Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 33: The Bitch Came Back

Brittany was in the middle of the room looking like something out of a B-rated horror movie with her demonic appearance as she scanned the room until her black and red eyes focused on Scarlett.

"Hello cunt," Brittany hissed as she grinned stand straight the bones in her cracked and creaked. That sound just sent a chill up Scarlett's spine as she sees the monster that stood just feet away. And in her hand was an ugly looking dagger that looked like it could be used in a satanic sacrifice

"Get everyone out of here! Now!" Scarlett yelled as Ashley was already collecting the kids in her arms with Jasper who was scooping up Able and Red. A.A. screamed in confusion as Hon picked her up.

"Need any help?" Rico asked as he ran next to Scarlett halfway shifting before Brittany charged and grabbed Scarlett by the arm digging her claws into her upper arm and threw Scarlett across the room.

Scarlett was on the ground on her hands and knees groaning in pain as she slowly stood up. Looking over she saw her witch hat in the bowl of punch growling.

"That was my mother's you bitch."

"Oh boo ooh you killed my boyfriend!" Brittany yelled as she moved away from Rico's fist. Gernhard walked up and punched the bitch in the back of her head.

Scarlett smiles seeing Gernhard, he'll handle her if not it'll be pretty ugly. She's gonna need a lot of acids just to break down the body. Brittany's body froze for a second before turning to look at Gernhard her eyes glowing to a blood red and the smell of decay filled the room. Wolves covered their faces trying to get away from the stench.

"Oh wow look at you Mr. German freak you haven't changed much since school. Except maybe your dick size," Brittany sneered as she tilted her head with a smirk. Gernhard grunted before getting into a boxing stance ready for anything.

Brittany laughed as swung the dagger nearly cutting Gernhard's arm, though he's six-foot-seven and nothing but pure muscle he was pretty light on his feet. He managed to get a few punches in but nothing to slow Brittany the bitch down at all. It looked like no matter how many punches she takes she just gets faster. But Gernhard can match that speed. Leon and Rico both watched as the two fought. Gernhard was a natural-born boxer and was able to the blows Brittany hit him with.

"What the fuck is he?" Rico asked as he felt uneasy watching Gernhard closely.

"I can't tell you that but only he can," Scarlett told him before Brittany pulled out that dagger again and all the hairs on the back of Scarlett's neck raised alerting danger signs.

As Scarlett blinked the dagger turned into a sword and Gernhard didn't move fast enough as she swung the sword. Taking the hit Gernhard held his arms in front of him as a shield she sliced his forearms. It wasn't deep but blood dripped from the wound, though the blood wasn't red it was black and almost tar-like.

"Oh wow, you are Frankenstein!" Brittany laughed madly as she held the sword.

"You stupid bitch!" Scarlett yelled as she ran up pulling her gun from her thigh holster. "Frankenstein was the creator of the monster!" Scarlett corrected her as she fired a whole clip into Brittany's chest.

Black blood came from the wounds but that only slowed her down, the black substance dripped onto the marble tile floor. Brittany covered her mouth and coughed Scarlett heard metal clinging before the bitch showed what was in her hand. Her eyes widened as Scarlett saw the bullets in her hand. Twelve rounds of bullets that Scarlett fired into her were in her hand, with a sick grin Brittany dropped them on the floor to her side.

"Those are just normal bullets you cunt. You can't kill me!" Brittany yelled as she got a running start at Scarlett.

Gernhard ran in front of Scarlett as Brittany swung her sword cutting off the German man's head. His body felled to his knees as his head rolled several feet away. With a shrill scream, Scarlett looked at Brittany growling her eyes turned fully black. The bitch started to laugh in Scarlett's face ready with her blade as the two circled each other.

"Ain't so tough now are you without your muscle man huh?" Brittany mocked as her back was to Gernhard's slumped body.

"I still am, but what you don't realize is even though Gernhard is a creation from his father's greedy and ignorance of desiring power is that he can still get you!"

"What are you talking about? I just cut his head off!" Brittany yelled as she looked back and saw that Gernhard's body was moving. She gasped as his body stood up and fixed his shirt before turning around.

Now it was Scarlett's turn to smirk as Gernhard's body ran to Brittany at incredible speed and grabbed her head. She screamed dropping her sword, once it was out of her hands it reverted into the dagger. Brittany's eyes widened as she panted clawing at Gernhard's hands and arms as she panicked. Gernhard has a strong grip on her head as his fingers went to her mouth. One hand was on the top of her mouth while the other was on her lower jaw.

"You were right about one thing Brittany, I am a monster and I live for Scarlett Sergiaino, my wife and mistress," Gernhard spoke as his head laid on its side.

Brittany gasped and before she could scream Gernhard's body ripped her head off of her body while Leon and Rico just stood there not knowing what to do or even say, they were either scared or in shock. Gernhard's body walked to the fireplace that was lit and threw the body into the flames soon turning black and hissing before turning back to normal. Straightening his back Gernhard's body walked to where his head is and picked it up and putting it back on his shoulders and taking out a small sewing kit taking a needle and thread out. Humming a German song as he has sewn his head back on, once he had his head on right he moved his head side to side and rolled his shoulders.

Scarlett smiled softly as she walked over to her husband and laid a hand on his cheek before slapping the hell out of him. Gernhard blinked and grinned smiling at her before kneeling at her feet and kissing her feet.

"Mistress," he said as his voice sounding like a rumble.

"Stand up okay? Gerny you're embarrassing yourself."

"Yes," Gernhard stood up smiling still.

"Uuuuuhhh," Leon said as he was the first to say something between him and Rico.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" Rico yelled as he was just as confused as Leon.

"We'll discuss it later I'm tired boys," Scarlett told them as Gernhard picked Scarlett with one arm and started walking out of the packhouse.

"Think it'll confuse them more?" Gernhard asked looking at Scarlett.

"Who knows at least they'll know what you are love."


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