Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 30: Traumatic

Trigger Warning: Mention poisoning and manipulative relationship.

Two years ago...
Cole was drinking the tea his girlfriend Anya had made for him since he wasn’t feeling well lately and he wasn’t getting any better, but with the help of the other farm hands on his grandparents’ farm-made things, a lot easier for him him him while he recovered. Or tried to, it seems that no matter what he did or tried his health was still deteriorating. He’s been to more doctors than he could count and none of them could figure out what was going on. That is until he overheard Anya on the phone speaking to someone about something that would be untraceable more than what she was using already. He was kind of worried since hearing it and he confronted Anya about it the next day at around lunch and she has gotten pretty angry with him about him listening in on her private conversation over the phone.

She even threw his grandmother’s vase that was a gift from his mother, Amelia from the time she went to Italy with her husband Angelo Sergiaiano a long time ago. He wondered about his mother since she just left him behind at his grandparents and just left. It would make him feel that she didn’t want him at all and after spending a year of his life. What kind of mother would just up and leave after just spending a year with her son and running off to marry some Italian man that ran a winery in the States?

He felt worse as he thought about it as he laid in bed at night. He slowly rolled out of the bed groaning softly careful not to wake up Wooly. Wooly was a very small lamb he had taken in and that became her parent since the mother rejected her. At first, Anya didn’t like it but she later agreed with the term of having a pet sheep in the house. He walked to the bathroom or more actually crawl really, he made it to the toilet where he just sat down. He’s been feeling like this for almost two months and the doctors are just ducks and their offices along with the hospitals are a pond.

The next morning he decided to try something when Anya was making their morning tea, while she wasn’t looking he swapped their cups. Lucky for him he had all matching mugs that were all white. Cole sipped his tea or well Anya’s while she drank his. It was strange it didn’t taste as bitter as it usually did, looking from the cup he found that she had grimaced. Later that day Anya felled ill and she was having the same symptoms he was having. He asked one of the farmhands that were going to college for forensic science and studying chemistry.

Cole was later told that he was being poisoned by arsenic he went to the police and Anya was arrested for attempted murder and poisoning. She was sentenced to death and is still on death row.

Five months ago...

Cole was in the states in a meeting for people who were healing from abusive relationships, he was still healing and recovering still so he walked with a cane. That’s when he met her. He lost his ability to speak when they locked eyes and his legs gave out.

“Shiiit!” He yelped as he felled down and laid on the floor, even with a cane he was still having trouble walking and standing. She was nervous when speaking and he whined when it was her turn to talk about her trauma.

She even broke down a few times as she talked about the ex that locked her away in a room and raped her multiple times. And then it was Cole’s turn to speak.

“Hi my name is Cole Bryne,” he said sheepishly as he waved, more towards her. It made her look away nervously, still a habit as she wasn’t allowed to speak or look at other men as she was out in public with her ex.

“Hi Cole,” the group said in unison.

“No Cole can you tell us what you went through?” the head therapist asked as she was holding a clipboard.

“ started happily in love or so I thought at first, and we were living together for about a year before I started getting sick. At first, I didn’t know what was going on and she was taking care of me. More like killing me slowly really. She was poisoning me with arsenic from her job as a chemist. I found out from my farmhand that works for me who took samples from my hair and mug that I hid so she wouldn't get rid of it. I was very close to death but I still feel scared to eat anything if I don't see it being made closely, or if I make it, or it was sealed."

"I'm very sorry that happened to you Cole."

He felt a little choked up as he nodding and looked down at his feet as his hands held his cane tightly. After the group meeting, Cole was looking at the coffee, and donuts still scared to touch or let alone smell them. He felt a small tap on his shoulder and it made him jump before looking to see her. She had an alternate punk style to her she was small.

"I'm Mekio," she told him as she held out her to him. At first, he didn't know whether to shake it or not as he looked at it and then finally took her hand in his. They both felt warm as they just stood there looking at each other.

"I...I'm Cole. You're really pretty." Cole blurted out and then turned red as he just realized what he had just said.

"Really? think so?" Mekio asked as she looked up at him tucking an imaginary strand of hair behind her ear that had healed holes where she had several earrings in them.



"You're beautiful," Cole told her as he blushed telling her. After that, they started as friends, roommates, and a couple.
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