Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 35: Boudoir Photoshoot

Scarlett was applying red lipstick to her lips as Sage and Jazz were helping her with her boudoir photoshoot. She thought she would have one and have prints made for Gernhard, Jasper, and Hon. She knew Jasper would go crazy and bust a nut when he sees the pictures. Gernhard would frame them and hang them up in his office and Hon. Well, she didn't know what he would do or treat the photos when he gets them.

Sage was holding up a long sheer black robe with feathers on the end of the sleeves and the train of the robe.

"Ooooh that's hot," Jazz said as she stood behind Sage and hugged her kissing her neck making Sage giggle.

"Babe, we're doing a photoshop," Sage giggles as Jazz was nibbling on her neck and shoulder.

"So it's just the Gamma Alpha, she's the queen of the nymphos," Jazz remarked as she was too busy investing in Sage's skin.

"Not only that Jazzybear she's a client, and friend."

"Right, so no sex in my bedroom Jazz," Scarlett giggled as she was carefully taking out the hair curlers.

"What about you? I smell traces of sex in here you slut," Jazz grinned poking fun at Scarlett.

"Did Sage ever tell you that she and I dated back in high school?" Scarlett asked as she knew she was poking a bear. Given the fact that Sage calls her Jazzbear, no idea why though.

The look on Jazz's face was pure gold and Sage did the thing that white people do most of the time where t.hey would clinch their lips together and where they no lips.

"WHAT?!" Jazz yelled as she looked at Sage.

"It was high school and we were experimenting, she's straight and I'm fucking bi."

"She's right Jazz, Sage is my best friend and the only thing that happened was making out in the broom closet," Scarlett told Jazz who looked pretty upset that her girlfriend was with her best friend back in high school. Almost jealous-like.

Scarlett gasped and covered her mouth stomping her feet before pointing at Jazz with a red manicured finger.

"You had a crush on Ashley!" Scarlett squealed as she had figured it out. Sage gasped looking at Jazz who's eyes had gotten huge as Scarlett found out.

"No fucking way!" Sage looked at Jazz who's wolf's ears were laying flat on her head.

"I know okay, but she has Leon and that is all that matters because she's happy."

"Okay let's calm our asses down and have some of that champagne with strawberries because let's face it, we all could use a drink."

"Agreed," Sage said as she held up her hand.

"Yeah, I could use a drink," Jazz shrugged seeing that what Scarlett and Sage had was behind them and they were friends. "But we'll talk later at home okay sunflower?"

"Yes ma'am," Sage giggles as she popped open the campaign.

The girls giggled as they sipped their bubbly alcohol as they have finally gotten to taking the photos. Sage took the pictures as Jazz was focused on lighting as she was holding up an O light.

"You're doing great Scar these will turn out amazing once we get these edited and printed out for you."

"You think so?" Scarlett asked as she rolled over onto her stomach as Sage took a picture. Jazz wiped her mouth as she was seeing how intense a sexual being Scarlett was.

"How is she not affecting you like this Sunflower?" Jazz asked as she got the fan.

"Oh I'm just used to it so it's nothing new," Sage smiled as she looked at Jazz and tilted her head. Biting her lip Jazz couldn't help herself anymore before she jumped on to Sage.

Sage squealed before Jazz ran her tongue up her neck and bit her skin, causing her to release a moan.

"Oh wow couldn't you guys go into the guest bedroom first?" Scarlett asked before Gernhard opened the door seeming that he was finished talking to the guys.

"Ah looks like the photo shoot is finished I take it?" He asked and he kissed Scarlett.

"It would seem so," Scarlett giggles as Jazz nearly drugged Sage out of the room only to hear a howl after.

Gernhard sighed as he knew those three will make a mess, but gladly he had stain-resistant flooring put throughout the house thanks to a certain person who referred someone to him. He looked through the digital camera and cleared his throat as he looked at the pictures that were taken of his wife. Though Scarlett could be a terrifying mafia-made woman she was also very alluring and just oozing sex appeal. It made him growl lowly as he set the camera down and turned to his wife who was looking over his shoulder or trying to.

Scarlett looked up at Gernhard innocently which isn't the farthest thing from being innocent at all. A nun who lost her faith is more innocent than her. Without much of a warning, Gernhard pick her up and threw her onto the bed making her yelp in surprise. Climbing on top of her he kissed her deeply making her moan and open her legs inviting him in. Gernhard carefully removed the long sheer and feather robe from Scarlett's body as he kissed her exposed skin, Biting her lip Scarlett wiggled from under Gernhard who moved her silk and lace panties to the side as he kissed her.

Scarlett kissed him back as she heard a zipper and she felt him enter her. Moaning in the kiss she grabbed a hand full of Gernhard's hair as he rolled his hips groaning. Scarlett wrapped a leg around his waist as she kissed his jawline to his neck and nipping his earlobe.

"Frick Kätzchen, you're wetter than usual," Gernhard softly groaned as he thrust into Scarlett. She doesn't say a word as she was moaning and focused on Gernhard's German cock in her pussy. He's eleven inches long and three inches thick, it wasn't even five minutes when he reached her G-spot.

Scarlett gasped trying to keep it together, she grabbed the sheets she wrapped her legs around Gernhard's waist, and pulling him deeper into her. He groaned as he shot a load into Scarlett panting as she reached her climax. Her body relieved tension and laid on the bed with a hazy dreamy look on her face. He chuckled and kissed Scarlett's cheek making her smile and wrapped her arms around Gernhard's shoulders lazily. With a soft smile, he knew what she was up to as he took his belt, suit's jacket, and tie off before climbing into bed with Scarlett as he kicked off his shoes.

As he gathered her in his arms he could feel how small she is, at times he would forget how tall he is to most people. Sighing he often hated being six foot and eight inches tall, but what more could you do when you've been through a lot of experiments. Though Scarlett's father was seven feet tall.

"I know it's a tough cookie," Scarlett said in an almost whisper as her eyes felt heavy. It made him smile knowing that he was lucky enough to have a Goddess like her in his life.

Though he wished that they weren't in the mafia, maybe they could have had a regular life. Shaking his head and those thoughts away he was pretty content with this life even if he has to share her with two other men. He wouldn't change it for anything, and having Hon around is very nice. It's good to have someone to talk to, he was a good friend. Yawning Gernhard looked down to see Scarlett felled asleep, smiling he closed his eyes and went to sleep. An hour later Ares crept into the room and laid at their feet as it was time for his nap.

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