sister or mother figure. She just had that warm feeling.

"Mekio is my friend we met at a support group for abuse and I saw her and just shifted into Mercury and showed her my belly."

"Awww, you have to tell me more about her, she sounds like a sweet girl." Cole smiled and nods as his tail would wag while he was looking like a puppy in love. Well, he is in more than just words.

Mercury looked like dragon lilly but he has heart freckles throughout his fur. Cole had a faraway look on his face as he thought about Mekio.
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