Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 37: Carriage Ride

Hon and Scarlett leaned into each other as they made it to a lamp post with a bench under and a sign for the horse-drawn carriage rides that’s going on. Though they would have believed there would have been more people waiting but it was just the two of them.

“Maybe it’s over with?” Scarlett asked as she seemed a little sad that she didn’t get to ride with Hon. Pouting a little Scarlett sat on the bench knowing having some alone time would be he bit her lip and crossed her legs tightly knowing she was going in heat again.

Scarlett needed a release she needed dicked down and be called pretty as she was getting fucked or choking on either Gernhard or Jasper’s dick. But she looked up at Hon who discreetly moved his pants around before looking at Scarlett from the corner of his eye and blushed seeing she was caught. Could he smell her? She wondered as she knew as her core was soaked and was throbbing with desire. Biting her lip she spread her legs as Hon’s eyes widened looking at her, she wore a dress and fleece-lined leggings since it was a little chilly out. Scarlett could hear him gulp as she looked at him and that’s when it happened.

Scarlett jumped up and grabbed Hon wrapping her arms around his waist panting as she bit her lip feeling as though she would have broken skin. Hon was surprised and thought something was wrong before he heard a rip and as he looked down he saw that Scarlett’s hands were between her legs as she had just ripped a hole in the crotch of her leggings and her underwear.

“K-kitsune?” Hon started before Scarlett knocked him down making him squeak in shock. Before he could do or say anything Scarlett grabbed his ankles and raised them above her head.

“I’m so sorry Hon but, I need a taste!” Scarlett cried out as she looked like a madwoman as she drooled breathing heavily. Hon screamed as Scarlett grabbed the zipper of his pants and ripped it off with her teeth. He didn’t know if he should be terrified or turned on by Scarlett’s aggressive need for dick, his dick, he looked up her skirt and found that she was dripping. Is this feral gamma behavior? the thought crossed his mind.

Scarlett heard Hon gulp as he was staring up at her pussy as she knew she had her legs spread and his head was just under her skirt. Before she could get into Hon’s pants she heard horses trotting closer to them and dropped Hon. He yelped laying on the ground, his eyes wide as he couldn’t believe what had happened.

“Oh sorry Bunny,” Scarlett looked down at Hon as he had some of her juices on his face. Hon licked his lips as he looked at her and she saw lust and also wanting.

“Hello there!” a man said waving as he pulled up with a Christmas-style horse-drawn Carriage.

“Hello,” Scarlett smiled acting as though she wasn’t about to indulge in sucking the life out of Hon.

“Uh is he okay?” the man asked as he was pointing at Hon who was still laying on the snow-covered ground softly squeaking.

“Uuuuuh,” Scarlett started as she looked down at Hon and made eye contact with him which made him get up and brush snow off of him.

“I’m okay I just wanted to look up at the stars before we ride,” Hon smiled, “How much is it?” Hon asked as he smiled taking out his wallet.

“You guys are my last customers for the night. And Alpha Williams paid for the last couple of the night.”

“Oh wow lucky us,” Scarlett smiled as Hon stood next to the carriage holding his hand out to Scarlett.

“Goddess first,” He said with a smile that was more than enough to make her come. Scarlett bit her lip and took his hand before stepping onto the carriage. With a smile, Hon hopped on and pulled Scarlett close to him as he had his arm around her waist.

The man clicked his tongue and the horses started to walk pulling the carriage, bells ringed as the horses took their steps.

“Oh by the way my name is Kris,” The coachman said as he looked over his shoulder at Hon and Scarlett.

“Thank you for letting us have a ride, Kris.”

“No problem I love this time of year, it’s always nice to see couples around the holiday.” Hon smiled and kissed Scarlett’s forehead making her growl softly and lean more into him smiling.

After twenty minutes they came up to a cabin that had a fire going, sniffing the air Scarlett smelt cinnamon. Hon kissed Scarlett’s cheek making her blush in surprise and smiles kissing Hon.

“Well here’s your stop and if I were you guys I’d go for the blanket it’s gonna be a cold one,”

“A cabin?” Hon asked as he looked over at the wooden cabin seeing that it could be from one of those Hallmark Christmas movies.

“I was told to bring you here Pack healer,” Kris smiled as he tilted his hat to Scarlett. ”ask for Buddy he’ll get you guys set up if not we can head back to the stop if you like.”

“I think that would be a great idea, don’t you think Hon?” Scarlett asked as she held Hon’s arm as pressed her breasts against him.

Hon thought about it for a moment before nodding his head and gets out holding his hand out for Scarlett, “okay let’s do it, and thanks, Kris.”

“It’s nothing like I said before I love seeing couples around the holiday it makes it all the better when you can be a cupid for them Oh and dont forget your blanket. Couples get to keep them since it’s pretty cold out. Scarlett grabs Hon’s hand smiling taking a blanket that was fleece and plaid.

“Thank you again, Kris this was so much fun,” Scarlett smiles.

“Like I said I love seeing couples during the holidays makes them more special well Bye,” Kris takes off waving with a smile.

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