Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 36: Holiday Surprise

It was almost Christmas as Scarlett was getting a fussy Ashley Amelia into her holiday onesie or at least trying to for the most part. She usually isn't this fussy after she had a full bottle, but she missed Hon, and sleeping with a black bunny plushie that looked like him and sleeping with the hoodie he left for her isn't much help anymore. Stepping back Scarlett sighed as her daughter looked up at her and then off to the side. A smile spread across that cute little face before she started to giggle at whatever was in the doorway. Or well more like someone. Scarlett turned around to see Hon with several gift bags on his arms smiling and that smile finally reaching his eyes, making them a warm brown color.
Not like a hazel, she seen in them before, he was seeming more human as he would spend more time with her and the kids, not to mention Gernhard and Jasper. But he loved being with Ares as they would often go out on walks and to the market, Ares would wear some type of bags on his back so he could help carry stuff. The more Hon spent with Ares it helped with his depression and having an animal friend, even if that friend is a giant puppy man. With a smile, Scarlett walked up to Hon and kissed him softly as she laid her hands delicately on his cheeks happy to see him after just nearly over two months while he was in Japan.
"How's my Kitsune?" He asked after Scarlett had pulled away from the kiss and set the gift bags on the floor in the nursy as he let his hands rest on her hips. He was still nervous about letting his hand roam on her body and he was hesitant about having sex with her. There were still some things he would still need to work out but he loved staring at her body and he even caught a few times of her naked.
"Good," Scarlett smiled as her tail wagged softly. Hon smiled and kissed her forehead making her growl softly and lean against him, her chest against his. She was a slut for those forehead kisses from any of her men.
"B...Bunny!" Both Hon and Scarlett froze as they slowly turn to look at the ten-month-old A.A. who was half-dressed pouting looking like she was about to cry because she wasn't getting her way.
"Did...did she just say...her first word?" Hon asked as he looked back at Scarlett and then at A.A. again.
"I...I uh think so?" Scarlett said as she walked up to A.A. and picked her up, "can you say it again sweetie?" Scarlett asked her baby girl.
"Please say it again?" Hon almost begged.
"Bunny!" A.A. yelled out as she pointed at Hon. He smiled and broke down in tears as he stole baby Ashely Amelia from Scarlett's arms.
"Yes, that's it, sweet baby girl, I'm Bunny!" Hon laughed and as well crying as he held A.A. to him as they touched foreheads.
Smiling Scarlett took out her phone and took a video of both Hon and A.A. who were both giggling. Jasper walked in with Able and Red who were sucking on their hands.
"Hey Hon welcome home," Jasper said as he set the boys down who was hobbling around laughing as they held their toys in their little hands.
"Oh hey, Jasper, home?" Hon asked as he set A.A. down to be with her two brothers. The triplets love being together but one day they will have to go into separate rooms, though the boys can share a room whereas A.A. gets her room.
"Well, yeah you're a part of the family now," Jasper smiled as he held out his arms like he was asking for a hug.
Hon ran to him and wrapped his arms around him hugging the huge puppy man back. Scarlett looked and noticed Hon's ears wiggling as he squeaked.
"Are you squeaking?" Jasper asked as he released Hon from the hug.
"Sorry bunny instincts I guess I'm just so happy," Hon smiled as rabbit ears flopped out and Scarlett noticed a little bunny tail wiggling while she was admiring his ass. Reaching out Scarlett touched it, making Hon yelp out a squeak and shifted into his black rabbit form. Jasper laughs seeing Hon as a little bunny.
"That is adorable."
"It is and we need to get ready to go to the holiday parade."
The group stood together in the crowd softly speaking as they were speaking to each other.
"Have you guys finished shopping?" Sage asked as she was handing out hot chocolate.
"Yeah, I just finished yesterday," Gernhard said as he looked over at Scarlett from the corner of his eye. Scarlett was watching Hon intensely as she was biting her lip. Rico sniffs the air and shakes his head before hugging Jazz.
"What is with you, Rico?" Jazz asked as she looked at him before smelt it and she covered her nose whining.
"Hey, guys how's it...Okay, who is it?" Ashley asked as she put her hands on her hips as she looked at her group of friends, clearly knowing damn well they can be a bunch of horny fucks.
"It's Scarlett, she wants Hon's carrot," Jasper bluntly said as he pointed at Scarlett.
"What?" Scarlett snapped out of her trance as she was thinking about just choking on Hon's cock and blushed after she was caught.
"Yep," Gernhard nodded as he handed Scarlett a handkerchief as she was drooling. Blushing she took it and wiped her mouth looking off to the side.
"Rico, baby can you take the kids for a minute and take them to a booth?" Sage asked as she put her golden blonde hair up into a bun going into her therapist mode.
"You got it, Mi Corazon," Rico said as gathered all the kids even A.A. from Hon, who squeaked and stomped his food clearly in fluffy mode. A.A. didn't surprisingly throw a fit as she was taken away from her favorite guy but she was staring at Ferdinand who was holding a red balloon standing next to Nico who was smiling as she held a little pink baggie.
Hon waved at her as Rico walked off with her and she waved back smiling showing she'll be fine.
"Okay, you two why haven't you guys made love yet?" Sage asked both Hon and Scarlett as she put on a pair of red cat-eye reader glasses and taking out a little notepad and pen. Jasper froze and shifted going to Hon's side becoming his therapy werewolf buddy, lately, Ares has been doing that a lot for some people, and he enjoys it quite a lot.
"It's too early, and I feel that I won't meet up to her expectations," Hon said as he was petting Ares.
"Hon that's nonsense I love you," Scarlett told him as she held his hand. Hon looked at her shocked and blushed to hold her hand brought it up to his lips kissing it.
"I love you too my Kitsune."
"Hey why don't you guys go to the park I think carriage rides are going on there," Ashley said as he handed them some money.
"What about-?" Scarlett started as Ashley shushed her.
"No no no, we can handle the triplets just go have fun with what you called him? Honey Bunny?" Ashley smirked and Scarlett blushed as Hon giggles. "Now go on you two love birds."
Sage giggles as Scarlett and Hon shrugged looking at each other and held hands walking to the park. Ares shifts standing next to Ashley.
"Think it'll work?" Jasper asked knowing that lately Scarlett has been rather horny and snapped easily at both him and Gernhard. And snapping meaning she had ripped their clothes off and rode them until either they passed out or she falls asleep with them in her still.
"Yep, the cabin is a great place," Ashley nodded smiling as she was confident it will work after all it was the same cabin she and Leon stayed in when they were younger.

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