Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 31: Meeting The Parents

Cole breathed after he told his sister Scarlett all about Mekio and how they met. Hardly mentioning his almost murderer, but after she went to prison he found that she kill two other men before him. It kind of gave him the survivor's guilt as he was the lucky one to be the one living while the other two didn't. Cole covered his face with his hands and sighed heavily with a pained sound. Scarlett patted his back as he looked up at her with a soft smile.

"Thank you, sis."

Scarlett kind of tensed up as she was called that and whines as her wolf ears flopped out. Guess family means just as much to Dragon Lilly as it does to Scarlett.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you," Cole started a little embarrassed as it showed that he was new to having a sibling as well. Or well siblings if you count Leon.

"No, it's alright honestly I'm glad to have a brother or well two," she chuckled holding her fist up to her mouth smiling. Cole smiled and nodded as he went his different way walking to a taxi he called for so that Jasper and Scarlett could take the car so that they could meet her father at Ricci's.

The food was amazing and always tasted like her grandmother's kitchen when they visit her back in Italy or in her home in Texas. Scarlett looked at her phone and pulled up a picture of her grandmother who was smiling with a pit bull. In some way, the dog reminded her of someone, someone she knew. Shaking off the feeling Scarlett got into the car and was driving back home so Scarlett could take a nap and check on the triplets. Yes, she did count on Sage and Nico babysitting, also Gernhard watching them. But they love Jasper and Hon, A.A. seemed to favor Hon the most and would always cry or pout when he would go back to Japan for Itona.

Scarlett whined as her fox ears laid flat on top of her head as she leaned into her seat more looking out the window as Jasper looked over at her. Without hesitation, Jasper kissed Scarlett's cheek making her blush and giggle smiling at Jasper in admiration.

"I know you miss him a lot, love, and don't worry he'll be back soon before you know it, okay firefly?" Jasper asked as he showed off his pearly whites at Scarlett like the day they met.

"I know and thank you Jaspy, you're a sweetheart. How about I make you those soft peanut butter cookies you like so much?"

Jasper's wolf ears perked up and he barked smiling panting, "ooooh you know me so well firefly."

She laughed as they drove home to find Hon was standing outside holding a black umbrella with what looks like a sword handle and a boutique of white lilies and red roses waiting for her. Scarlett squealed as she almost jumped out of the car and ran on the gravel with six-inch high heels on. Hon smiled his eyes a sparkling haze color as Scarlett launched herself onto him.

"Ah Kitsune!" Hon yelped as he and Scarlett felled backward into the door as someone from the other side had opened it.

Laughing they both kissed and Hon squeaked giggling as he looked at Scarlett. Smiling she looked at Hon and then up. To see her father towering over the two with an eyebrow raised and his arms crossed.

"Oh...hey pops..." Scarlett smiled awkwardly as she looked at her father who picked Hon up by the collar of his navy blue dress shirt. Hon squeaked sounding like a rabbit as his feet dangled a foot off the ground.

"Who is this?" Angelo asked as his eye twitched a little as he swayed Hon a little.

Scarlett saw Hon freaking out and as she was about to mind-link him all she could hear was him screaming.

"Daddy put him down he's my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend!?" Angelo gasped as he looked at hon, "he's so skinny, nothing on him but skin and bones. The only thing fat on him is his ass!" her father boomed just loud enough to where maybe the neighbors could hear.

"Oh, my dio Father!" Scarlett screamed as they walked into the house.

"Uuuuuhhh," Hon managed to squeak out as Angelo carried him into the kitchen. "I'm scared!"

"Oh, bunny I'm so sorry," Scarlett said as she clasped her hands together following them into the kitchen where Amelia was rolling out dough on the granite island with a wooden rolling pin.

"Bunny? Do you make him wear a buttplug with a bunny tail on it?" Angelo asked as he raised an eyebrow at his daughter.

"We haven't had sex yet! And it's none of your business, now the question is why was it that I caught you and mother in the cupboard porking each other like pigs in a mud bath on a summer's day?!" Scarlett shirked pointing a perfectly manicured finger at both her father who was easing Hon into a chair.

"I'm sorry but nothing goes near my ass," Hon said as he was slowly gaining the courage to start talking again.

"Angel face it's not nice to mess with a gamma's men, you should know that first hand," Amelia said as pointed the rolling pin at Angelo. Angelo cleared his throat and rubbed the back of this neck looking away. Never had Scarlett seen her father in such a way, but since her mother had come back from the dead he became more gentle towards his family and a better businessman.

And it showed since they were able to open up another restaurant near downtown and a few more flower shops as well a grocery store in an area that needed it the most. Amelia slid a slice of cherry pie on a pink plate with a fork in from of Hon with a cup of tea as well.

"Sorry, it's not coffee dear they ran out and I'm having Jasper and Gernhard shopping."

"What about...?" Scarlett started as Alex walked in with a spit-up towel over his shoulder and a bottle in his hands. The family manny, besides being the owner of Ricci's Alex Ricci was her father's right-hand man, his brother, and also the caretaker of Scarlett when she was a little child and baby.

With a sigh, Scarlett relaxed as her parents were getting to know Hon a little. Hon was relaxing and laughed at her father's awful jokes and by the end of the night, Hon had to leave back to Japan again. Scarlett held him in a little longer hug as they stood out in her greenhouse by the cherry blossom tree.

"Kitsune I have to leave," Hon said as he kissed Scarlett's temple.

"I know but I'm gonna miss you," Scarlett whined as her wolf ears popped out.

"I know I will too Dragon Lilly, and I'll bring you back something, okay?"


"Always." Hon kissed Scarlett before he held the crystal Scarlett gave him so he could teleport between places. Scarlett waved as Hon left. She felt her heart ack but she knew she'd see him soon.

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