Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 3: The Test

Two months had gone by and Scarlett was getting better at learning magic than she did in the two months ago. While Scarlett was in the middle of working on a potion she suddenly had the feeling of nausea a big on the windshield of a semi-hit. And she was that big. Scarlett finished the last touch on the potion just before she ran to the bathroom throwing Jasper out before he could even walk into the bathroom. The towel that was around his waist fell to the floor as he was knocked down and slid on his bare ass on the hardwood floor. Blinking completely dumbfounded he didn’t know what was going on had and shifted walking to Scarlett whining worried.

Ares might as well be an overgrown black and white husky in the house as he nudged his mate Scarlett with his snout whining softly to her she looked up at her with his intense green eyes that looked like emeralds.

“I’m okay il Mio Tesoro.” Scarlett softly said as she ran her fingers through Ares’s fur scratching through it before closing the lid and flushing the toilet. Scarlett would call Jasper that at times feeling as though he was her long-lost treasure. And what made it better is that his name means treasure, don’t believe it? Look it up.

Folding her arms on top of the toilet lid Scarlett rested her head on her arms and closed her eyes before opening them again. Only to see Jasper’s worried face, his brows furrowed and he had some light stubble growing, she wondered what he would look like with a beard, Gernhard was always cleaned shaved and didn’t like the thought of facial hair at all. Sighing Scarlett rested her hand on Jasper’s cheek, he leaned into it and held it kissing her palm it was a sweet and gentle gesture that gave Scarlett butterflies but as of now, those butterflies could be the wrong kind.

“Could you be pregnant?” Jasper asked softly sounding as though there was hope that he could be a father as he pulled Scarlett to him and held her. Her brow furrowed and looked to at him confused before her eyes widened. That’s when she let out a blood-curdling scream that sounded like it came straight from a horror movie that shouldn’t have ever been allowed to ever air because it was so terrifying. And that movie would be called Motherhood of a mafia woman.

Ashley and Gernhard both had busted into the bathroom to see Jasper holding a panic attack in the works of Scarlett. The look on her face was between wanting to stomp on Jasper’s balls and crying tears of joy because she might become a mother, but again that thought still scared the hell out of her, but wouldn’t it scare anybody?

“Scarlett, what’s wrong?” Ashley asked and she went to her and held Scarlett’s face in her hands. Scarlett stuttered panting as she tried to get the words to come out. Pregnant. That scared her pretty badly. Scarlett could be pregnant with either Jasper’s or Gernhard’s baby right now but the thought of being pregnant along with her being a boss was pretty terrifying.

And then what about her UDI? Could it have fallen out or could have ruptured? Scarlett had heard stories that they could dislodge and come out. But wouldn’t she had felt it? Her mind was going a hundred miles an hour before it was too much and she passed out in Jasper’s arms her body becoming slack.

An hour or so later Scarlett opened her eyes blinking away the hazed to see the ceiling fan of the bedroom spinning. Sitting up slowly she held her head breathing slowly before the realization hit her full-blown. Letting out another horror movie scream Scarlett done a flying jump out of bed only to have her leg caught in the blanket and felled flat on her face. Luckily for her, she had turned her face and glad she had a carpet installed in the room. And again Jasper, Gernhard, and Ashley ran into the bedroom to find Scarlett on the floor fighting with the sheets and blanket.

Ashley covered her mouth giggling as she walked up, “here let me help you out ”

“Ashley, what are you doing here?” Scarlett asked as she sat on the floor while Ashley kneeled in front of getting her untangled.

“Well, I figured I’d come and visit and see how you’re doing. Not to mention Bea felt motherly to your wolf...oh does she have a name?” Ashley asked as she helped Scarlett stand.

“Yeah someone helped me name her actually, ” Scarlett smiled as her tail popped out and wagged softly.

“Ooooh, what’s her name?” Ashley asked a little too excited and her tail came out wagging like an over-excited puppy. Which is pretty adorable in a way.

Scarlett smiles looking at Ashley as she sat on the bed, “Dragon Lilly.”

That was the name Scarlett had picked out for her wolf, and also the name of the flowers Hon had brought to her while she was in the hospital. She wondered how he was doing.

“While you were resting I went out to the store and got you some things, love.” Jasper held a plastic bag to Scarlett.

Looking inside Scarlett found a bath bomb and a box of three pregnancy tests. The test that made every woman, and couple excited, nervous, and scared shitless. Gulping Scarlett took out the tests and look at them lay in the palm of her hand. Guilt and dread felt heavy in her chest as she looked at Ashley. She looked at the tests like she was missing that piece from a puzzle.

“Well, what are you writing for?” Ashley asked with a soft smile.

“Oh uh just nervous, ” Scarlett told her as she stood up and made her way to the bathroom.

Scarlett paced in the bedroom as she waited for the test to come back. She had let Ashley browse around in her closet.

“How come all you have is just black?” Ashley asked as she held up a skimpy black dress.

“I was never a fan of color on me but makeup is an exception though.”


Scarlett shrugged, “that and it hides blood better, ” Scarlett said with a wicked grin. Ashley yelped running back in the closet.

Scarlett laughed as she walked into the closet after Ashley who was putting the dress back.

“Do you like that dress?” Scarlett asked as she took the dress back down from the rack.

“It’s nice,” Ashley said as she fidgeted feeling embarrassed.

“Here you can have it then. It wasn’t my favorite dress but I think Leon would love to see you in it, ” Scarlett smiled. Ashley smiled with a blush growing on her cheeks as she growled softly.

“Thanks oh, I think the test is ready.”

Scarlett nodded as she walked out of the walk-in closet but Ashley stopped her.

“You’re not alone Scar, ” Ashley assured Scarlett with her hand on her shoulder. Smiling Scarlett nodded before walking into the bathroom to look at the test.

Once in the room, Scarlett saw the test lay there on the bathroom sink unknowingly whether the test was positive or negative.

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